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Lottery for Autograph event and After-party in China tour

1. time: from 3.30 to 4.8
2. activity: Lottery drawing for "Autograph event" and "After-party" in China tour (of Jeong Hoon and other artists)
3. The concert organizer will choose 200 lucky fans who buy RMB 1680 VIP tickets to go to "autograph" event. (maybe John Hoon and other artists sign autograph? not sure? )
4. Then, in the "Autograph event," the artists will choose 10 lucky fans to attend the "After-party" (after the concert)
5. The names of lucky fans and the location/time of "Autograph event" and "After-party" will be announced on the official website of Shanghai concert ticket sales office:

Trans by Pado Chou @junghoonchina


Update: This China tour has been postponed, until August. See new posts.

Japan fanmeeting + April schedule

John Hoon's Tokyo fanmeeting, which was initially on 2011.3.14,
will be re-scheduled on 2011.5.4 (May 4th).


I hope Japan's situation will be better at that moment ( *praying* )


Jeong Hoon's April schedule

April 4th
         1:30 to 3:30 pm: Korean magazine "Korean TOP " photographs and interviews.
         4 pm to 6 pm: Japanese magazine "Women themselves" interview

April 5th - 6th: First Korean single album's MV shooting (cover shooting?)

April 10th  4pm ~ 6pm: Korea fanmeeting

April 23th:
KOREA WAVE tour concert at Shanghai



Jeong Hoon and staffs

Boy was enjoying life after military discharge ^^


Can he get any more adorable? ^^

Jeong Hoon in Charity auction of Office Mullen

News of 2011.3.15 

Many Asian famous stars participate in Charity projects for Japan earthquake

T-shirts and hats, gym towels, and many things else will be auctioned from these stars to support the victims of Japan quake.

List of Artists participating:

Lee Jung (Korean actor)
Lee Jung Jin (Korean actor)
Eason Chan (Actor Hong Kong / Singer)
Kim Tae Woo (Korean singer)
Kim Dong Wan (Korean actor / singer)
Son Ho Young (Korean actor / singer)
Gifs (Korean actor)
Josie Ho (Actor Hong Kong / Singer)
Peter Ho (Taiwan actor / singer)
Yoon Sang-hyun (Korean actor / singer)
AK (Andy & Kris) (Taiwan singer)
John-Hoon (Korean actor / singer)
JULY (Korean singer)

Details here:
Smile school
Office Mullen

Credit: shirowan 


Poll results in Korea and Japan

Poll in Korea:
Which star from the army whom do you look forwards to his comeback most?

Result, in order:

1. Jo In Sung
2. Gong Yoo
3. Kim Jae Won
4. Kim Rae Won
5. Kim Jeong Hoon
6. Ryu Soo Young
7. Andy

 Source: Nate

Poll in Japan:

Which star looks best in army uniform?


Jeong Hoon is on No 1 with 44.4% voted, absolute winning  :D

Source: dclily


John Hoon's message to Japanese fans

I. Msg on 2011.3.24 Mnet

Credit to 1039hannah san

II. Msg on 2011.3.22

Credit to 8319love san

They have been just posted up, but I guess these 2 videos were recorded on 2011.3.18,
at the Fundraising event.

III. Msg on 2011.3.12 [Engsub]

John Hoon's message right after the earthquake.
This video might not be new for you,
but here is its english subtitles:

Trans by Lee Hyon @FB
Subbed by Kappa Subteam

Download avi file:

With all of my gratefullness to Lee Hyon @FB ssi,
and my respect to Kappa Subteam, I don't know about the sub quality of this video.
If you can provide a better subtitle, you're welcome ^^

You can watch other english subbed videos of Jeong Hoon in that youtube channel of Yodaaaa1.


2011.4.8 First Korean single album

Jeong Hoon will release his First Korean single album this 2011.4.8,
2 days before the fanmeeting.

Hope to hear him singing it in the fanmeeting ^^

Jeong Hoon attend China tour 2011.4.23 in Shanghai

Jeong Hoon will attend a concert this 2011.4.23 in China Tour together with many other famous artists.
There are Vip tickets and normal ticket.

Time: 7:30 pm ~ 10 pm
Venue: Shanghai Hongkou Football Stadium
Within the field - RMB 1680 (vip seats), 1280, 980
Grandstand - RMB 680, 480, 280, 180,
Package - RMB 1100

The venue of the concert:

If you want to buy tickets, please contact one of these 2 sites
(both are in Chinese, and both need logging in)

Jeong Hoon spoke of the event in this video of 2011.3.21:

Credit: lovejeonghoon


Update: This China tour has been postponed, until August. See new posts.


Details for Seoul fanmeeting 2011.4.10

The venue for the fanmeeting has just been changed.
New location: Meronax Hall 멜론악스홀(AX-KOREA) - 02)457-5114,
How to get there:
Subway station Gwangnaru (Line 5), Exit 2, then walking for about 8 mins.


2011.3.18 Fundraising event (video)

Jeong Hoon in Fundraising event for Japan Earthquake:

Credit: kansaijhs san

2011.3.18 Fundraising event for Japan Earthquake (photos)

Jeong Hoon participated in Salvation Army for this event,
together with many other stars.
It took place in front of  Gwanghwamun Dong-a Ilbo building.
Jeong Hoon shook hands with some fans, then he rang the bell of Salvation army.

(Click on images to see original size)

Credit: dclily

See other photos of Jeong Hoon in the event here:

So handsome ne~


I will make priority to new articles and media of Jeong Hoon,
as from 2011.2.28 on, when he's out of the army.
But if you want any old stuff, don't hesitate to request it ^^

Summary on Kim Jeong Hoon's activites recently:

1. He has finished his army duty of 2009.4.28 - 2011.2.28
On discharge day, about 300 fans were gathering in front of Defense Ministry gate to greet him, ( including me :D )
Check out my report about it here:

2. Jeong Hoon came to Tokyo on 2011.3.8,
300 Japanese fans welcomed him at the airport.
Pictures here:

3. He scheduled a Japan fanmeeting on 2011.3.14 at Saitama arena,
but it was eventually postponed, due to the massive earthquake.
On that day 2011.3.11 of earthquake, Jeong Hoon was in Tokyo, heading for a rehearsal.
He got stuck in an elavator, but managed to get out of it safely.
He came back to Seoul on 2011.3.13

4. Jeong Hoon is preparing a new album,
which is said to include some of his dances (?) !!

5. His Seoul fanmeeting on 2011.4.10 is always on route ^^


Small note:
- Dates in my posts will be in Korean form, that is YYYY.MM.DD
- Stuffs in this page are free to share, as long as you credit us, (for eg: Credit to kimjeonghoonnews),
   unless otherwise stated  (for eg: Do not repost this photo).
- All Jeong Hoon's fans are welcome to join ^^
- I will try to make this page active, and provide Jeong Hoon's information as much as I can.
- Please don't forget to give your support to Japan earthquake's victims ^^
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