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"Wild dogs" in Japan cinema 2014.08.23

This movie of John Hoon will be screened at "Published Human Trust Cinema Shibuya, at Cine Libre Umeda" on August 23rd.
Here is its trailer in Japanese:

From finefilmsmovie


BTS pics of PV shooting

Jeong Hoon was shooting the PV for his Korean mini album, released this July 3rd:

From media and Mersenne



Kim Jeong Hoon's June schedule (cont.)

2014.06.23,24: Music video shooting (for Korean mini album)
2014.06.25, 26, 27: Media interviews



Korean Mini album Teaser photos

Kim Jeong Hoon's Korean comeback album is scheduled to be released on July 3rd.

From Kim Jeong Hoon Official facebook,
and thanks to KimKim


Jeong Hoon with Shanghai TV

Jeong Hoon and the MC of Shanghai TV:


Jeong Hoon, the MC and 6 happy Chinese fans who came to Busan:


Jeong Hoon's message on weibo, regarding this interview:

상해tv '별들의 밤' 공주호여객선(프린스크루즈) 촬영하게 됐어요^^
上海tv「星(or スター)の夜」プリンセス号クルーズ船(プリンス·クルーズ)の撮影になりました^ ^
("Shanghai TV 'Night of Stars' with Prince Cruise has been shot ^ ^ ")

Thanks to Mamin Kawa san.


Link to book tickets for HOONEEs 2nd FANMEETING

Booking sites:
Booking time:June 9th 10:00 〜 June 12th 23:59
Booking time:June 9th 11:00 〜 June 12th 11:00
Booking time:June 9th 13:00 〜 June 12th 23:59

Ticket delivery:
June 17th
(at Seven Eleven, Pia shops,... )

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