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John Hoon's May on Satellite Theater

Satellite Theater introduce "John-Hoon's May" on 2014.05

[Satellite theater Program]
May 14th - Drama "Her myth" (그녀의 신화) start broadcasting in Japan for the 1st time!
Korean StarJackS ★ "I Love John-Hoon" 2nd May part
Korean StarJackS ★ "I Love John-Hoon" 8th May part

[Home Drama Channel]
May 12 - "Goong ~ Love in Palace"
- May 17 "바보엄마 ~ Pabo Mom"

Source: Thanks to shirowan san


John Hoon introduces "Her Legend" on Japan TV

The drama "Her Legend" (Kim Jeong Hoon, Choi Jeong Won) will be broadcasted on Japan television from April 20th.
You can watch a new video of Jeong Hoon introducing the drama to Japanese audience in this link:
(the small video window on the right)

From Mamin Kawa


Jeong Hoon's April schedule

He really is recording a new Korean Album ! (April 11th)
I can't wait to hear it ^^


John Hoon singing "Sakura" in HanFun Live concert 2014.03.10

Don't mistake it for "Sakura tears", another of John Hoon's song.
Both songs are very sweet :)

Audio from Shirowan san
MV from Shellemei Joyce


Kim Jeong Hoon renew his contract and prepare for an album


Rough translation:

"Kim Jeong Hoon preparing a comeback in the music industry and the agency contract renewal

Singer and actor Kim Jeong Hoon has recently renewed the contract with his agency Mersenne Entertainment to prepare for a new mini-album.

Kim Jeong Hoon and the representatives of Mersenne Entertainment has got 13 years of collaboration. They have signed a new contract for the release of a new album in the future, also, TV broadcasting activities are expected to continue."

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