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CD & DVD [LovexBestxFilm] on Oricon chart

The DVD and CD are doing well on Oricon chart,
congratulation John Hoon ^^

Thanks to junghoonchina


Video: 2013.12.21 Tokyo Dinner show

A short video from John Hoon's Dinner show, broadcasted on HanChu 135th:



JH on KanFun Live 2014.03.10

He will be on KanFun Live Concert on March 10th at Shibuya Hall,
together with Ryuichi Kawamura and WAZZ UP :-)

Time: 19:00, March 10th, 2014 (Monday) Doors open: 18:00
Venue: Tokyo Shibuya Public Hall
Appearance: John-Hoon / Ryuichi Kawamura (special guest) / WAZZ UP (opening act)
Ticket 7,000 yen (all seats) / general release: February 15 (Sat)



들개들's first results

The first day at the box office, the movie 들개들 was played in 7 theaters by 11 performance, the national income was 1,091,000 (krw, attendance was 222 people, ranking 33.

The next day at the box office, a total of seven theaters playing 11 performances, the national income was 1,345,000, attendance 256 people, ranked 30.

Credit to KOFIC 영화관 입장권 통합전산망
Thanks to junghoonchina


[Vid]JH's live recording of "Last love"

The song "ラストラブ " (Last love) from his 「LOVE×BEST」 album releasing this 01.29:



Clear photos of Birthday event 2014.01.18

He looks so handsome!

Photos from his official facebook:

안녕하세요. 메르센엔터테인먼트 입니다.
여러분께서 보내주신 성원에 힘입어 롯데호텔 부산팬미팅을
성황리에 마칠 수 있었습니다.
롯데호텔 부산팬미팅 사진을 공개 합니다. ^^


Director Ha Won-joon brought out the story behind Kim Jeong-hoon's casting

Director Ha Won-joon's "Stray Dogs"

Movie director Ha Won-joon brought out the story behind Kim Jeong-hoon's casting.

The press distribution conference for the movie "Stray Dogs" was held on the 16th in Wangsipri CGV. Director Ha Won-joon said, "If this movie was sweet and soft then I wouldn't have cast Kim Jeong-hoon".

"Kim Jeong-hoon has always been in sweet and soft movies lately but this time I decided to go on an adventure and cast him for mine. Teamwork was amazing thanks to him. I'm grateful just for the fact that he survived the cold".

Director Ha Won-joon showed love for Kim Jeong-hoon. "I want to study more and star him in other movies of mine in the future. He's the leading actor in my first movie so I think of him as someone special".

"Stray Dogs" is about the tension between two men, a third-class reporter So Yoo-joon (Kim Jeong-hoon) who visits an isolated village and the town chief Jang Ki-noh (Myeong Kye-nam) who is hostile towards him. To be released on the 23rd.

Source :



Birthday fanmade photos

We wish the best for our dear Kim Jeong Hoon on his birthday ^^

From Satomi Kurimoto san

From Jh Mieena san

Credit as tag

From Mamin san

From KJH Fan Cafe



[Vid]2014.01.16 Jeong Hoon in the media premiere of "Wild dogs"

Video of the elegant gentlement Kim Jeong Hoon talking about his wild movie :-D

From TV Daum

Another video, of Jeong Hoon taking photos in the press conference:


2014.01.16 photos of "Wild dogs" press conference

I can't imagine this is the same Jeong Hoon as the person in the poster !

You see the contrast?

From media: TVdaily, TVreport, Mydaily, Newsen, Joysnew, Starnews, and as tag
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