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KJH attending the press conference of "War hero Zhao Zilong"

On 04.30 1 pm the press conference of the Chinese drama "War hero Zhao Zilong" will take place at the Ming and Qing Imperial Court area in Hengdian. Attendance are Lin Gengxin (the main actor), SNSD Yoona (the main actress), Kim Jeong Hoon,...




More selfies, more forehead

"Nihondaira Stadium^^ "

"영화촬영 시작 시즈오카^^ "
(Movie Recording start in Shizuoka ^^ )


Selfie pics of John Hoon in Japan

During the tour ^^

15 mins before Tokyo concert, with a strawberry:
"도쿄 공연 15분 전 ㅎ 잘먹겠습니다~♡"

Without his face:
"운동중.. 으 귀찮아 ㅜㅜ "

With his face:
"내일 공연인데 목이 안좋다 큰일이야 ㅜㅜ "


Photos of John Hoon concert tour "Song for you"

It's difficult to find photos of these concerts, and they aren't of high quality either :D
I'm hoping for some press release.
JH sang songs from all of his Japanese albums for the past 10 years, including some fan-favorites such as Bokuranari No Uta, Still Believe (from 5 Stella Lights album), Hana Ichirin (from 1st Japan album), and even his UN songs (Yoori, Sunmool),...
Great setlist^^

From instagram & twitter


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