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[Engsub] The Genius 3 Press Conference 2014.09.26

Video of the Press conference (Kim Jeong Hoon and others) with english subtitles:

Plenty of Jeong Hoon's videos and news these days^^

I don't really like his hair here, but he looks luminous nonetheless :-)

Original video:

Captures, thanks to Mamin Kawa san:


[Engsub]Video of The Genius 3 character introduction

Kim Jeong Hoon looks so "sharp and chic" !
(I quote the word used by media describing his Frank in "Catch me if you can" among 5 different actors.
The Genius's poster and videos do remind me of "Catch me if you can" glorious days ^^ )

Jeong Hoon appears from 0:20 of this video with english subs:

Subbed by Bumdidlyumptious3

Original video from tvN, nonsubs:


[Eng]2nd teaser trailer of The Genius 3

English subs galore, people!
4 teaser videos at the moment, 3 of them have Jeong Hoon's scenes,
all with english subtitles :-)

The Genius S3E1 Preview :

The Genius 3: Black Garnet Ep.1 Teaser (Kim Jeonghoon) :

"Kim Junghoon

- An IQ of 146 and ranked 67th in the nation as a student! His hobby is solving maths problems! The most requested player by "The Genius" viewers!

- A singer turned actor Kim Junghoon! The original umchinah has returned on The Genius!

- Asia's prince who won a maths quiz show on Japan's Fuji TV 2 years in a row!"

The Genius 3: Black Garnet Ep.1 Teaser (Hweejong)

Subbed by Bumdidlyumptious3


Kim Jeong Hoon's teaser video from The Genius 3

If the video doesn't show up immediately, please wait for several seconds.
Aw, I'm happy to see Jeong Hoon so smiling and joyful!
Hope he doesn't get too cocky in the game :P



2014.09.14 Jeong Hoon's handwriting message

All I can make from this lovely writing is:
"Hello everybody, I am Jeong Hoon.
Chuseok 2014 something... " :-D
Hand it over to you guys:
(Edit: translation below)

From his official facebook

Google trans, based on Japanese fan translation of zhangzi san:

^ ^ Hello this is Jeong Hoon

2014 weather getting cold (Obon) even after Chuseok
The idea that it does not remain anymore spreads ... ㅜㅜ
Everyone, how are you?
Sorry it did not seem seen for a long time, and Well by painful.
And I have a movie cameo shooting in China called "Dad's Vacation" and shooting "The Genius" recently.
"City of the Sun" I'm a going to start shooting at the end of the month.
You see laughter at the sight of us going to take a year indeed'm I want to meet soon
Hahahaha ... ㅜㅜ
I am waiting for the day when I could see really early.

September 14, 2014


Teaser video and poster of "The Genius 3"

The poster:

Did Jeong Hoon try to look bossy there? :D

You can also see a glimpse of him in the teaser:

From tvN


Jeong Hoon's schedule in September (and a photo)

Jeong Hoon in an eye-wear's ad:


Kim Jeong Hoon/John-Hoon September schedule

2014-09-18 shooting Dad's Vacation
2014-09-23 shooting Dad's Vacation
2014-09-26 The Genius - Press Conference

Thanks to junghoonchina


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