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Love on tiptoe's filming pics

From long ago, of course ^^

From weibo, as tag

들개들's filming pics & news from media and facebook


From his facebook


[Engsub]Ep 1 "Love on tiptoe"

With english subtitles, from Viki team:

The video quality is not great though.


Video "Missing you" from DVD Real Voice Live movie

JH sang the song あなたに逢いたくて~Missing You~ ,
another beautiful performance ^^

From MrHooniestar



Cap of "First love in Luxembourg" DVD

You can find the video on shirowan san's website ^^

Click on the pic for full size:


JH releases new single this spring 2013.04.03

An article about his new single on Ohkpop:


"Actor and singer Kim Jung Hoon recently showed off his beautiful appearance. On February 15, a jacket photo for Kim’s single Love of Spring, which will be released on April 3, was released on his Japanese fansite

The single is from his Japanese EP.

In the photo, Kim is looking at someone with his emotional eyes while wearing a white cardigan. Cherry blossoms make him look like a handsome cartoon character.

Kim started performing as a Hallyu star by going on an Asian tour.

He held the ‘Mobius Strip’ in two Korean cities, six Japanese cities, three cities in Chinese-speaking countries, and two cities in East Asia.

Kim will start shooting the movie Wild Dogs on February 20.

Trans from: Starnews"


Kim Jeong-hoon changes up his image with mystery film

An article on dramabeans ^^

"Kim Jung-hoon (I Need Romance) has announced his next project, which puts him the lead role of a movie titled Wild Dogs (들개들). The project is the directorial debut feature for screenwriter Ha Won-jun, and features Kim Jung-hoon playing a reporter “who lives his life like a makjang.” I’m assuming that doesn’t mean he courts revenge and birth secrets left and right, but rather that he lives with wild excess. His character happens upon a village and starts digging up that village’s secrets.

Hm, sounds dark and mysterious. At least I hope it is, though there’s always the Chaw tactic of going for campy black comedy. Something tells me we’re looking at a more serious tone here, though. The film is hoping to be accepted at the Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival (PiFan) later this year, which suggests that the so-called secrets involve some kind of genre/paranormal/fantasy element.

Kim says he was drawn to this role because it would expand his acting range and explore a different (more serious) image. Perhaps that’s why he’s reportedly busy taking acting lessons in preparation for shoots, which is something I really wish more actors would do. It’s not like you land your first gig and all of a sudden you no longer need practice! Good for him.

Wild Dogs will begin filming later this month and aims for a release in the latter half of the year. After shooting wraps on the film, Kim plans to head back to dramaland for his next series."

By javabeans


JH's Valentine message 2013.02.11

His video message for 02.14,
as handsome and adorable as a Valentine Day should be ^^

What he said in the video:

안녕하세요. 김정훈 입니다. 벌써 발렌타인데이가 다가오고 있는데,

해마다, 매년마다 팬분들에게 받은 초콜렛과 편지 감사히 받고 있습니다.

이번 발렌타인데이에는 여러분들이 사랑하는 가족, 친구 분들과 마음 나누는

따뜻한 하루 보내시구요. 건강하고 원하시는일 모두 이루시는

한 해 되시길 바랍니다. 여러분 Happy Valentine Day


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