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Report: Kim Jeong Hoon's "Her legend" fanmeeting

Normally the fanmeeting would start at 18:00.
But Jeong Hoon was still busy with the filming of "Her Legend", so fans just waited for him a little bit.
It was raining so hard outside.
Poor boy. I don't know if he had time to eat properly.
Maybe he just bought some dinner box and ate it in the car on the way to the fanmeeting.

When the light on the stage finally went out, they started to play the music of "Sirius".
Everybody clapped, because it was their favorite song.
Jeong Hoon came out and sang it!

He wore a black suit and a dark blue shirt, so handsome, and very young with his short hair.
It reminded me of the time when he had just gone out of the army, but this short hair in "Her legend" was cockier.

His voice was sweet and strong as ever. Fans were glad to hear "Sirius" after a long time.
They all rose up and waved and cheered, with their blue lightstick, Jeong Hoon's favorite color.

After the song, Jeong Hoon greeted everybody and talked about his role in Her legend.

He seemed to ask if everybody has seen "Her legend" yet.
The answer was not a definite "yes", so Jeong Hoon smiled tolerantly.

At some point, I shouted to the stage: "Uiji wangja!"
("Cucumber prince", the nickname that Eun Jeong Soo in the drama often called Do Jin Hoo by.)
Jeong Hoon heard it and startled. He looked at my direction, but I didn't know if he saw me.
I'm not even sure if he caught my meaning, because my Korean pronunciation was very bad :D

Then Jeong Hoon sang "Too far away", one of UN's famous song, but in Japanese lyrics.
Do you remember, that song has a Korean version and a Japanese one. It was a touching song in either language, and Jeong Hoon conveyed its emotions very well.

He also sang the song "Message" from one of his recent Japanese singles.
The song was upbeat, sometimes the lyrics went too fast and Jeong Hoon forgot the lyrics ^^
It was okay, we all know that he was tired after a long day of filming.
He said that he hadn't slept much last night. He didn't even know if he had eaten breakfast or not T_T
Sigh. I hope he took care of his health. He looked thin.

He sang "Sunmool" too. I've always loved this song.

He told us about the filming stories.
For exemple, in one scene when Eun Jeong Soo's iphone was supposed to "vibrate" in his pocket, in fact it was his hand vibrating in the pocket :D
Because the iphone's real vibrating was not enough to be seen by the camera.
It was amazing how I could understand that part, even if I didn't know the Korean words.
Or perhaps Jeong Hoon's storytelling skills are that good ^^

We played "Q & A" with him, as usual.
The fans who won could go on to the stage and took a couple picture with him.

After the talking part, Jeong Hoon sat down and signed authographs for each fan, and shook their hand.
Everyone was excited and started to wash their hand in waiting :D

When it was my turn, I told Jeong Hoon that the drama was interesting,
and I like the character Do Jin Hoo a lot :D
Jeong Hoon was very, very pleased to hear it. He grinned widely to me and his eyes sparkled ^^

It seems that many fans asked him if he was okay with the tiresome filming schedule of Her legend.
He answered into the microphone, kind of: I'm okay, don't worry, thank you etc.
"Gwen cha nayo. Ta ji obu."

After that, we took group photos with Jeong Hoon.
Each fan drew lot to see if we can sit next to him.
I drew a bad lot, I had to stand behind him, far to his right T_T
I could only see the corner of his smiling eyes.

But no matter what, I was very happy to meet him.
Seeing him in person was much nicer than in the drama.
I will continue to watch the drama Her Legend and support him ^_^


  1. ¡Felicidades por ir al fanmeeting del Prìncipe! Ojalà yo pudiera ir, pero como vivo en el otro lado del mundo (soy argentina) es imposible. Muchas gracias por compartir toda informaciòn del lindo de KJH!

  2. So sweet :) You are so lucky to meet him. Cheers!


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