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KJH Birthday party 2012 Tour

Date: about 2012.1.19 ~ 2012.1.21
Content: Photo taking with John Hoon, Special date, Secret story, Secret VTR, Surprise present,...
Link to register:
Register period: from 2011.11.25
(That link is for Japanese fan at the moment, there will be notice for other fans afterwards)


I Need Romance gets a Season 2...

...but Jeong Hoon and the 3 ladies aren't going to star in it.
Roles and actors (actresses) are all new in season 2, only the idea & spirit remain the same.

Which, is good.
As long as I love season 1 and Jeong Hoon's acting in it,
I don't want him to be involved in another season.
Plenty of freshly new projects around for him to pick up.



[Engsub]KJH in Strong heart ep 75

A cutie face telling a horror story :D

Trans by &

The video might be blocked in some countries, due to copyright. That's youtube doing, I couldn't do anything with it.
You can download the avi engsub file instead:

The subs are just rough translation, so don't hesitate to point out any mistake or to add any translation of your own.

Engsub of Ep 76 will be up next week.


Interview JH about "Tiptoe to kiss love" filming

On a Chinese magazine:

From page 2:

“Early on in 2006 when ‘Goong’ was hugely popular, Kim Jeong Hoon guest-starred in ‘Angel’ for which he was the choice candidate for the lead role. Due to his schedule he was unable to take up the lead role but took on a specially-created, smaller role, and still left a deep impression on viewers. Thereafter he also starred in ‘Love Strategy’, but the drama, which was directed by a Korean director and used a script from Korea, seemed out of sync in some ways and wasted the talent of the fine actors and production crew. Following several years of preparation, Kim Jeong Hoon started his third foray into China, returning from military service visibly more mature and manly than before, which in itself is a good thing. However, Wen Qingyao was once a shining hot star of the catwalk, and in this industry where youth is prized and only youth is invincible, it will be interesting to see how Kim Jeong Hoon plays this supermodel in the drama.”

From page 5:

Yao Di's comment about JH:
"This is my first time working together with Kim Jeong Hoon. He speaks (his lines in) Korean, so we both have to study each other's lines well. He is a very intelligent actor, so even though we don't understand each other's lines during filming, communicating through facial expressions and eye contact is also very effective."

From page 6:

Kim Jeong Hoon - Rebirth of the Fallen Prince:

Adapting very well
Filming in China is different from in Korea, the methods and process of filming and so on are not the same. But having worked on ‘Love Strategy’ and then now working on ‘Tiptoe to Kiss Love’, although in between I have indeed met some difficulties, but with each day of intense but orderly filming, I have gradually adapted to the Chinese drama team’s lifestyle and conditions. Currently, I am earnestly shooting the drama while at the same time diligently studying Chinese. But Chinese is harder to learn than expected, the majority of the time during filming I still require an interpreter. On location I’m able to have simple conversations with the cast and crew. I’m getting along well with them and very happy in my work.

The prince and I
Before coming to China I already knew there is a group of dedicated fans that like me, I am very glad and very grateful for their support and love for me. I have heard that Prince Yul in ‘Goong’ left a deep impression on viewers in China (laugh). As an actor, I am very pleased to have characterised a role that viewers have come to know and remember, I am grateful to everyone.

“Melancholic prince” is the general assessment of me. I feel that a good actor is able to portray and characterise different roles, and I myself hope that through various works I may be able to act out different characters.

Wen Qingyao is a character who is cold on the surface but warm inside, appearing indifferent to everything because he has been through a lot. Previously a famous star but became degenerate because of love, this is a unique character who can move people with his expressions. I’m strongly attracted to the conflicts and many layers within his personality, he seems full of individuality. Please give your attention to this drama, perhaps you will see a different Kim Jeong Hoon. I hope that this character will be well received by everyone.

Delicate emotions
Korean and Chinese TV dramas have delicate and sensitive emotions, and there isn’t much difference in how these are expressed, so I’ve not met with much difficulty in acting; I merely have to do my best. The character in the drama seems rather reticent, somewhat similar to how I am now, and the director is also pleased about this aspect, saying that my acting meets his requirements. Modelling is Qingyao’s profession, but he has his own life like any regular person. Young people must expect to face some difficulties in their career and love life. This drama tells the story of a model who meets obstacles in his love life, how he opens up his heart anew to embrace love. Modelling is this character’s glitzy external identity, while he also experiences joys and heartaches just like normal people. His emotional experiences are perhaps like everyone else’s, I hope that all of you when watching this drama will appreciate the charm of his personality.

Trans: wann @junghoonchina


Tiptoe's posters

Jeong Hoon looks so coooooool !!

(Click to enlarge)

Credit: junghoonchina



Super model's parents

Drama "Tiptoe to kiss love" still:


This is about JH's mother in the drama, she is the head of a modeling agency, a tough and severe lady. She cares for her son deeply but shows him no warmth at all, keeping her love hidden in the heart, in fact mother and son seem to treat each other more like enemies.

Also, a fashion designer named Alex played by 張晨光 and KJH's character work together on an important fashion show. What's interesting is that this Alex is said to be KJH's birth father, estranged from his mother 20 years ago because of a misunderstanding, and then he proposes to her before the show!
Trans by wann @junghoonchina


Punchline's photos

The handsome hiphop singer :D

On the website of shirowan san, you can watch the series of John Hoon sweet proposals, which follows Punchline's filming closely and yummily ^^
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