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Kim Jung-hoon headlines remake of Japanese drama

English article about Jeong Hoon's drama "City of the Sun", from dramabeans.
I'm a little bit worried when I read that the drama hasn't got a broadcaster yet @_@


"Kim Jung-hoon headlines remake of Japanese drama

by girlfriday | July 28, 2014

There’s a Korean-Japanese co-production in the works to remake Tetsu no Hone (Bones of Steel), based on the Ikeido Jun novel of the same name. The Japanese drama aired on NHK in 2010, and the Korean remake, described as an action drama, is gearing up to start shooting this summer. The adaptation will be called City of the Sun, and actor Kim Jung-hoon (Her Legend, I Need Romance, Goong) has confirmed that he’ll be headlining and has begun training for the stunt-heavy role.

The drama is about corporate corruption in the construction business, and the hero is an employee who finds out just how deep the corruption goes and contemplates going up against the construction company he works for. It’s a familiar world in dramaland — the dirty backdoor politicking that goes on behind the chaebol giants — but if it’s painted with darkness and the writing is sharp, it could be a really thrilling tale.

At the helm is director Park Ki-hyung of movies Gangster High and Acacia, and the drama is planned for a 20-episode miniseries. The thing that makes me wary is the fact that it doesn’t have a broadcaster but is planning to cast and begin production relatively soon. It’s not that pre-produced dramas ALL do badly, but this drama does strike up negative associations. Let’s say we wait till a broadcaster picks it up before counting our chickens, shall we?

Via Joy News "


Kim Jeong Hoon challenging action scenes in "City of the Sun"

Oh, I thought he would be a "construction consultation" in this new drama (source here).
Turn out it is a very dangerous job :-D

Rough translation from some articles on media today:

"Kim Jeong Hoon, challenging action scenes. 'City of the Sun' starring confirmed.

His agency Mersenne Entertainment has said, "Kim Jeong Hoon is now in Ilsan practice in the gym four times a week. He is taking (full) action scenes for the first time in the new drama, that seems to be a lot of tension. It gives Kim Jeong Hoon a different image from existing ones of his, he seems to enjoy it. "

See full article at:


[MV]우리가 만나는 동안에 with Japanese subs

MV made and subbed by Mamin san,
Proofread by chiri
Special thanks to DClily
Song 우리가 만나는 동안에 from 김정훈 new MINI ALBUM 5091

Nice song with nice pictures ^^


2001.08 UN on View Magazine

Just a remind of how young and cute UN duo looked those days !  ^___^
Congratulation for their debut 2000.07.26  :-)

From shirowan san


[Eng] Kim Jeong Hoon Explains Rumors About His Family, Image and More

A long and interesting article about Kim Jeong Hoon's interview a while ago.


[Interview] Kim Jeong Hoon Explains Rumors About His Family, Image and More

2014.07.05 16:00

A former member of UN, Kim Jeong Hoon explained the numerous rumors about him.

Releasing a new solo mini album on July 3, singer and actor Kim Jeong Hoon met with Newsen and shared his thoughts on the ‘prince’ image he had when he was a member of UN.

About his ‘prince’ and ‘umchinah’ image, Kim Jeong Hoon said, “I felt pressured but I felt grateful to hear that when I was at that age. But now it’s really embarrassing. I’m a lot older and I feel pressured and embarrassed to be called those things when there are so many pretty boys out there now.”

He then explained the numerous rumors surrounding him one by one.

Kim Jeong Hoon started, “There was a rumor saying that my family is a chaebol but that’s not true. My father is a government worker and my mother is a housewife.”

He continued, “Many people also think that I am a perfectionist but I’m not. I’m very easy going. Sometimes I get things started and never get to finish them. I make a fuss over small things and become broadminded about big things. I have many flaws.”

Lastly, Kim Jeong Hoon explained that he is not as smart as people think he is. He said, “Many people told me that I was elite in the past but this is not true anymore. I can’t even go on KBS 2TV’s 1 vs. 100 with my brain now. Of course I would do well if they only gave out questions related to science, which I’m interested in, but I don’t know anything when it comes to politics, economics, current events or social culture.”

[Interview] Kim Jeong Hoon Explains Rumors About His Family, Image and Morelarge view

Having explained the rumors that surrounded him for the past 14 years, Kim Jeong Hoon revealed his future plans and dreams.

“I don’t live my life according to a plan. I tend to just go with what happens. Now that I’m older, I would like to study more when I have the time and try teaching others. I also want to make a company with people around me to train junior entertainers. I once said that I want to make a research institute and I still would like to. I want to live my life happily.”

Meanwhile, Kim Jeong Hoon’s new mini album releasing on July 3 contains four songs, including the title song One Day (translated).

Photo credit: Mersenne Entertainment

Reporter : Jeon Ah Ram | Translation Credit : Yeawon Jung


2014.07.31 Mini album Online fanmeeting

For the fans who buy Kim Jeong Hoon's Korean mini album from the site below:
they will see their avatar appearing as tiles in mosaic form there,
and "Kim Jeong Hoon (himself) will select 15 out of 49 tiles per mosaic during the online fan meeting (2014.07.31).
The selected 15 will get Kim Jeong Hoon Special Badges!

Album Info
PRODUCT: Signed Kim Jeong Hoon Mini Album '5091' ($12.99)

HAPPY HOUR : Polaroid Photos of Kim Jeong Hoon

Top 5 Supporters :Polaroid Photos of Kim Jeong Hoon


That site accepts only paypal, I think.
See details in the link above.


Video: 2014.07.16 Kim Jeong Hoon on SBS radio

I don't understand much of the conversation,
but the video is absolutely delicous ^^
I like his shirt there, by the way.

From SBSradio100


Thanks to Mamin san


[Full]Kim Jeong Hoon 하루 (Haru) Music Video

A very colorful and moody video^^
I might like the photography of this PV the most among Jeong Hoon's :-)

From CJENMMUSIC Official


KBS Cool FM 2014.07.11: Kim Jeong Hoon wants to act with Suzy

Watch it in video and read the English content below,
Jeong Hoon looks ever so young and cute ^^

Kim Jeong Hoon Says He Wants to Act Opposite miss A’s Suzy


Kim Jeong Hoon revealed his desire to act opposite miss A’s Suzy.

During the July 11 broadcast of KBS Cool FM’s Gayo Plaza, DJ Lee Sora asked Kim Jeong Hoon, “Is there any actor or actress that you would like to work with?”

Kim Jeong Hoon answered, “There’s many. I have many sunbaenims I would like to work with. I worked with Myung Kye Nam sunbaenim once and he was different than the others.”

When Lee Sora asked, “What about actresses?” Kim Jeong Hoon answered, “Suzy. I would also like to meet Jun Ji Hyun once.”

Meanwhile, Kim Jeong Hoon released his new mini album 5091 on July 3th.


Kim Jeong Hoon's album 5091 on Gaon Chart

Gaon chart ranking from 2014.06.29 ~ 2014.07.05:

Thanks to junghoonchina

7th ranking, good result ^_^


Kim Jeong Hoon Chosen As the Main Character For "The City of the Sun"


Singer and actor “Kim Jeong Hoon” has been cast as the main character in co-produced drama by Korea and Japan.
“Kim Jeong Hoon” has been chosen as the main character “Kang Tae Yang”, in the drama [The City of the Sun].
[The City of the Sun] is a 20-episode short series that is based on the original novel, [The Bones of Steel] which was made into a drama in NHK, Japan.

The drama is about ‘construction consultation’ and “Kim Jeong Hoon” is going to play “Kang Tae Yang” who is against the corruption of the construction business and whose desire is build buildings that people can actually live in.

As soon as the actress for the female main character is cast, [The City of the Sun] will begin its filming.

Meanwhile, “Kim Jeong Hoon” has made his comeback in Korea with his new mini album ‘5091.’


[Eng]Kim Jung Hoon Releases Mini Album '5091' On July 3rd

An english article about his new album on

Kim Jung Hoon Releases Mini Album '5091' On July 3

Singer Kim Jung Hoon is back.

On July 3, Kim Jung Hoon released new mini album 5091 through online music stores, kicking off promotions. The album title "5091" signifies the number of days since Kim Jung Hoon's debut as boy duo UN.

Kim Jung Hoon, who has been active as an actor in Japan and China, now returned to Korea's eager fans awaiting his new album.

Four tracks are listed in the new mini album, including title song "Day" (Haru)

Title song "Day" carries the sentiments of love under a cherry blossom tree. With a melodic piano sound, Kim Jung Hoon's soft voice sings of the memories of love.

Kim Jung Hoon stated: "The title song, 'Day.' carries a pretty melody, but is in fact a sad song. I think anyone who has parted with a loved one can agree and relate to the lyrics. The new album carries a lot of my worldview and color; I love songs that contain purity."

In the album, composer Kim Sung Wook participated in the making of the songs. Kim Sung Wook appeared on JTBC's "Hidden Singer" as Yoon Min Soo's voice soundalike, shocking even Yoon Min Soo himself.

Meanwhile, Kim Jung Hoon will kick off promotions with his release.


[Full]Kim Jeong Hoon's 하루 (Haru):Mini album 5091

See the lyrics' english translation below:

From MarbleTeethMusic Channel 3

There are other songs from his Mini album 5091 in this youtube channel ^^

Kim Jung Hoon – Day / Haru (하루)
July 3, 2014 by popgasa

When the wind blows
And the white flower petals fall

Us in love, us hating each other
I remember those days

When I remember those days
I miss you, who cared for me more than anyone

It hurts a lot
Maybe I want to go back

I think back to those times
To the place where the snow fell
When I close my eyes
We are still there

Our story is spread out in the sky
It’s a day when I’m missing you
From those beautiful days

Like the flowers that blossom and wither
Love has passed like that

You will be somewhere
Reminiscing as you look at the flowers
The moments we were in love

I think back to those times
To the place where the snow fell
When I close my eyes
We are still there

Our story is spread out in the sky
It’s a day when I’m missing you
From those beautiful days

Our days that were dazzling
The memories are still familiar
I don’t want to forget you yet so I keep remembering
I think back to those times as I walk on this road I walked with you

I think back to those times
To the place where the snow fell
When I close my eyes
We are still there

Our story is spread out in the sky
It’s a day when I’m missing you
From those beautiful days
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