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[Engsub]2011.8.29 JH in Chinese imperial clothes

Edit: I have added the english subs to the video below,
courtesy to

Translator: piggy88
Proofreader: wann
Subbing: Alexx

look at this outfit!
Jeong Hoon dressed up as a Chinese prince to shoot posters for the new Chinese drama "Kissing love on tiptoe".


[Engsub]JH Chinese drama press conference

The drama is named "Tiptoe to kiss love".
It's the Chinese version of Korean drama "Model" (with Kim Nam Joo, Jang Dong Gun and Han Jae Suk? )

The press conference was on 2011.8.25, here's just a short news:

Subbed by
Eng translation: wann
Proofread:Pado Chou
Graphics: mamin
Subtitle&Compression: elsajing


2011.8.24 JH shooting poster for Chinese drama

Oi, why does he always look so yummy with tie? :P

Click on pictures to enlarge.
Credit as tag, and to baidu



Poster & Press conf for Chinese drama

JH will act in a Chinese drama, named "踮起腳尖吻到愛"
(I don't know the meaning, but it doesn't matter.)
It will hold a press conference at August 25th,
in Beijing Huayi booth Television Festival (Beijing Exhibition Hall.
Jeong Hool will attend, of course.
Today he is flying to Beijing for it.
Here is its (temporary, I hope) poster:

Don't have any words to say. My interest was gone with this poster
(not that it was much).


JH shooting pictures

I don't know what movie for,
but these pics look so cool ~~


Thanks to shirowan


JH's schedule in August

August 23rd ~ August 25th
Chinese drama "Model" press conference and public relations activities
(JH will play a main role in this drama)

August 28th ~ August 31st
KBS TV filming in Thailand

Source: JH homepage

He has also posted a greeting message to Chinese fans
on his new weibo homepage

"안녕하세요, 정훈이에요~ ^.^ 다들 잘 계셨어요? 다음 주면 중국에서 여러분들을 만나 뵐 수 있는데... ~ ㅋㅋ 빨리 보고 싶엉 ~ 베이징서 만나요! "

Google trans:
"Hi, I'm Jeong Hoon ~ ^ ^ How's everyone doing? Next week, I'll meet you in China, let's come together to meet ~ ~ See you in Beijing!


JH speaks English to Dramafever

Yeah, those of you who want to know how he speaks english :D

He said thanks to his North American fans for watching "Romance"
and Happy birthday to Dramafever, the website who subs this drama in english.


KJH appologies for the DUI

After he drove under influence (liquor) and got his licence revoked.

Here are his appologies words on Korean homepage:

사죄의 글

고개를 숙입니다.
백번 천번 생각해도 제가 잘못한 겁니다. 사려깊지 못했음을 자책하였답니다.
이번 일은 더욱 성숙해지고 거듭나는 계기가 될 것입니다. 두번 다시 그런 일이 없을 것이라고도 말씀드립니다.
안타까운 마음으로, 그럼에도 불구하고 응원을 아끼지 않아 주시는 많은 팬분께 다시한번 죄송하고 감사드린다는 말씀 전합니다. 감사합니다.

Google trans:

Apology posts

I am humbled.
You can think of a hundred thousand times I'm wrong. Blame myself discreet themseIves have written a failure.
This thing is becoming more mature will be an opportunity birth. Referred to as such would not happen again amen.
Sad heart, then please do not spare, despite a lot of cheer I'm sorry again and I would like to say thanks to my fans. Thank you.

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