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(Cap) LOVE×FILM DVD: JH talks about LOVE

Captures of LOVE×FILM: John Hoon talks about "LOVE" 2014.01.29
Credit to Mamin Kawa san
(Well, according to Mamin san, John Hoon only talked about the theory of love :-D
He looks pretty excited when he talks about theory ^^ )


"Her Legend" to be broadcasted in Japan

Yay, good news ^^
The drama "Her Legend" of Kim Jeong Hoon and Choi Jeong Won will be broadcasted on Japan TV from 2014.04.20 (16h~17.15)



John Hoon, HanFun and... cat !

A real cat, and a (printed) John Hoon on HanFun magazine ^^
The cat surely feels comfortable lying next to him :D

From doranavijhlove san

From Mamin san


Captures from DVD Kizuna Blue & White

Fresh summer photos are welcoming in this cold grey winter :-)

From Mie-story san

From jhoonsally san

From doranavijhlove san


Some photos of Jeong Hoon on 2011.02.28

It's nearly 3 years since he discharged from the army ^^
He was such a handsome soldier, wasn't he?

From media, as tag


[Cap]LOVE×FILM recording session 2014.01.29

He looks so focus and adorable while singing :-)

LOVE×FILM/ラストラブ recording session 20140129 captures, from Mamin Kawa san

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