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First love of Super model in "Tiptoe"

In that drama "Tiptoe to kiss love",
JH happens to have a first love who married to another man, which caused him to retire from model world.
Doesn't sound like the real Jeong Hoon, fortunately :D

[2011.10.24][Sohu] "Tiptoe to Kiss Love" filming, Kim Jeong Hoon and Ai Ru romantic seaside scene

Starring Korean idol Kim Jeong Hoon (金桢勋), popular actress Yaodi (姚笛) as leads, the urban fashion TV drama serial "Tiptoe to Kiss Love" (《踮起脚尖吻到爱》) is in the process of filming in Qingdao. Produced by Huayi Brothers Tianyi Film and TV, filming the day before took place at the seaside, with Kim Jeong Hoon and Airu (艾茹) acting out a complicated emotional entanglement.

In the drama, the lead male character Wen Qingyao (played by Kim Jeong Hoon) and his girlfriend Su Rexi have been together for many years, but Rexi was pressured by her family into marrying someone else. A spurned Qingyao later meets Yaodi's character Bian Tinghua, yet is unable to make a clean break with Rexi. The possible paths that their relationship will take and what choice Qingyao will make, is a focal point of the drama. Winner of the 7th Miss Tourism International and second lead actress in "Naked Wedding", Airu once again becomes rivals with Yaodi in this drama by playing Su Rexin. The day's filming took place at Qingdao's Olympic Sailing Center, where the two actors were filmed in a beautiful seaside scene, with the sea and lighthouse in the background adding to the romantic effect. The scenes included not only the two characters in their youth confirming their love at the seaside, but also after their breakup both unable to resolve their feelings for each other. Their hug scene attracted much attention from passers by, including the two actors' fans passionately calling out their names. The actors were however fully immersed in their roles and grasped the emotions appropriately.

Airu explained to reporters how this second female lead character is different from the typical Korean drama's arrogant second lead, "This character is very meek, very pitiful, she was made to leave Qingyao and marry by force. After the wedding she realised she was unable to resolve her feelings for Qingyao and continued to cling to him. Unlike 'emotional dramas' where the second female lead is manipulative, Su Rexin is very naive and her only means of getting her boyfriend back is to cling desperately. Therefore since the start of filming, my scenes have all been crying scenes."

Trans by wann @junghoonchina


KJH lacks confidence to play a model

About the drama "Tiptoe to kiss love" (what else? :D )

[2011.10.20][Sina Entertainment] “Tiptoe to Kiss Love” filming in Qingdao, Kim Jeong Hoon and Yaodi Join Up

“Tiptoe to Kiss Love”, a fashion drama production of Huayi Brothers Tianyi Film & TV Co. (华谊兄弟天意影视有限公) is filming in Qingdao and Sina Entertainment paid an exclusive visit to the set to watch the filming of a scene involving YaoDi, Kim Jeong Hoon and Peibei.

KJH and Yaodi build tacit understanding; non-stop laughter on the set

In the drama, Korean actor KJH and popular idol Yaodi play a couple that starts off bickering but finally fall in love. Their scenes together are worth attention. The scene filmed on the 19th was of KJH creating an uproar at a fashion show wanting see his former girlfriend, while Yaodi, fearing him getting hurt, tried to stop the fight. One speaking Chinese and the other Korean, although not understanding each other’s language the scene actually went off smoothly. When asked to describe how they coordinated so well, Yaodi praised KJH’s “precise acting”. “He has many little communication cues, warm-hearted ones, such as interesting hand gestures; it is very amusing.”
On hearing her praise, KJH loudly said in Chinese, “Thank you,” which brought laughter. Yaodi said she was previously concerned that communication with KJH would be a problem since she knows no Korean at all, but she worried for nothing. She also said that KJH loves to fool around. KJH mentioned that some earlier scenes required him to have a bad attitude to her character, and asked Yaodi not to take it to heart. She laughed and said, “Not at all.” Although the communication cues between the two were not demonstrated at the interview, it was clear that they interact with each other easily.

KJH praises great changes in China; more mature after military service

KJH starred in Tianyi’s romance drama “Love Strategy” four years ago. Now returning to China, the handsome idol feels that the environment is more familiar to him and he enjoys interacting with the actors from China. When asked if he had any “losses or regrets”, since he enlisted into the army at the height of his popularity, he frankly admitted “losses are inevitable”, but military service enabled him to grow as a person. KJH is now more mature, his acting carries more richness and depth, so his acting in “Tiptoe to Kiss Love” will surely be very different than in the earlier “Love Strategy”.


[2011.10.21][Wangyi Entertainment]
Yaodi “Tiptoe” to play an agent; Kim Jeong Hoon lacks confidence to play a model
[excerpt of article]
Yaodi, KJH, Peibei and other actors of fashion idol drama “Tiptoe to Kiss Love” are now filming in Qingdao. In Yaodi’s first idol drama, she acts as Korean star Kim Jeong Hoon’s managing agent and a romance between a prince and Cinderella arises. In an interview, KJH who is below 1.8 metres tall, has his own theory about the change in drama title from “Model” to “Tiptoe to Kiss Love”, suspecting that the name change was because the creators they felt he was not suitable enough to play a model.

Kim Jeong Hoon lacks confidence to play a model; apologises to Yaodi “don’t take my temper to heart”

TV drama “Tiptoe to Kiss Love” was originally named “Model”. Taiwan supermodel Peibei was invited to play a model like herself while KJH also acts as a supermodel. Discussing the drama’s name, Yaodi feels that it is very suitable, “The title refers to happiness sometimes being just a little short, just a tiptoe distance away, so it’s easy to give up, but if one would try tiptoeing to reach out, happiness is just by your side.”

Tall Peibei referred to her scenes with actor Renwei, “The title for me, in love not only the female has to tiptoe, my romantic interest Renwei also has to tiptoe in order to kiss me. My kiss scene was for real, I wasn’t used to it. Romance with a shorter guy is a special experience.”
As for below-1.8 metres-tall KJH, he is a little dejected when talking about the drama title. “Perhaps it is because of me, in real life I wouldn’t be able to be a model, hence the name change from “Model” to “Tiptoe to Kiss Love”. Actually I prefer the original name “Model”, and I still treasure this opportunity to act as a model in this drama.”

In the drama, KJH is a famous idol while Yaodi is an agent from a humble background who has to endure KJH’s scolding and criticism. Reporters spied Yaodi on the set trying to stop KJH from entering the launch venue while he pushes roughly. During the interview, he suddenly told Yaodi, “Those angry words I said in the drama, please don’t take them to heart.” Yaodi looked taken aback before answering, “Not at all.” She also praised KJH’s skilful acting.

--- end ---

Trans by wann @junghoonchina


Article about "Tiptoe to kiss love" filming

[2011.10.20][Sohu] Handsome Korean guy on scene, extras are confused

On October 18th, reporters arrived at Four Points Sheraton Hotel in the Chengyang district (Qingdao), where the fashion idol drama “Tiptoe to Kiss Love” (《踮起脚尖吻到爱》) by Zhejiang’s Huayi Brothers Tianyi Film & TV Co. It was right in the midst of filming. The reporters interviewed the male and female leads, namely handsome Korean Kim Jeong Hoon, Yaodi (姚笛) of “Dream of Red Chamber” and “Naked Wedding” fame, and famous model Peibei (裴蓓).

That day’s filming involved the launch of KJH’s screen mother Mazong’s (马总) modelling agency, which KJH gatecrashed and even quarrelled with his mother. Surely a climactic moment of conflict in the drama. As Korean and Chinese words were hurled like a hurricane in the quarrel scene, many comic moments induced laughter. Even in the actual takes, the director had to repeatedly remind the extras on set to stop laughing, but two hotel employees acting as security were unable to control their expressions. As a result, many retakes were required.

Although comic results are expected from interacting with a foreign actor, the reporters have a different experience on the set: KJH with a serious expression speaks in Korean with a harsh tone, Weizhi (魏智) and Yaodi frown whilst trying to stop the fight, while the extras look confused as they do not understand the situation – it is really an interesting scenario.

“KJH’s Chinese is actually pretty good, he didn’t need translation for many things I said.” Many of the Chinese actors expressed that they initially felt pressure because they were concerned that communication within the team would be a big problem, but unexpectedly KJH’s level of Chinese surprised everyone.

Through an interpreter, KJH told the reporters that he has already been in Qingdao for 2 months and his Chinese has improved much after being with the drama team for that long. “I’ve even privately devised many little actions, warm-hearted ones, to communicate with, for example, some interesting hand gestures. It should be very amusing.” KJH and Yaodi also said that viewers of the drama can carefully look out for such private surprises specially for them.

(The rest of the article is an interview with Peibei, mainly talking about her first screen kiss in the drama.)

English translation by wann of junghoonchina



2011.10.5 JH new message



"I am shooting a drama in China.
I'm busy every day.
But when I think of every fan who have supported me, I get power.
I'm going to Japan this November, I look forwards to meeting everyone.
John Hoon"

Credit Junghoonchina
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