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Update from Japanese staffs

From Marunee san's twitter

John Hoon's meal: he tried natto beans with kimchi:

Artist John Hoon: he drew a portrait of Maruyama ^^

(which doesn't look alike :D )


I have seen John Hoon's drawings several times and they are all so cute ^^


GaonTV #7 2012.7.28

They were talking about summer vacation,
and the female MC asked John Hoon:
Where do you want to go (as a vacation)?

John Hoon answered:

"I wanna go to your heart !"

(He doesn't need to go there, 'cause he's already in my heart^^ )

You can read details spoiler for this Gaon video at:


JH for Korean TV's 50th anniversary

John Hoon congratulates "Korean TV" for their 50th anniversary

Thanks to kansaiJohnHoons

Jeong Hoon looks so charming in this color^^


JH on GaonTV 2012.7.28

Click to enlarge:

His jacket is so white,
but his smile is even more brilliant ^^

Kim Jeong Hoon's 12th Debut Anniversary

12th 데뷔 기념일 축하합니다 김정훈 ^^
2000.7.26 ~ 2012.7.26
Thank UN and Jeong Hoon for giving us wonderful songs :)

I reupload his song in 2005 "작은 기다림",
I like this video a lot, though in 2005 I didn't know about JH yet:


DVD of Run 60 Game over

Release Date : 02 Oct 2012

Multibuy special price (tax incl.) : ¥3,835
You Save : ¥1,145
Online Member Price (tax incl.) : ¥3,885
Referenced price (tax incl.) : ¥4,980

Link to buy:

LalaTV broadcasts JH's Towa camp

Lala TV will soon broadcast the event "Making Memories with John-Hoon~TOWA2012" 2012.6.27 in their special program. Details here:


JH's Story & Photo book ~ TOWA ~ Season2


John-Hoon's Story & Photo book ~ TOWA ~ Season2,
released on September 30, 2012
ordered from July 25th (today! )
in this link:

JH's pic on weibo 2012.7.24

After his CCTV program, I guess.
I like his orange shirt ^^

Click to enlarge:

From KJH weibo



JH on Zip FM 2012.7.14

He gave a Korean lesson on "Breezy Sunday", Zip FM program 2012.07.14
He taught how to say in Hangul
"Today is very hot"
"I want to go to Jeju island"

But he was speaking Japanese so it feel more to me that it was a Nihongo lesson ^^

Audio from kyouko abe san


Some behind-the-scene pics of JH

JH at the VIP premier of the movie "The Emperor's Concubine" 2012.5.30:

Click to enlarge

JH at Yeosu Expo 2012.06.02:

From Queenie

Full of shining smile ^^


My story about JH's final "Catch me"

I know it was a long time ago. But the story is worth telling, because we all miss Jeong Hoon's Frank so much, right? ^^

Jeong Hoon's final performance of "Catch me if you can" was on Friday 2012.06.01
I knew it would be a very special show, so I decided to come, despite my conflicted schedule.

The musical ticket was almost sold out, that's why I could only find a seat rather far from the stage.
But, lucky me, when I approached my seat, I saw a red mark on the floor, painted next to my place.
It was the spot Frank would stand by !!

Korean fans had prepared blue handkerchiefs with a message on it:
"Please shake the handkerchief when JH Frank sings the 'Goodbye' song."
They gave one to each of the audience. Korean fans of Jeong Hoon are very thoughtful.
I also got a Frank badge from them as a gift, which is sooooooo cute:

The hall was full of Jeong Hoon's fans, and some actors/actresses as well.
At 8 pm, all light go out, the show started.

I won't describe the musical because its splendor is beyond words.
You have to watch it with your own eyes, and ears, and heart.
Here are just some small videos that I recorded, not on that day though:

(Why hadn't I met some guy like that on my high school days?
I guess I'd been too busy pondering over my maths lessons back then T_T )

But the audience crowd was so special that day.
We fans wanted to join Frank's adventures, for one final time.
We cheered and clapped a lot during the performance.
Each time Frank asked something, we all replied "Yeah" loudly.
Jeong Hoon felt our enthusiasm too, he was very excited on stage.
It was one of the moments when I strongly felt the connection between Jeong Hoon and fans ~~

The hall became hot, literally and figuratively.
Jeong Hoon was sweating. I wished I could wipe his face with my blue handkerchief.
But that was Frank Senior sir who did it, wiping his son's face :D

On Christmas night, Frank phoned Carl in his police station and ran away.
Then he stopped right next to my seat !!
Frank looked at the stage and waved to Carl teasingly.
I looked upon Jeong Hoon's back. He stood so close to me.
I could see sweat drops on his neck.
If only I could hug his back~~~~

But I didn't do anything. Frank ran away, and the show continued.

Jeong Hoon and other actors had many ad-lib that day, scenes became more and more interesting.
All of the cast enjoyed the show and were inspired.

When it came to the "Goodbye" scene, all of us pulled out our Frank handkerchief and shook it !
Farewell dear Frank~~
The hall turned into a blue waving sea. Jeong Hoon was so touched he cried during the song.

After the musical finished, Jeong Hoon showed up backstage to greet fans.
The best point is, he had just taken a shower :D
He looked like a new rose after spring rain, fresh and beautiful.

He thanked fans for coming from all over the world to see him.
He asked us: was the show really great?
We yelled "Yeah!" in response.
It created a roar.
Jeong Hoon jokingly scolded us: hey, it's too loud, guys !
But I know he liked it ^^

Jeong Hoon made a heart figure over his head and said "Sarang hamnida" to fans.
He entered his car and went away,
brought along with him a glorious moment of Korea's Frank William Abagnale Junior ~

Written by Kappa Sub - Kim Jeong Hoon english site

JH's photo in Love letter studio


JH's name on a poll about Seoul

In a questionnary survey of the theme "Seoul, Korean Story", both Korean people and foreigners participated, they have chosen "Namsan Tower" as the most representative name for Seoul tourism attraction.
They also mentioned Lee Byung Hun and Kim Jeong Hoon's name as representative artists for Seoul and Korean Wave.

See details here:

(For me, Jeong Hoon is the whole reason I come to know about Korean culture and Korean food :D  )


JH's news on Y-star

Practically it's the same interview that we saw on Applenews,
but here they introduced a little bit more about Jeong Hoon and compare his drama "Pabo Mom" with his musical "Catch me if you can":

Source: from baidu

JH's Interview on HanLove 2012.7.16

He said something quite funny in this video ^^

From shirowan san

Some translation:

MC: Your Japanese is very good.
JH: I think I can read the situation than before.

JH: HanLove audience, please listen to (my album) VOICE.

MC: You acted in a film titled "RUN60", and played a video game programmer.
JH: Game and Samgyeopsal are friends of my life.

He even gave a long speech about Samgyeopsal :D


JH Möbius strip Poster

Click to enlarge:

From KJH facebook

JH in KEJ mag Vol 103, August issue

Click to enlarge:

From shirowan san

Last night I dreamt of Lee Yul :D
I don't even know why. I haven't thought of Yul for a long time~


Captures of HanLove TV program 2012.7.16

I hope we can watch this video soon ^^

What he was doing there?? :D

Brilliant smile :)

Thanks zhangzi san for sharing
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