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[Video]John Hoon singing at Yokohama 2012.12.13

A yummy and precious video of THE MOBIUS STRIP TOUR IN JAPAN DVD ^^

붉은 낙타

Thanks to jhciao0120 san



More cap of Step by step #5

More of John Hoon in a tight swim suit :D

Thanks to KimJeongHoonFan.Made fb



JH message on weibo 2013.04.20

He said his condolence to the victim of Sichuan earthquake yesterday T_T

"갑작스레 중국사천 야안에 지진이 일어났다는 소리를 들었는데 정말 걱정되요, 더이상 다치는 사람이 없기를 기원할께요


I wish they are able to rescue the survivors there.


[Cap]John Hoon Step by step #5

Was he fishing? Can I be a tuna in that water? :D

Credit: jh-rico's blog and  johnhoon46's blog


Content of TOWA Busan Camp Event 2013.05.26

Google trans from John-Hoon JAPAN OFFICIAL NEWS

★ ☆ ★ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆


Program content of "TOWA 2" reader limited special event was decided!

"Making Memories with John-Hoon ~ TOWA 2 ~"

☆ Play with John-Hoon in Busan ☆

Mini Sports Day and award ceremony along with John-Hoon

After Party of quiz and game plan packed!

◆ Dates: May 25th~27th  2013

◆ mini sports day program large public and spring Part 1 John-Hoon event! !

Wearing a T-shirt of matching, and basketball, tug of war, borrowed competition ...,

Play with John-Hoon mentally return to childhood together!

※ Venue: Busan Gymnasium auxiliary field A on 2013.05.26 (13:00 to 15:00)

~ ~ Content of the event

1, John-Hoon appearance, captain of each team goes up to the stage, players oath.

※ event is a team competition team basically.

The captain of each team, manager and his friends familiar, of John-Hoon's is responsible.

2, the progress of the competition

① ring toss game

Victory of the person who placed the Hoop lot it is to the (quoits) bar. Captain of each team face off in tournament format. The winner will face off at the end and John-Hoon. If the victory of the team, John-Hoon was won, score is given equally to each team captain if you win the game.

② borrowed competition

The showdown with John-Hoon and captain of each team. Find games are written in the note that started running all at once in the start signal, is placed in the middle the "goods". Who goal to have (of course, runner you Reach to your destination quickly will have the option to choose the memo) is written in the memo the first to "goods" is victory. If the victory of the team, John-Hoon was winning, given the score equal to each team captain (such as mobile / handkerchief / earrings example) is if you win the game.

③ basketball game

Team tournament. Throw the ball to the basket of each team, all members of each team, the team's victory which was in most. After the competition, members of each team sit in place all, John-Hoon participated in the competition where everyone is aligned. Score is incremented by the number of put the ball by three baskets of each team entered. (Ball to John-Hoon has to prepare a ball of a different color twice. Points)

④ tug-of-war

Team tournament. John-Hoon to referee in the middle.

⑤ board game returns

Prepare a section of constant exercise hall, to arrange the board red and blue the same number was drawn, two-sided. Participants in each team turn over the board all together at the same time as the start signal, it is the team's victory that Uragaese most in within the time limit.

⑥ footrace

Serious confrontation of John-Hoon and the captain of each team! Runner is one week all round the periphery of where each team sit aligned, I compete the speed. If John-Hoon was won, benefits will be added equally to each team. Without departing from the spot, the members of each team, Please support John-Hoon's or captain, the team aloud firm.

☆ present to all participants by hand from John-Hoon and shooting organization, the team another body shot and all participants Autographed the "TOWA" original photo cards!

3. announcement of the winning team

After all programs has been completed, to aggregate the total score of the team, announced the winning team. Captain of the team goes up to the stage, I receive a commemorative gift of victory from John-Hoon. After the event, prize captain of the team have received, awarded to winning team members each and every staff, leaving.

※ There is the case that on account of the local, events schedule and tour is a part change.

Please acknowledge it beforehand.

◆ After Party Ceremony &

Who to hand the MVP? !

Ceremony In addition, the annual "TOWA" quiz & game tournament!

※ Venue: HOTEL NONGSIM Banquet "Dae Chung")

◆ Booking Site

In addition,you can book by FAX, by telephone.

We are looking forward your participation of everyone.


MV of "Star" from single Harukoi with Romaji

Fan MV of song "Star" from John Hoon's single Harukoi with Romaji and Chinese translation:

Thanks to Mamin san and Judy @junghoonchina


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