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JH's photo in Gentlement Quarterly 2011.5 (Korean mag)

Funny hair ^^

Source: shirowan

Bonus some pic, I don't know where and when, but sure it was not long ago :D

Source: dclily


**Unified Support for JH **

Support for Drama “로맨스가 필요해 (We Need Romance)” by Kim Jeong Hoon Fan Union
Source: From Dclily gallery

We would like to inform you that KJH Gallery is going to hold unified supporting events for JH’s new drama. As you already know,
KJH Gallery has been always behind JH ever since drama “Goong” and now we would like to hold hands with overseas fans for
stronger support.  This project is going to be the beginning of our unified supporting efforts and the events will be continued in
the future.  (The unified supporting project is not only for the new drama but also for the future dramas and movies.)

This project is going to be presented as name of 「United Supporters of KJH」.  KJH Gallery Event Team will do our best for
successful execution of the events.  Even though we may not able to open every detail of event plans but we will try to inform you
the progress as necessary either by emails or online notices.  Please feel free to let us know if you have any ideas or suggestions
about the events at

[What is the supporting event?]
The shooting of the drama “로맨스가 필요해 (We Need Romance)” will be continued until the end of June and we are planning to
hold three events for the drama.  (The details are subject to change and will be notified as necessary.)

1. Support for Production Report Conference: Snack/Gift for Media Crew and Standing Flowers
2. Support for Cast and Crew: Meal and Gift
3. Support for Wrap Party: Cake and Standing Flowers

[How to participate in the fund-raising?]
The funds will be handled in a separate account than regular dclily event account and any unused fund will be rolled over to the
future events for JH’s drama and movies. Therefore, there are no deadlines and minimum amount when sending money. You can
send us money in the following two methods:

1. Western Union (don’t need to open an account & money transfer fee may be lower than bank)
    a. Find agents in your country.

    b. Necessary information when sending money
        • Destination Country: Republic of Korea
        • Recipient’s Name: Choi, Yun Jung
    c. Please email us at the following information after sending money: MTCN (Money Transfer Control
         Number), sender’s name, and amount
         NOTE: If you send money as a group, please also provide us participants’ names. Then the names will be listed on the card,
         which we will pass to JH.
    d. We will send you a confirmation email when we verify the remittance.

2. Kookmin Bank (new dclily bank account for unified supporting events)
    a. Necessary information when sending money
        • Bank Name: Kookmin Bank
        • Bank Branch Name: Songpa Gaelong Station Branch
        • Bank Phone Number: 02-443-1781
        • Bank Swift Code: CZNBKRSE
        • Bank Account Number: 331302-04-180079
        • Beneficiary Name: Choi, Yun Jung
        • Beneficiary Address: #1980-120 Duckppong-dong Hanam-si Gyeonggi-do South Korea
        • Beneficiary Phone Number: 02-120-1980
    b. Please email us at the following information after sending money: sender’s name and amount
        NOTE: If you send money as a group, please also provide us participants’ names. Then the names will be listed on the card,
        which we will pass to JH.
    c. We will send you a confirmation email when we verify the remittance.


Trendy magazine interview with KJH

A very interesting interview of Taiwanese reporters with Jeong Hoon,
translated to English by courtesy of
The reporter seemed to know Jeong Hoon well.


2011.4.21 Photo from "Strong heart" show

I so loveee this smile !!
The show will broadcast in Korea on May 3rd.

More pictures from a fan who attended the show on April 21st:

(click to enlarge)
Credit to Nozomi @junghoonchina

2011.4.10 Arirang interview with KJH

Arirang news, with English subs as usual.
The interview took place after Jeong Hoon's Korean fanmeeting on April 10th.
It's the most interesting interview so far about this fanmeeting ^^
He told the reporter how he thought of female idol stars :D

Credit to staccato @youtube


2011.4.21 KJH in "Strong heart" show

Kim Jeong Hoon participated in gameshow "Strong heart" last Thursday, April 21st.
It's a well-known and very interesting TV show in Korea,
often led by Lee Seung Gi and Kang Ho Dong.
Jeong Hoon encountered them before, in Xman gameshow back in 2005
(with both Lee Seung Gi and Kang Ho Dong as participants.
Now they are the MCs ^^).


And back then:

One fan who attended "Strong heart" last Thursday said that Jeong Hoon was gorgeous there.
He wore white trousers and a blue jacket.
They filmed the show from 3pm to 11pm, with just a short break, very tired.
So we hope the outcome would be fun.
It has been 6 years since Jeong Hoon last joined a Korean gameshow.

The show will be broadcasted in Korea from early May.


Photo from KJH's action scene!!

Ohoho, it looks so promising XDD

 (click to enlarge - I mean ENLARGE the photo ^^)

Source: shirowan

I can't wait to see Jeong Hoon waving a sword.


[Engsub]2011.4.10 Y-star news KJH fanmeeting

English translation by MCKL
Proofread by Pado Chou
Subbing by nici_li

Jeong Hoon's China tour and Shanghai concert this April 23th has been canceled, unfortunately, due to the organization's problem T_T


Photos from new drama "로맨스가 필요해"

2011.4.18 Stills from Jeong Hoon's new drama "로맨스가 필요해" (We need romance)
which will be broadcasted in June on Cable channel tvN:

Source: dclily

Jeong Hoon plays the role of a movie director there ^^


[Engsub]2011.4.10 NoCut TV news: KJH fanmeeting

A video of Jeong Hoon's fanmeeting with English subs,
which shows his sweet sweet talking :D

Producer: mamin
English translation: Pado Chou

Jeong Hoon in 1st Action scene!

Kim Jeong Hoon has just finished the first ever action scene in his acting career,
a martial art scene to be exact.
Not for his new drama "We need romance",
but for a promotion video of 2011 Gyeongju culture expo,
with the theme of "Queen Seonduk" (?!).
Plus, this video is a sageuk/historical one.

Jeong Hoon said "The first action scene felt so interesting. Especially the wire acting had the most fun. I hope the scene will look nice."


I can't wait to see Jeong Hoon in a historical martial art scene ^^


Jeong Hoon acting in new drama 로맨스가 필요해

Its name is "로맨스가 필요해", meaning "We need romance",
and here are the two casts, Kim Jeong Hoon and Jo Yeo Jeong:

Kim Jeong Hoon and Jo Yeo Jeong will play the role of two lovers,
which relationship starts to have conflicts when a new person appears on each side.
The drama is about work and love of 3 women, something like "Sex and the city" Korean version.

It will be broadcasted on tvN from May or June,
every Wednesday and Thursday (Sumok drama),
after the drama "Manny" (매니) finishes.
Shooting begins this week.


I'll keep you update on this one^^

Jeong Hoon singing "Tonghua" in the fanmeeting

A famous Chinese song that Jeong Hoon used to sing for Chinese fans.
So, in this fanmeeting he sang it again to hail Chinese fans^^

Credit to ivanami, C-san, K-san, yufen, Pado and


1st Single album PV's captures

So beautiful ^^

Thanks to dclily ^^
Link to watch the PV is in the post below.

High quality captures:

1st Korean Single Album's PV

Track 사랑이 내리고 (Love falling)

Thanks Pshanjoyce
Source: CY

The title "사랑이 내리고" means Love falling or Love coming down.
Other translation such as "Love rain" or "Falling in love" are not really close^^


"사랑이 내리고"

비가 오는 거리를 우산도 없이
나에게 뛰어 오던 날
은은한 향기는 그대의 젖은 머릿결에
갑자기 시작 된 거죠
서툰 나의 사랑을
뿌리치지 말아줘요
그댄 운명인 거죠
그댄 음악인 거죠
저 쏟아지는 밤하늘에 별이 되어
내 맘에 내리고 내 눈에 담기고
언제까지나 내 곁에 있어요
오늘따라 빈 가슴에
사랑이 내리고 있죠

사랑이 내리 고

사랑이 내리고
그대를 두고서
다른 여잔 절대로 만나지 않겠지만
헤어지자 그런 말
그렇게 아픈 말은 나에게
하지 말아요
그댄 내 전부니까
애 타는 나의 맘을 뿌리치지
그댄 운명인 거죠
그댄 음악인 거죠
저 쏟아지는 밤하늘에 별이 되어
내 맘에 내리고 내 눈에 담기고
언제까지나 내 곁에 있어요
오늘따라 빈 가슴에
사랑이 내리고 있죠
사랑이 내리고
그댄 운명인 거죠
그댄 음악인 거죠
저 쏟아지는 밤하늘에 별이 되어
내 맘에 내리고 내 눈에 담기고
언제까지나 내 곁에 있어요
오늘따라 빈 가슴에
사랑이 내리고 있죠


Credit: dclily


2011.4.10 Fanmeeting Videos

1. Interview and news of Ystar:

2. From No Cut TV:

3. From BNT News:

2 parts:

Source: Collected by Pado Chou @junghoonchina

2011.4.10 Fanmeeting Photos

Jeong Hoon at the beginning of the fanmeeting:

JH in a "Sport contest" with a Korean fan (he lost it ^^ ) :

JH and a fan re-created the MV of "Geu namja" (This man), 
where there was a back-hugging @_@ :

JH singing in the 3rd outfit:

JH re-created SNSD's dance in "Genie" :

JH re-created Kara's dance in "Mister" :

JH took photo with all fans:

JH playing game with a fan:

JH doing the "DJ job" once again:

Pictures: From Osen
Notes: From Kappa Sub

See more pictures of the fanmeeting in this page:


2011.2.28 Interview of Jeong Hoon (Eng)

Play magazine, 2011 April issue 
Source: JungHoonChina    English translation by Pado Chou

It was the interview on Jeong Hoon's Discharge day,
so everybody was eager to ask if he had a girlfriend already :D

John Hoon Speaking Honestly
(Questions from MC. Answers from Jeong Hoon)

/ \) O  Y5 a5 L6 i* I( Q) M& o! I
Q1: Have you ever had a crash (=liked) on any actress with whom you work together?
5 }2 s  L& |$ ?! k: q% y( p1 ojunghoonchina.comA: No. Yoon Eun Hye of "Goong" has been a friend since we were young,
(Kappa's note: they were in the same company),
Han Ga In of "Witch Yoohee" is already married, Vivian Hsu of "Love Strategies" is the romantic ideal of many men, and Han Eun Jung of "Orange" has strong personality like a man and gets along with me well.
- b0 S6 c  R7 r5 p6 u/ z2 Y, M( n) E' {. B, o

Q2: Have you been in love many times before the military service?, ~" t" T% ?0 [+ K% O% [
A: Yes. The time with everyone (my fans) is romantic time., d, w0 I# G; Q4 O/ D, `
(Chou's note: John Hoon knows how to flatter even better after finishing the military service)
( [( d  D4 U& b; ]7 m3 v
$ L! V% `$ a1 S+ `# r金正勋,金政勋,律,金楨勳,kim jeong hoon ,john hoon

Q3: Are you a person who like to be clean?
) i7 q5 K! m+ y. u* ^2 l, `A: Yes. Since I bought a new car and cannot enter the car without having taken a shower, I have keeping the habit of taking shower and being clean.$ l$ k9 H' \# {  u7 k3 k
MC: Last time I met him, I notice the "soldier's smell" (sweat smell) on him, but I could smell fragrance on him before he served in the military.
- x" m6 h9 b9 ?- ~JH: I had been taking shower thoroughly all the time!  ( I/ a; ^) C7 Y/ C$ V
; a1 t) z" O# r1 i6 c% ]) x8 B2 [

Q4: Have you ever been so drunk that you woke up in a place you didn't know? L# Y. i  x; {8 g" ?
A: Yes. Once I woke up at 9am in a park. It's very strange. A group of people drank together, but why everyone ran away later on?
& Z+ F1 m- |- e! k8
' x! L2 e. Z1 f1 h

Q5: Have you ever been in love with 2 people at the same time?# p0 K& U2 k9 B9 Z8 m
A: Yes. It was in my high school senior year. It was bad and I felt regretful, so I don't do that anymore.
5 E% `; e- v# N3 C* d; _& S# I* \; a& p5 p8 s1 x8 h

Q6: Since you watch various TV dramas in the military, is there any drama you want to join?junghoonchina.com9 A% ?4 X4 v' \; ?+ R# w, N
A: Yes. I want to try all of them.
# E% ^! g3 |$ R, P☜ 勋随律动----金桢勋中文网 ☞ MC: Even the SEX scenes?5 t4 n+ x2 a2 `0 o
JH: I am not confident in my figure, so I will skip the sex scenes.
; o$ S, l- _1 w; X$ P4
. K! U7 q0 O' ^8 @☜ 勋随律动----金桢勋中文网 ☞

Q7: Do you like anyone's appearance?
! {8 l( i  ^  u( TA: Abe Hiroshi (阿部寬)
, `6 ]& N( f$ V; z% ^4 t金正勋,金政勋,律,金楨勳,kim jeong hoon ,john hoonMC: I look like him!junghoonchina.com4 L/ i3 i2 M5 f2 U
JH: Only your mustache!

 Abe Hiroshi

% B# {. x" j8 w! f* D; n4 A) w$ N8 w' k7 o# n& _, ^
Q8: Do you like sexy girls? U0 Q! Z" |9 n8 H5 v
A: No. When I was in my 20s, I did like sexy girls, but now I like girls with good personality and cute girls. It might sound unreal, but I don't really have any specific preference.金正勋,金政勋,律,金楨勳,kim jeong hoon ,john hoon! u3 D4 W* E1 n# _

. A3 N0 a) y4 d$ T- I! ]- m- p6 a- nQ9: Do you like girl groups?junghoonchina.com3 T$ c7 E1 B* U( f& g4 Z
A: No. Because the age gap is too wide. But I don't dislike them.
. ]# G, O- g3 y: E- L/ \2 }* `
# d4 d. J: |0 k9 @/ e

Q10: You serve in the military, so you should have build up good body. Let us see the masculine side of you!金正勋,金政勋,律,金楨勳,kim jeong hoon ,john hoon7 b( b* }  |: \+ A1 [. ^, w
(At that time, many people were chanting "Take off! Take off! Take off!"(= Take off clothes).  Finally, because JH didn't have confidence in his figure, so he did 10 push-up to show off his masculine side.)


Single album's photo (II)

Special edition:

There are only 1000 copies of this Special edition of Single album.
500 will be sold at Fanmeeting April 10th, in the lobby.
500 will be sold to Japan FC members from April 13th.
The Single album is released online on April 8th, and nationwide on April 13th in stores.

Other pics of the Single album:

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