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JH's pics on Gaon TV #9

JH seemed now to be quite comfortable with his Japanese conversation^^

Thanks to higo san


About Remake album "My Story"


Kim Jeong Hoon REMAKE ALBUM 'My story' and the title song 
"한 사람을 위한 마음" (Heart for a person)

      For Kim Jeong Hoon's comeback as a singer after two years,
the song "한 사람을 위한 마음" was selected.
      Producer in charge: hit composer Lee Hyun Seung, who will match the original song with Kim Jeong Hoon's voice, to make it neater and have more sad feelings.
 "Through this album, which contain my warm emotions,

I will work hard so that you can feel the nostalgia in the songs. "
   Release Date: 2012. 10. 09
   Album content: CD + 17 pics of Album jacket


01. ‘한사람을 위한 마음’
       02. ‘너 그럴때면’
       03. ‘하얀 겨울’
       04. ‘가시나무’
       05. ‘너 없는 동안’ (총 5 곡)

For purchase price and how to purchase, we will further notice.

   Thank you.

From Mersenne Entertainment

Frank Frank~~ I miss you

Wish I was that girl  ^___^

Photos from twinkle nim


Remake album "My story"

Yeah, I want to know His Story indeed  &(^__^)&



JH's pics on Ranran ent.

I can watch his photos of that conference nonstop ^^

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JH’s single to be produced by Luna sea’s Kawamura Ryuichi



"John-Hoon has announced the release of a new single in one and a half year. The new single will be titled, “MESSAGE”, a hearty love ballad. The title track is written and produced by Luna Sea’s vocal Kawamura Ryuichi, and he will be appearing in the PV for the single. “Message” will be in store on October 31.

John-Hoon will also be releasing his new cover album, “Voice 2″, on the same day of October 31. One of the cover tunes will be Kawamura Ryuichi’s “Love is…”  "


[Full]JH's PV "Message"

Beautiful song and video ^____^

From universal, thanks to kirahoon for sharing

[Audio]Another song from Sendai concert 2012.9.15

It sounds sooooo good! Wish I were there.

Spoiler ahear:

The song's name is "壊れかけのラジオ"

From tsukiumi6741


Reservation online for Seoul concert



Rough translation:

Hello this is Mersenne Entertainment.

About the booking of 2012 Kim Jeong Hoon ASIA TOUR "Möbius strip" in Seoul Concert:

- Performance Overview -

▷ Date 2012 12 08 19:30

▷ Venue: Kyunghee University Hall of Peace

▷ Ticket prices:
R seats: 120,000 won S seats: 99,000 won A seats: 77,000

▷ performances: Kim Jeong Hoon's songs in musicals and concerts

▷ Booking website

▷ Reserve Open: Interpark October 4th, 2012 (scheduled)

2012 Kim Jeong Hoon ASIA TOUR "Möbius strip" in Seoul would like to ask you for a lot of encouragement,

Promise that you'll come to see him.

Thank you.

[Audio] A song from Sendai concert 2012.9.15

Spoiler ahead:
don't listen to it if you intend to go to next concert^^

Thanks to tsukiumi6741 san:


[Video] "My idol is a chicken man ! "

Very funny,
even though I don't understand it much :D

From universalmusicjapan

I guess it's just a cut from the movie?

Sample pics from "Chicken man"

Some photos from the short movie "My idol is a chicken man":



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