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Message of Jeong Hoon about the "Her legend" premiere

After the Press conference of "Her legend" yesterday, he posted a message on weibo:

English translation:

"Hello, this is Kim Jeong Hoon.
July 30th, finally the press conference of drama "Her legend" took place.
You have sent support from afar, always thank you.
From August 5th on, we'll meet on screen.
Here's a message from Do Jin-ho :
Please watch and support ^^ "

What was he doing here to Choi Jeong Won ssi ??

From weibo/jeonghoonkim, thanks to junghoonchina

[Vid]Ep 1 of drama "Her Legend" full HD

I don't know why they released it before time, but here it is.
Jeong Hoon only appeared in the last minutes though ^^

You may watch it here:

From jtbc


[Eng] "Her legend" character profiles (From soompi)

Do Jin Ho (Kim Jeong Hoon) will be an arogant heir of the biggest fashion company in Korea.
An impressive sense of fashion, but not-so-impressive skills in dealing with human.
He'd fall in love with Jung Soo (Choi Jeong Won), then learn his lesson, of course ^^

Some other character

From StaRiX & jina_bing_bang at soompi


Kim Jeong Hoon & Choi Jeong Won filming at the airport

Today both Kim Jeong Hoon and Choi Jeong Won has scenes at the airport.
Judging by the look, it might be Incheon airport (I know every corner of Incheon airport  :-D  )

Some fan met Jeong Hoon and asked for his autograph:

from weibo


Her Legend's character chart

Beautiful and shining posters ^^

His character, Do Jin Ho, is 27 years old and Choi Jeong Won's character is 26 years old.
Golden age to fall in love, yah? ^^



More Kim Jeong Hoon, more Choi Jeong Won and more bags

Apparently, our chaebol went down to the market to buy a bag,
there he encountered the pretty bag-designer lady ^^

(He's the one on the right)

Source: JTBC


Kim Jeong Hoon & Park Eun Jae in "Her legend"

Why, oh why does he always act with very tall actors? :-D
Nonetheless, our Jeong Hoon is still the most handsome.

From jtbc

The new teaser of "Her legend", with Jeong Hoon appeared in it, is in the post below, in case you haven't watched it yet


"Her legend" Trailer with Kim Jeong Hoon & Choi Jeong Won

Now I know what he was doing at the market, with that holed frame in his hand :-D
I'd always wondered about it~


[Cap]John Hoon Step by step #17

Click on the pics for full size.

He played an arm match with his friend:

Then he played snooker with his friend. Look at how serious he was!  :-D

He punished the loser. In a totally barbaric way ~~

But of course it was just loving stroke :-D 
They hugged each other after the game:

Cap from KimJeongHoon.FansMade fb


[Chinese sub]John Hoon Step by Step #1 ~ 11

You can watch online all episodes of Step by step with Chinese subs in this channel of Mamin san, it's at episode 11 now and they're still going:

Thanks to Judy @junghoonchina and Mamin san


[Vid]2005.05.16 UN in Gesture game

A very cute video,
cut from a gameshow in 2005,
they had to imitate some animal / some character, so that a child could guess what it was.
Jeong Hoon was so shy and nervous there :D

Thanks to j0120h san


Y-STAR: Which star do soldiers mostly prefer?

Kim Jeong Hoon appears in the video from 2:19
He said something about SNSD ^^

From ystarnews
Thanks to Mamin san


More pics of TOWA 2 Vol 4 - in sepia tone

Click on the pic for full size:

From Kyoko Sarimiso san

This sepia tone does go well with Jeong Hoon ^^
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