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JH's schedule in December

Very busy busy man ^^

26, 27, 28, 29th Nov ; 3, 4, 5, 6, 7th Dec: Preparation for Seoul concert (콘서트 연습)
8th Dec: Seoul concert
10th Dec: Recording Gaon TV in Japan
13th Dec: Concert in Yokohama
16~18th Dec: Shanghai promotion


There's no news about a Taiwan fanmeeting at the end of December yet.
Things haven't been settled ^^


Where to buy JH's Chinese CD "Happiness"

You can buy it in this link:

However, it is written in Chinese, and I don't know if it ships overseas ^^

JH is going to a Shanghai promotion from 16th to 18th December 2012.


JH's pics on his facebook

Cute pics and delicious dishes ^^

"약 보름 동안 쉴 틈없었던 중국의 마지막 스케줄을 마치고,
고생한 스탭들과 함께, 모두들 수고하셨습니다.
또 보고싶을거에요."

식사는 모두 하셨는지, 중국에 와서 맛있는 음식
맛 보고 있습니다. ^^

우리 고매니저님이 찍어준 팬들과의 소중한 사진 입니다.

Videos of JH singing on Beijing FM 2012.11.22

Main song of "Happiness" single in Beijing fanmeeting,
his voice was amazing:

Source: youku

"More than words" acoustic:

Thanks to viona


2012.11.22 Beijing fanmeeting and Cupid ( :D )

I don't know what Jeong Hoon was doing there with the bow and arrow, seems like he acted as a innocent Cupid ^^

From Chinese fans, as tag


[Eng] 2012.11.19 JH on Arirang channel

Video from Arirang with English subs and narration ^^

"A delightful date with singer and actor Kim Jeong-hoon! [Showbiz Korea]"



2012.11.20 video of Beijing Press conference

Jeong Hoon's press conf. to promote his Chinese single "Happiness",
how cute it was when he tried to speak Chinese :D

Thanks to yuruyurujuria

JH in Sina VIP chat room 11.20

Funny glasses,
but he looks pretty despite all ^^

From Sina

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