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[Eng]John Hoon's interview on CREA STAR vol 17 2013.08

Jeong Hoon talked about Pusan TOWA Sport event, and about his new drama:

John Hoon's interview on CREA STAR vol 17 2013.08

Rough translation

Q: It is said that "TOWA Vol. 4 will show everythings", what does Jeong Hoon ssi think "everything" mean here?

Jeong Hoon: hahaha, that was a big phrase,
but it simply makes you "wonder what this is all about".
Until now, Vol. 1, 2, 3 are about movies, clothes, Asian cultures,...
Vol 4 in this issue will try to describe the culmination of my own thoughts
Simple, but clear words to represent them.
However, I can show myself through sports (TOWA event at Pusan) directly in front of you.
In Vol 4, there'll be some thoughts in my heart.

Q: How were the sports in Pusan?

JH: Firstly, I want to convey my appreciation to those who came to the sport event.
You have participated in the sport games, even though Pusan is far.
Together with you, we were playing hard, sweating like crazy. I had a great time.
These good memories will always remain in our hearts.
Also, for those who unfortunately could not come with me that time, you can still enjoy that event (though "Step by step" program) this Saturday, with one of the photos.
Please enjoy watching such an atmosphere.

Q: Did you have a muscle pain the next day?

JH: I was fine.
I had been doing exercises and boxing and keeping a diet recently.
Daily exercises, such as weight training, keep my muscles well. It was not hard for me.
However, it's hard for other staff members (:-D )

Q: The most enjoyable sports game in the event?

JH: Tug-of-war! At first I played the role of a referee in the fan team competitions
It was really hard to compete. It looked impressive
It was fun too.

Q: Season 1, you had a camp for fans. Season 2, sports event. What do you want to do for the next season?

JH: Well .. Of course, nothing has been determined in details yet,
the staff did not even consult with the situation, but,
I hope fans would want to go abroad?
Season 1, the camp was in Japan. Season 2, the sport even was in Korea. Maybe the next event, we'll go to some other country.
I want to make the best memories

Q: You will work in a new drama in July?

JH: The drama is called "Her legend"

Q: Jeong Hoon ssi's character in the drama?

JH: I will be the grandson of the president of a fashion company, the so-called "third generation chaebol"
Even though he dresses suitably, but he is indifferent with life.
Did it suit me?
Then, through an encounter with a woman, he is gradually awaken.

Q: Who perform the female character?

JH: Choi Jung Won ssi .... Aww, not UN's Choi Jung Won but actress Choi Jung Won.

Q: Finally, considering the highlight of the new drama, will you leave a message to fans?

JH : New drama's shooting will begin around the end of June, recently I have been reading scripts and practicing.
JTBC Channel is famous for making good quality drama. I hope you will enjoy it.
I'll be happy to show you my work. I will do my best
I haven't been in a drama for a long time, please enjoy!

Event Report from the magazine:

Jeong Hoon in Pusan, and let's play!

5.26 in Pusan, South Korea's Pusan Indoor Stadium mini-sports event was held with Towa 2's readers.
200 participants divided into T, O, W, A teams, each team has participated in the game, wearing a T-shirt
In addition, the captain of each team is an "Ike man" (handsome man) staff behind Hoon.
Hoon and fans and all the staffs participated in the game, challenge, playing hard, smiling, AB gym that was wrapped in a pleasant atmosphere

Put the ball on the hoopla, tug-of-war, running race,...
Putting the ball into the hoopla seems to be easy, but because they put so many balls into the basket, it took a long time to count...
A friendly sport atmosphere was conducted throughout

After the sports, then a ceremony and dinner party was held in the hotel.
Winners of the day, Towa quizz, throwing dice,...
Another form of sports for Jeong Hoon ssi, he seems to enjoy it too
The highlight of the event is Jeong Hoon singing 'Star' and UN-era masterpieces 'Pado',
the atmosphere heightened !
The night went deeper in Busan.

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