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[Kr,Jp]Her Legend MV: "사랑 이야기" Kim Jeong Hoon's version II

Still that song that Jeong Hoon sang greatly,
but another MV, made by Mamin san, a very nice MV,
with Korean lyrics and Japanese subtitles:


Kim Jeong Hoon photos & activities in Phuket

"Korean Star Kim Jeong-hoon 김정훈 visits Kata Rocks Luxury Resort Phuket"


"Korean Actor, heart-throb and singer Kim Jeong-hoon 김정훈 (or John Hoon as he is known in Japan) recently spent an afternoon in the stylish surrounds of Kata Rocks, filming for an upcoming video.

The oceanfront pool at Kata Rocks was a great draw for the Korean star and his team; they were wooed by the uninterrupted view across Kata and out to the Andaman Sea, and a few specially concocted cocktails were set-out for sampling.

Later, the star of such shows as Goong (Princess Hours) took to the kitchen in one of the Kata Rocks Sky Villas. Fans will have to wait to the release of the new video before seeing what this visit and video-shoot was all about.

Two of the Kata Rocks team were delighted to be photographed with the star! "



" Thank you Mr kim jeong hoon to come to our restaurant "


"Love on tiptoe" DVD Japan Preview

 You can watch a preview video of "Love on tiptoe" DVD Japan Edition here,
with a Japanese dubbing:
(Click on the link and choose "Open by Window Media Player / any Player you want",
then wait for it to stream.)

Thanks to Mamin san



Jeong Hoon in Japan

Jeong Hoon is in Japan now,
for the funeral of Sekiya san, his previous staff.

Our condolence to her family, may her rest in peace.


Jeong Hoon in Thailand with a bracelet

I guess it's during his Thailand vacation at the moment, judging by the background.

Three wishes bracelet grey love:



Hanryu T.O.P Magazine vol 31 (2013.11)

It goes along with an interview of John Hoon about the drama Her Legend and character Do Jinhoo ^^

Thanks to psyche nim, as tag


Her Legend MV: OST Kim Jeong Hoon version

Song "난 그대 하나만 곁에 있으면" in Her Legend OST,
now sung by Kim Jeong Hoon's sweet voice:

MV from johnhoonlove0146 san

New cover photo of homepage


[Engsub]Kim Jeong Hoon and Mom's story

Perhaps most of you have watched it, but it's a very touching video.
A compilation of Jeong Hoon's talking about his loving mother:

Subbed by
Video compilation by Grace
English translation: Gloriayhng & Fruitart
Proofread: Alicia & Pado Chou
Timeline: Elsajing


Videos on Top of ...

Jeong Hoon are quite featured in some Top recently.
First, his short movie "Xitang love story" are in "ASIAN TOP FASHIONABLE MOVIE OF THE YEAR"

It will be screened on Hangzhou Micro Film Festival opened this week.

Second, "Her Legend" is Number 1 in "Top 5 New 2013 Korean Dramas [ August ] - Top 5 Fridays" in HallyuBack's youtube channel:

That is a funny channel. Other dramas in her list:
Who are you, Good doctor, The Master's sun, Two weeks,...
but Her Legend is still Number one for august ^^


Kim Jeong Hoon at B-Lay Tong Phuket

Khun Sandy - owner & sales manager of B-Lay Tong Phuket, MGallery Collection,
with Kim Jeong Hoon on B-Lay Tong signature's chair at the lobby.

I believe it's just a vacation trip.

From B-Lay Tong Phuket MGallery Collection fb

Oh, the white long legs  ; - )

[Eng] Kim Jeong Hoon's interview in Concert Intro Video

(Captures from higo san's ameblo)

This is a rough english translation from the videos that I posted 2 days ago,
there might be many errors.
New youtube links for them:

Kim Jeong Hoon's interview in the Intro Video,
Möbius strip Concert in Seoul 2012

Question : Are you waiting for a new love?
Answer (John Hoon): I might have a love story here and there, but ...
I believe I have run out of the feeling that "Love and passion is everything" in the early sensible 20s.
Those kinds of feeling are not with me anymore, and the thought of "I want a new beautiful love" seems to have been lost.
However, if a person of the same beat as mine appears, there may be such a love...

Q : How would you consider for your next love?
A : I would concentrate more, to not miss it if such a person appears!
Because I'm rather aged now...
I'm not actually thinking about marriage and love right now,
but if there's a possibility to meet someone, I would weight for a long-term relationship.
I will have to act carefully and cautiously

Q : Do you originally plan to follow acting career?
A : It's a very interesting fact: opportunities seemed to always have come to me at a time of wandering.
I began my singing career at a time of wandering in college.
It was wonderful to be a singer at that messy period of life.
Then, there appeared many conflicts and various issues with the company
So, UN was disbanded, both members were parting, it was a difficult time
What to do then? It was a time of wandering of mine.
Luckily, offers from drama production company came to me at that time.
So it was a start to my acting career.

Trans by Kappa Sub


Some gifs from Her Legend

Do Jin Hoo's  "magic bird" :-D

From panghoon @twitter, thanks for sharing


Intro video and interview from Kim Jeong Hoon's concert

(Photo from Queenie)

He has got those big beautiful eyes since childhood, hasn't he? ^_^

From a baby to nowadays:

(Photo from panghoon pigpang)

Intro video in his concert "나의 이야기" (My story) 2012,
it was just uploaded on internet yesterday :-)

Interview video in the same concert:

Thanks to 민용 김 nim for sharing


Some adorable captures of ep 20 Her legend

Do Jin Hoo, one of cutest characters ever ^^

From KimJeongHoon.FansMade fb, thank you for sharing
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