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JH's Korea Billboard interview (Engsub)

Lovely video with english subtitles
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Here are the English subtitles (for those who use ipad and iphone which can't see them directly )

Q. You're releasing a new Remake Album after being away for quite a some tie. How do you feel?

This will be my first record in 7 years since my last release under UN.

I want to continue creating more tracks, but given the situation, I wasn't able to release anything until now.

I has been thinking about doing a remake album since last year. I want to create music I similar to my previous tracks that my fans enjoyed.

People around my age group and younger audiences will identify with new album. Please support my music.

Q. Tell us about your title track.

The title track for the album is titled "A Heart for One Person" it is a cover of the ballad composed and written by 25 Empathy's Lee Seung Hwan and Oh Tæ Ho.

The original classic was wholesome and I did my best to preserve the original melody's hearty sentiment. At the same time , however, I tried to make a distinction between the original and my remake. I think you will like it once you give it a listen.

Q. What other tracks on your album would you recommend?

Really proud of the track titled "Thorn Tree". I know a lot of people ave done covers of this song, but I personally sought out the composer to obtain permission to do the cover. This is the song I am fond of.

It really depends on the person's preferences, so I would recommend listening to all 5 tracks.

Q. Give a shout out to your fans please.

Please continue rooting for me as you guys have been unil now. I will strive my best as Kim Jeong Hoon like a rookie! Keep healthy everyone.

Please support my new track " A Heart for One Person." Billboard Korea fighting!

From piggy @junghoonchina

JH's pics on nocutnews and kikunews

A charming warmth in the coming winter ^^



Pics of JH's Remake album "My story"

Click to enlarge:

(Zojt: Jeong Hoon's new manager agency in China)

JH's dizzy schedule in November

11/01 Nagoya stage greeting
11/02 Osaka stage greeting
11/04 Asia Tour The Möbius Strip in Osaka
11/7-9 Japanese single recording
11/10 Gaon TV recording
11/11 Hongkong fan meeting & promotions at 3: 00 pm Hong Kong, APM Mall
11/15-17 Social movie shooting in China
11/18 Beijing Promotion
11/22 Press conference in Beijing promotion and fan meeting
11/24 Hunan TV's Super case recording
11/26-29 Concert practice and rehearsal

Trans by FB KimJeongHoon.FansMade

"November schedule. Please note: Fanmeeting will be held in both Hong Kong and Beijing, 11/11 and 11/22 respectively. Please support! ^^"


[MV] 너 그럴때면 with Japanese translation

A beautiful MV from Mamin san, for the song 너 그럴때면 in JH's Remake album.
There is also a Japanese translation of the lyrics:

My idol is a chicken man?!

The first sample of the short movie "My idol is a chicken man?!" has arrived to Jeong Hoon's Japanese staff:


And Jeong Hoon will appear on SBS Kiss the radio:

Thanks to junghoonchina
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