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JH's promo videos for K-drama OST Concert in Chengdu 2015.06.20

He was greeting fans and inviting everybody to the concert (I guess), lovely video:

General promo videos for the concert, which will take place at Chengdu on June 20th, with the appearance of many K-stars, including Kim Jeong Hoon:


Kim Jeong Hoon's new photos

Funny photos, from his Instagram and from his Chinese drama:


"ㄱㄱㅑ~~~ 고칙's father "


Kim Jeong Hoon's China news

First, his Chinese official website has been renewed:
You can see his updates there, if you understand Chinese.

He will do shooting for JTBC gameshow "Let's go to school" on May 12th, 13th, 14th.
On 30th is the TOWA event.
Then he will appear in a concert in Chengdu on June 20th.


Some photos of Kim Jeong Hoon

From weibo, as tag:

From his instagram, he was in a hair salon:

"파마 중 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ "


Kim Jeong Hoon, Park Jeong Hyun, Oh Jeong Yeon casted in new JTBC show

JTBC gameshow "학교 다녀오겠습니다" (Let's go to school) has casted Kim Jeong Hoon, Park Jeong Hyun, Oh Jeong Yeon,... among many other stars.
Kim Jeong Hoon and Lena Park (Park Jeong Hyun - who graduated from Columbia University) are expected to be the charm of the program.
The gameshow is schedule to be broadcasted in June.



[Vid]John Hoon on WE LOVE K program

They talked about his drama "그녀의 신화" (English name "Love in her bag" this time), then had some nice interview with John Hoon from 9:45 onward

From ponycanyonkdp

Capture of it:

Thanks to Mamin san


[Vid]2015.04.30 Press conference of JH's Chinese drama

Lin Gengxin, Yoona, Kim Jeong Hoon,...
They all looked very stylish and handsome^^

From Mystar Myangel


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