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[Vid] Adorable video of JH speaking English

He was nervous, but the short English words he uttered were so cute ^^
This is the translation of what they said during the Korean Fanmeeting on Dec 21st:

Question from fan : "From Thai fans
When will you have fan meeting in
Thailand ?"

JH : "Ahh.. Thailand.
( He had greeting in Thai "sawatdii khrap" and pray as Thai people. So good. )
I also wants to have fan meeting in
Thailand, Taiwain , China and
everywhere. But there is something that
is complicated in the progress that we
don't know. So fan meeting is
progressed but sometimes cancelled.
As soon as possible(ASAP) I will have
fan meeting in Thailand.
Asia Meeting. Good ? O.K. ?"

Credit to Kim Jeong Hoon Interfans ( Thailand )



Kim Jeong Hoon to star alongside SNSD's Yoona in Chinese historical drama

Source :

Kim Jeong Hoon to star alongside SNSD's Yoona in Chinese historical drama 'Three Kingdoms'

"Following Girls' Generation's Yoona, Kim Jung Hoon has been casted in upcoming 60-episode Chinese historical drama 'Three Kingdoms'(working title).

'Three Kingdoms' is based on Chinese novel 'Romance of Three Kingdoms', which is about a real Chinese historical hero named Zhao Yun during the Eastern Han dynasty period. Kim Jung Hoon will play as Zhao Yun(Lin Gengxin)'s rival and will involve in a love triangle with Yoona and Lin Gengxin' characters.

'Three Kingdoms' will start filming in January and is set to broadcast on Hunan TV in August next year. "


Jeong Hoon get off the filming of "City of the Sun"

Not a decent news.
I was a little bit sad when I heard it.
I wonder, what is happening around Jeong Hoon at the moment...


Rough translation:

"Hello !! This is Mersenne.

Firstly, sorry for bring you this news.

Kim Jeong Hoon ssi has been trying to get off the shooting of the drama 'The City of the Sun'.

Our company and Kim Jeong Hoon ssi has been preparing for this drama since summer and being taken to the shooting.

We has inevitably taken off due to the delay.

In consultation with the designated destination side, to avoid conflict with events that'll occur in 2015, we made the decision to get off towards the end.

Thanks to the fans for the support.

And I'm sorry from the bottom of my heart.

We'll get a better shape next year, and we'll do our best to find a better drama.

To avoid this happening in the future, the CEO and all employees will strive even more.

We're sorry, once again."


[Vid]Korean Fanmeeting 2014.12.21

Jeong Hoon sang "선물" together with his manager,
he looks so handsome and lovely!
(I mean Jeong Hoon, not the manager ~~ )

"Nothing better", his once favorite song to perform:

From rain luvv san,
you can see many other videos of Jeong Hoon during this fanmeeting in her channe: 


[Vid]Kim Jeong Hoon greets fans before Fanmeeting 2014.12.21

He looks so near and so dear.
Although I knew from the beginning that I couldn't come to this event,
this lovely video still stir up regrets in me  :-D

From his company


Jeong Hoon in Chinese drama's trailer

There's already a trailer for the Chinese drama "Daddy, where are we going?",
but Jeong Hoon appeared very shortly in it (at 1:38:00) :

From KarRoy凯源频道 TFBOYS王俊凯x王源

Can't say I like the look of it T_T


New notice about Kim Jeong Hoon's mini fanmeeting 2014.12.21

They have a Korean AND English notice this time, nice!
Time to participate, overseas fans ^^

"Hello, this is Mersenne Entertainment

Due to the love and attention of our fans, we have been able to register 100 people on a first come first serve basis for the

Fan-meeting event that will be held on December 21, 2014.

Although the event will be held at a moderately-sized location, considering the enthusiasm everyone has shown us,

we have decided to utilize the event location to its full capacity and open 50 additional spots for the Fan-meeting event.

For the additional 50 spots, we will not place any restrictions on where you are coming from - domestic or overseas.

We really hope that both domestic and overseas fans can enjoy this opportunity.

The deadline for the additional 50 spots is Friday, December 5th at 12:00pm - Korean local time - and we require all fans to send the

following information to our email address:

Name (required)

Contact information

Birthday (MM/DD/YYYY)

Email address (required)

We will send an e-ticket once we receive the applications on a first come first serve basis. The tickets will be sent out after the deadline

of Friday, December 5th.

The event will be identical for all fans who receive the e-ticket, regardless of your application date.

Thank you very much and we also apologize for the limited number of tickets due to the size of the location of our event."


By the way, his Korean homepage has just been revamped, and it looks amazing!

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