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Photos of KJH in "Catch me if you can"! 2012.03.29

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Handsome handsome Frank ^^

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[Engsub]Silly mom ep 3, 4 - Jeong Hoon's cut

As I have to delete my videos from youtube, so here are download links for you,
wmv files, clear images^^

Ep 4, JH's cut:

Ep 3, JH's cut:

Ep 2, JH's cut:

Ep 1, JH's cut:

Subbed by Kim Jeong Hoon's Vietnam fans at

Article: "Hallyu star KJH leads in a musical"

A pretty interesting article and interview of Jeong Hoon, before the beginning of musical "Catch me if you can":

By Kwaak Je-yup

There is plenty of running away involved in the story of “Catch Me If You Can,” the musical based on the 2002 detective-chase film by Steven Spielberg and opening today in Seoul as the first licensed show outside the United States.

As one of the men who does most of the running and dancing during the performance, Kim Jeong-hoon sounded genuinely impressed by his character’s lifestyle, especially the panache his character, con artist Frank Abagnale Jr., displays in full glory when dodging the police by assuming several fake identities.

Kim, a former singer with the group U.N. and an actor with a flourishing career here and abroad, even sounded envious at times, though he denied it.

“He’s a crook, definitely,” he said in an interview Friday, after the rehearsal. “But from a man’s perspective, he is a cool cat. His life didn’t have a single dull moment. To live that dangerously, you need guts and talent.”

And the 32-year-old found those two qualities to make his musical theater debut. He alternates the role of Frank Jr. with musical theater veteran Um Ki-joon, actor Park Kwang-hyun and K-pop idols Kyuhyun of Super Junior and Key of SHINee.

Lee Gun-myung and Kim Beom-rae, seasoned actors with extensive musical theater credits, play the detective. The role of Frank’s love interest Brenda has gone to girl-group members Sunny (Girls’ Generation) and Dana (The Grace) as well as up-and-coming actress Choi Woo-ri.

“Musical theater was never in my cards,” he said, adding that the production team had approached him first months ago. “The rehearsals are long, and I had many other projects running parallel to them.”

Since the end of his two-year obligatory military service early last year, he has worked non-stop, releasing an album and starring in a TV series in Japan. He is also signed up for drama productions both in China and Korea this year.

Because of the overlap in schedules, Kim joined the “Catch” rehearsals around two weeks later than the rest of the cast.

“There were times I wanted to run away by myself,” he said half-jokingly, “because I was under so much pressure to do well.”

He likened the level of desperation after the first run-through to “a student with 15 different tests in a week.” Most of this stress, however, seemed self-imposed.

Even with the creative team’s compliments, he was not satisfied, he said. He had to do better.

“When I was doing military service, I had so much I wanted to pursue. I’m doing that now,” he said, eyes on fire. “I don’t even have the desire to date these days.”

Other wishes and aspirations will come back once he achieves his goals, he claimed.

“I remember a line from a Japanese film,” without citing its title, “that said, ‘You can succeed with luck but you cannot fail because of it.’ ”

And the 32-year-old is betting his fortune on his career wholeheartedly. Like Frank Jr. on stage, Kim sounded as if he did not have a split second to waste, though looking conspicuously — pitifully — tired. There did not seem to be one minute reserved for some rest or even reflection.

The interview ended with him recalling such a moment, once again back on an army base, where time was aplenty. He did not seem 100-percent sure of the meaning, but he recounted the experience with child-like candor.

“I’m not much of a literary person,” he said, having instead shown exceptional talent in mathematics and science during his years in school and had been enrolled at Seoul National University before his career in entertainment.

The jolt of inspiration struck one day when he was stationed in Cheorlwon in Gangwon Province, observing a full moon.

“The sun gives its all at all times and will explode in a few billion years, but the moon just reflects that light without having to force it. It’s a really smart way of living, isn’t it?

“I know it sounds corny now, but at that moment it felt like science and philosophy were meeting at one point.”

The musical “Catch Me If You Can” opens today at the Blue Square Samsung Card Hall in Itaewon, central Seoul. It will run through June 10. Visit for more information.



KJH Brings Overseas Fans to ′Catch Me If You Can′ Musical

“I came here after requesting a one month leave of absence.”

Those were the words of one Japanese fan who visited Korean to see UN Kim Jeong Hoon’s musical performance.

Kim, who has cemented his status as a genuine hallyu star and enjoyed growing popularity in China and Japan, appeared in his first musical production, Catch Me If You Can, which has attracted the attention of many foreign fans.

Kim’s rep revealed, “Many of Kim Jeong Hoon’s fans from China and Japan have come to see Kim’s first musical performance in Catch Me If You Can.”

Catch Me If You Can is a musical about Frank Abagnale Jr., a con artist from the 1960’s. The blockbuster film adaptation was directed by Steven Spielberg and starred Leonardo DiCaprio as Frank. In the musical, Kim will share Frank’s role with Uhm Ki Joon, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, Park Kwang Hyun, and SHINee’s Key.

The rep added, “Some Chinese and Japanese fans bought up all the musical tickets on the days Kim would appear in the musical and even requested a month off [from work].”

Thanks to Kim’s rising hallyu popularity, the musical has enjoyed an increase in its ticket sales. According to date, approximately 100,000 tickets were sold for the February 7 performance, with fans from Japan and China buying around 15 percent of that total.

Moreover, out of the 15 percent, 80 percent of them were bought by Japanese fans. It was further revealed that Kim’s fans made up the majority of these foreign ticket buyers.

As such, many viewers are curious to see what kind of acting ability Kim will showcase for his international fans.

The musical, Catch Me If You Can, will open on March 28 at the Blue Square Samsung Card Hall in Hannam-dong.
Translation Credit : Ju Ahn Lee

Recap of ep 4 "Pabo mom"

Just a bit of a spoiler, from Hancinema ^^

[Spoiler] "Dummy Mommy" Kim Tae-woo and Kim Hyeon-hoo on express to divorce

"Dummy Mommy" Kim Yeong-joo (Kim Hyeon-joo) asked for divorce from Park Jeong-do (Kim Tae-woo).

On the fourth episode of SBS weekend drama "Dummy Mommy" on the 25th, Kim Yeong-joo and Park Jeong-do exchanged slaps because of Kim Yeong-joo's sister Kim Seon-yeong (Ha Hee-ra).

Kim Yeong-joo got Kim Seon-yeong out of the mental hospital and brought her home. While Kim Yeong-joo was at work, as sister-in-law Park Jeong-eun (Sa Hee) got into the house with the code, Kim Seon-yeong thought she was a robber and fought with her, hair in hair.

Park Jeong-eun had a broken and bloody nose and was taken to the hospital. Mother-in-law Jang Yeong-sook (Kim Cheong) looked down on Kim Yeong-joo because of this. She made sarcastic remarks about Kim Seon-yeong who showed up for the first time in ten years and said DNA tests should be run on Park Dat-byeol (Ahn Seo-hyeon).

Kim Yeong-joo was furious and said, "Being less intelligent does not run in the family. My sister isn't someone who arms people. She got what she deserved for throwing tantrums at the store when she knows we are getting divorced and going through my closet without permission".

Kim Yeong-joo also told her, "If you so much as touch a hair on Dat-byeol, I will make sure I stay your daughter-in-law for the rest of your life".

Park Jeong-do saw this as soon as he arrived and slapped her. "How dare you threaten her? You know I've never once said a thing about your sister because of you? But now you threaten my mother too? Is your family so shameless?"

Kim Yeong-joo also slapped him with her mouth shut. She then said, "Yes we are shameless but I wasn't born to be hit by you. Let's get divorced. I'll see you at the courts tomorrow".

Source :
Picture credit: soompi


[Engsub]Silly mom ep 3 - Jeong Hoon's cut

This episode, JH have more screen time than the previous ones.
Ep 4 cut with engsubs will be uploaded tomorrow ^^
Hope you enjoy it, Jeong Hoon's fans all over the world ~~

Also, you can watch the whole episode 2 with english subs at:


"Silly mom" ep 3 captures

Link download of episode 3 HD is available,
always at the website that I gave you before:

When you click a link there (torrent or mediafire..) it will show an ad page. Just wait for 5 seconds, skip it and you will land in the download page of "Silly mom" videos.

Now, handsome doctor Lee Jea Ha ^^

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Credit to Wong @junghoonchina


[Engsub]Watch the whole ep 1 of "Pabo mom"

 You can watch it here, with english subtitles:

After part 1, just click on part 2, 3,..

At the moment there is no subs for the whole ep 2 yet.
But you can check that website, I think the subs of ep 2 will be uploaded soon.

Rehearsal of "Catch me if you can": John Hoon ~

Yes, his rehearsal pic comes out, eventually ^^

 (Click to enlarge)

Source: KJH facebook

Run 60 photos: John Hoon !!

Can't wait to see John Hoon in his first Japanese drama !
(if you don't count his small Japanese role back in UN time)

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Magazine Sure 2012.03 (Korea)

Cool fresh and beautiful pictures of Jeong Hoon ^^

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[Engsub]Silly mom ep 2 - Jeong Hoon's cut

Jeong Hoon only appeared shortly in this episode ~~

Bonus some cute character from ep 1 and ep 2:



Recap of Ep 2 "Silly mom" (바보엄마)

Just some details,
I couldn't find it all ^^

"In the beginning of this episode, Young Joo's sister, Sun Young, finds her and bring a dinner that she cooked for her. But Young Joo doesn't like it and scolds her sister, make her sister return to her countryside home.
(I don't know why Young Joo is harsh on her sister.
In the book, Young Joo hates her life before she got married,
she rans away from home, leaving her dummy mommy behind.
In the drama, her brother seems to be a bad person,
losing everything on gamble, and always ask Young Joo for money.
Her husband said something bad about her family,
like "You and your family, your dummy sister, get away from me".
So Young Joo became angry and nearly got into a car accident. )

Sun Young returns home,
but her brother get some gambling debt.
His creditors come to the house,
snatch his furniture and give Sun Young a severe head injury.
She is carried to the hospital, unconscious.

Young Joo drives to the hospital, very worried.
She calls her ex-classmate, doctor Lee Jea Ha,
to ask about head injury, but doesn't say that it's about her sister.
(She always wants to keep her sister as a secret.)

Doctor Lee Jea Ha hangs up, then draw out a gift from his office, with a tender smile.
Seems like he prepared this gift for her.

Young Joo called her husband Jeong-do who asked her for a divorce and yelled at him.

Previously, his girlfriend Chae-rin (Yoo In-yeong) did something ridiculous by sending Young Joo a bouquet of flowers with the sonogram of their baby. This happened on her birthday and she cried then called her husband to rebuke his extreme actions.

Jeong-do asked Chae-rin what happened and she felt good telling him that she sent his wife a sonogram of their baby. However, Jeong-do's face was otherwise.

He said, "You are crazy". She was surprised and asked him why, to which he answered, "We are now going to go to jail because of the sonogram you sent her for adultery. If she decides to sue us, we are going to jail for what you did. We can't do anything about it if she uses it to sue us". He was mad not because of hurting his wife but because he might go to jail.

Jeong-do succeeded in getting the divorce papers signed by Young Joo by threatening her that he'll make their daughter testify at the divorce trial.

Meanwhile, Go Man, the rich man with 3 dogs, couldn't forget the taste of Sun Young's kitchen (who he thought was a maid before).
 He hires Arabian chef to cook for him, but is still not satisfied with the taste.
Seems like he will look out for Sun Young for it."

(This cook doesn't look like / sound like Arabian, man~
Arabian chefs talk a lot more, and you can't easily discard their dishes like that :D )

Source: Hancinema & soompi & KJH English site

Download of ep 2 is available at the link I gave you before:
Check it for any new link of all episodes.

English subs of Jeong Hoon's cut in Ep 1:

Jeong Hoon's cut in Ep 2 will be released soon.


Captures & Translation of Ep 1 "Silly mom" (바보엄마)

As we haven't had subtitles yet, so I'll post some English recap of this drama after each episode was aired ^^

Episode 1:

Young Joo (Kim Hyun Joo) is a successful city woman, working for the fashion company "Estilo". But in the family, her husband is cheating on her and her daughter doesn't listen to her.

Even though she looks harsh and mean, but she might be vulnerable inside, even warm-hearted. Because her co-workers really respect her and they seem to like her too.

A friend of hers who is a reporter, came to YJ's office, told YJ about her husband cheating on her... The president of Estilo also knew YJ's real condition, especially about her marriage, that's why he saved her when a co-worker wanted to read a cruel birthday card sent by her husband's lover... If that birthday card was read in front of all her co-workers, it will humiliate her for sure.

Lee Je Ha (Kim Jeong Hoon) is a surgeon and an ex-classmate of YJ,
who has an one-side love towards her.
There was a scene when YJ's daughter showed her genius math skill before him,
and he was so surprised:

YJ's sister, Sun Young (Ha Hae Ra), is a kind woman with low IQ. She lives in the countryside with an uncle (maybe her brother). She loves her sister Young Joo and wants to visit her in Seoul. Seems like YJ lied to her that she lived in a big house.
In YJ's letter, she wrote a fake address of her house in Seoul.
So SY was going to that address.

On the way to Seoul, the uncle told SY to speak Seoul dialect, haha its so funny
how she tries to speak to the taxi driver with her dialect.
The uncle drops SY at that fake address, which is in fact the house of Go Man (Shin Hyun Joon):

Go Man met her in front of the house and thought she was her new maid (haha).
And SY still thought that her sister really lived in that big house.

SY loves her sister so much
The first scene with the uncle, she said she wanted to go to Seoul to meet her sister YJ.
The uncle was saying how bad YJ was.
But SY looked at the sky and said "My BEAUTIFUL sister, Kim Young Joo, I miss you so much".

Credit to Soompi & KJH English site

Rating of ep 1 is 11% due to AGB Nielsen.

Kim Jeong Hoon to appear in Japanese Drama “Run60″

Article on in2kpop:

"Earlier this week, we reported about former member of singing duo UN Choi Jung Won releasing a new OST (read here ). It appears that his other half, Kim Jeong Hoon, is keeping pretty busy in an acting career as well.

On March 17th, Universal Music Japan revealed that Kim Jeong Hoon will be a part of the star-studded cast for a new Japanese drama called “Run60.”

The drama series will be a follow-up to Universal Japan’s movie “Run60,” which was released in June of 2011. The drama will run for 9 episodes and will be directed by Sonoda Toshiro.

Kim Jeong Hoon will appear in the 2nd episode as Park Hong Man, a game programmer with the alias "Pierrot". Model/actor Shin Won Ho will make his first venture in a Japanese drama as Kim Jeong Hoon’s character’s younger brother Park Hong Ki.

Kim Jeong Hoon also sang for the soundtrack. He commented, “I’m really nervous to be speaking Japanese and acting in a Japanese drama. Pierrot is a bad guy type of character, which I’ve never done before. I hope that the fans will be lenient with me.“

The drama will be about a mysterious syndicate that is behind dark gambling game called “Run” that keeps an eye on the public through hidden cameras and smartphones. The drama will begin airing next month on MBS on the 18th, on CBC on the 20th, and on TokyoMX on the 25th.

Meanwhile, it was also recently reported that Kim Jeong Hoon will be releasing a new album for the first time in 3 years. The album will be released in japan on May 23rd, and it will be entitled “Voice.”

Kim Jeong Hoon’s most recent drama, SBS‘s “Silly Mom,” has begun airing on March 17th.

Source: Yeonhap News via Yahoo! Korea + Sports DongAh "

Download ep 1 of "Silly mom" (바보엄마)

You can refer to this blog (who is not me),
who will update link of all episodes to you.
At the moment Torrent link and Rapidshare link of episode 1 are up:


Rehearsal of "Catch me if you can": Kyu Hyun & Key

It looks really interesting^^
Jeong Hoon hasn't appeared yet. I'm eager to see any of his upcoming videos in this musical ~~

From mykikiikyu4

From chosunmedia

"Silly mom" air this evening 21:50 (Seoul time)

Wish the best luck for Jeong Hoon and the drama^^

In this drama, actress Kong Hyeon-joo will play the wife of Lee Je-ha (Kim Jeong Hoon), a heart surgeon.
She expressed her feelings about the first episode of "Silly mom" coming up soon.

She posted something on her Twitter on the 12th saying, "I have a feeling "Silly mom" is going to be a well known drama with everybody and stay in people's hearts for a long time. The first broadcast comes this Saturday at 9:50PM~ it's going to be a while before I appear but you can look forward to the change in the characters!"

"Silly mom" is about the forgiving, love, and reconciliation between a mother and a daughter.

Meanwhile, Kong Hyeon-joo wore a pink dress with pink high heels at the press preview of the drama.

Source :


Captures of "Silly mom" Trailer & Preview

Nice pics of "doctor" Jeong Hoon^^

(Click to enlarge)

He said in the Press conference interview:
"Acting as a surgeon? I couldn't even dissect a frog!" :D
(speaking from his own experience back in college's time)

Credit to dclily
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