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JH's big smile in Towa 4

Such a brilliant smile ^^

From weibo Hoonstation

JH's music camp pictures!

The photos I've been waiting for~~

Click to enlarge, to see JH clearer, he is in the center of the pic:

What was JH doing with his head here??

Credit to Japan Fan Cafe and mamy san


[Mag]韓fun (KANfun) #57, June 13th issue

Click to enlarge:

From shirowan san

JH's first Asia Tour !!

It turns out to be an Asia Tour, not only Japan Tour!
I'm so excited~~
I guess JH hasn't decided all of the destination cities yet.

John Hoon's Asia tour will kick off in Sendai, Japan on September 15th. There's going to be 13 concerts in Korea, Japan, China and Southeast Asia. Titled “The Möbius Strip”, his tours will have different themes in 6 cities in Japan, 3 cities in the Great China and 2 cities in Southeast Asia.

John Hoon has personally selected this title himself. A Möbius strip is a strip with only one side and is usually a circle that seemingly goes on forever; this theme represents the idea that Kim Jeong Hoon and his fans will forever remain connected like a Möbius strip.

According to his company Mersenne, John Hoon is going to release an album in Korea, China and Japan on the same date, before hitting the road for the tour.

"As much as this is his very first tour in Asia, JH is really passionate about showing a new side of himself through the event. Please anticipate his performances" his agency said.

From various source

(By the way, the name is either Möbius or Moebius strip, not Mobius ^^ )


[Eng][Part 2]Singapore Magazine U-Weekly Interview

I didn't know that Jeong Hoon is a fan of Donnie Yen :D
I like Donnie Yen's kungfu movies too.

Back to our magazine:

U-Weekly 28 May 2012 issue 338

Part 2:
Translated by Singaporean fan chin

Kim Jeong Hoon would like to work with Donnie Yen

In last weeks’s interview, Kim Jeong Hoon revealed the change in the types of script he selects. This week, he will share with U-Weekly his experience in shooting dramas in China, and his outlook on love.

Language Is The Biggest Barrier

UW: Before enlistment, you acted in the collaborative production, “Love Strategy”; after you left the army in February last year, you acted in “Tiptoe to Kiss Love”. Why did you choose to act in overseas dramas during those crucial moments (before enlistment and after you left the army)?
JH: I think it was fate. I did not deliberately choose to act in overseas dramas. The opportunity presented itself. I think I was quite lucky. ‘Language’ is the biggest problem when acting in overseas dramas. My Mandarin is not fluent, thus during the filming in China, I said my lines in Korean while the other party would say in Mandarin. We were not as close as it could have been. Furthermore, I had to memorize the other party’s lines in order to speak my own lines well. Honestly, in that situation, I could not utilize my strengths and thus I was not very satisfied with my acting. Other than language, everything was alright. After all, we are Asians and we have many similarities.

Memorable cooperation with Ng Man Tat

UW: What did you enjoy most when you were filming in China?
JH: Chinese food. Steamboat is my favorite. I love Sichuan dishes in particular; I really love them. I often eat steamboat in Korea.

UW: Among the Chinese actors you have worked with, who gave you the best impression? Which Chinese actor would you like to work with in the future?
JH: Ng Man Tat. He is not just a senior in terms of acting; there are many things I would like to learn from him. He never brought his script to the film set, because he had already memorized it. He was very polite and would give up his seat to me whenever he saw me. When we were filming in Shanghai, Ng Man Tat had to leave the location early after he finished all his scenes. I could not bear to part with him, and I cried. I hope that I have the chance to work with him again in future. In addition, I would also love to work with Donnie Yen. I am his fan. His action movies are fabulous.

No Time For Relationships

UW: You are 32 years old now. Do your parents try to rush you into marriage or matchmaking? What is your stand on marriage?
JH: I am still not used to being asked such questions. I am no longer young. If I marry now, by the time my child starts elementary school, I will be 40 years old. But currently I do not intend to get married, nor do I have the time to find a girlfriend.

P.S.: I have been to Singapore once because of work. Singapore is like a European country. Being in Singapore was as if I was in Paris. There was a kind of romantic feeling. I hope I have the chance to meet my fans in Singapore again in future.

Reporter’s comments:
"Many Koreans know that Kim Jeong Hoon is very intelligent. I remember reading online articles regarding Kim Jeong Hoon’s high school results. Oh my god! He was one of the top 20 students in Korea! Before his debut, he used to be a Dentistry student in Seoul National University, the best university in Korea. Maybe because of his intelligence and talents, he thinks that being a dentist is a mundane occupation and not suitable for him. During the interview, I felt that both his thinking and reaction were really fast. And he talked in a logical manner. When he was elaborating on something, he sounded like a scholar."


JH Möbius Strip Tour 2012

I grinned when I saw the name of his concert tour :D
John Hoon is such a maths nerd,
last time he named his concert 2008 "Q.E.D"
and now he called his tour "Möbius Strip Tour".

Möbius strip is a special object in Topology, it is a strip that has only one side:

If you look with normal eyes, it seems to have 2 sides. But strictly speaking, it has only 1 side because this side emmerges into the other. You can obtain such a strip if you have a paper band, half-twist it and join the 2 ends together to form a loop.

You may try to cut it along the center line and see what'll happen.
The result is rather surprising (cause you don't obtain 2 pieces after cutting :D ) ...

A long time ago I tried it ^___^

That's why I like John Hoon, he has plenty of strange ideas for his concerts.

Date for the concert:

Sendai: Sendai Shimin Kaikan (Sat) 9/15

Fukuoka: City Hall (Fri) 9/28

Nagoya: Nagoya Civic Auditorium (Saturday) 10/13

Osaka: Grand Cube Osaka (Sun) 11/4

Pacifico Yokohama, Kanto (Thu) 12/13

There might be other updates soon.



Allkpop wrote about UN and summer

Today I miss Jeong Hoon more than yesterday,
because... June 21st is the longest day of the year^^
It is also the day when summer "official" starts.
I found this article on allkpop, cite "Pado" from UN as a nice summer song.

Their list of several summer songs:

1995: “Eve’s Warning”, Park Mi Kyung
1996: “Ggoong Dari Shabara”, Clon
1997: “Again”, Lim Chang Jung
1998: “Why Are You Calling”, Diva
1999: “Get Up”, Baby V.O.X.
2000: “Bruise”, Kim Hyun Jung

2001: "Waves", UN

"UN, which is an acronym for United N-generation, comprised members Choi Jung Won and Kim Jeong Hoon. The duo made their debut 2000 and would become a very successful and popular idol group. Their hit song “Waves” was released with their second album and encapsulates the sounds of summer. This song is one of those that makes me want to grab a cold drink with an umbrella in it."



JH in MBC Match made in heaven 2003

I have watched this show before, but with a blur video.
Now MBC are uploading the clearer version themselves.
Jeong Hoon looked very cute there.
But... the final scene is dangerous :D

Match made in heaven Ep 19 2003.03.08 (Kang Hodong, Kim Jeong Hoon,Choi Jeong Won,..)


You might watch other videos of MBC (including Jeong Hoon's ones) at their youtube channel:


Dreame rice for Catch me if you can

I'm so proud of Jeong Hoon and fans :)

Source: From KJH homepage

'Musical ‘Catch Me If You Can’ 드리미 기부소식

Musical ‘Catch Me If You Can’ 金楨勳 応援 Dreame
• 期 間 : 2012年 3月 28日 ~ 6月 10日
• 場 所 : Blue Square, Seoul
• DREAME : Total 3,260kg / 11ea

상처받고 배고픈 아이들에게 그리고 사랑과 도움의 손길이 필요한 분들에게
여러분이 보내주신 사랑을 전달하였습니다. 이번에 보내주신 여러분들의
쌀 드리미는 국내외 배고픈 아동들과 작년 일본 동북부 대지진으로 피해를
받으신 분들에게 사랑의 손길을 드렸습니다.
이땅에 더이상 배고프고 상처받은 아이들이 없도록 김정훈과 메르센엔터테인먼트는
배고프고 상처받은 아동들에게 지속적으로 사랑의 손길을 보내 드리도록 하겠습니다.

DONATION 사랑의 손길을 받은 곳 (단체명 영문 제목표기)

1.Sarangson Welfare Center

2.Heart-Heart Welfare Foundation (for the Disabled) 아래 5곳
1)Gabriel House
2)Daniel Welfare Center
4)Amsa Welfare Center
5)Jumong Welfare Center

3. 日本 東北地方 宮城県本吉郡南三陸町

여러분들의 사랑 다시 한번 감사드립니다.

자세한 드리미 기부 보고서는 아래 링크를 클릭해 주세요

Mersenne Entertainment

[Engsub]Song "Seven wonders" from Catch me

The sweetest song in the musical "Catch me if you can"^^
Performed by Kim Jeong Hoon and Choi woori:

Please be tolerant with any mistakes in my translation.
I tried to understand what Frank said,
but he was such a sweet talker, so I couldn't catch up :D


JH 35 Q & A from Guidebook 2007

As there's no update of him today, so I post an old article. I think it was a very interesting summary about Jeong Hoon (and the questions are a bit naughty too :D )

John-Hoon 35 Questions & Answers From Guidebook 2007

1. 좋아하는 색-파랑. 응원색인 핑크도!
1. Favorite color? Blue and {the official} color of John-Hoon, pink, too!
    (His official color now is blue^^  - KappaSub)

2. 좋아하는 음악 장르는?-pop
2. Favorite music genre? Pop

3. 좋아하는 계절-겨울
3. Favorite season? Winter

4. 좋아하는 말-어딜 보냐!
4. Favorite phrase? Where are you looking at!

5. 좋아하는 장소-오다이바
5. Favorite place? Odaiba

6. 좋아하는 음료수-물
6. Favorite drink? Water

7. 좋아하는 향기-프루티계의 아로마
7. Favorite scent? Various fruity scents

8. 휴일에 하는 일-TV를 보거나 친구와 놀거나 게임을하거나 영화를 본다
8. Leisure time activities? Watching TV, getting together with friends,
playing Internet games, watching movies

9. 옛날의 별명은?-없다
9. Previous nicknames? None

10. 욕실에 들어가서 제일 먼저 씻는 곳은? -머리. 샴푸지
10. Where do you wash first in the shower? Head - shampooing

11. 욕조파? 샤워파? -샤워파. 뜨거운 건 싫어함
11. Prefer to shower or bath? Shower – don’t like to get too hot

12. 버릇은? -발 떠는 것. 머리 만지는 것
12. Bad habits? Habitually shaking my leg, touching my hair

13. 좋아하는 여성 타입 - 여러가지 모습을 가진 사람
13. Ideal lady? A person with many interests

14. 싫어하는 타입-게으르고 거짓말 잘하고 잘난 척 하는 사람
14. Dislike traits? Someone who’s a liar, lazy, pretentious

15. 좋아하는 여성의 복장-치마 정장
15. Favorite lady’s dressing? Skirt suit

16. 좋아하는 여성의 신체부위-이거 야한 질문 아냐?(웃음) 눈>
16. Favorite lady’s body part? That’s a naughty question (LOL) - eyes

17. 여자를 처음 만나서 보는 곳-눈
17. What do you look at first when you meet a lady? Eyes

18. 시각(외모), 청각, 후각, 미각, 촉각, 어디에서 사랑을 느껴? -시각과 청각일까.
18. Sight (appearance), hearing, smell, taste, touch – which are you attracted to first?
Maybe sight and hearing

19. 여자친구와 손을 잡는 파? 어깨를 안는 파?-데뷔 전에 자유로울 때는 어깨를 안았었다
19. With a girl friend, which do you do more - hold her hand or wrap your arm around her ?
Wrap my arm, but that was before I debuted as an entertainer and
was freer in public

20. 숏컷과 롱헤어 중 좋아하는 여성 스타일?-어깨 정도의 단발
20. Long or short hair style on a woman? Shoulder length bob

21. 실연에서 회복되는 기간은?
-실연당한 적은 없고. 여자친구와 헤어진 뒤에 우울할 때는 다른 열중할 만한 걸 찾아서 1~2주 정도에 회복된다
21. How much time would it take to heal your broken heart?
I never had a broken heart.., but I try to put my mind onto something else,
and then it takes about 1 to 2 weeks to get over the pain.

22. 여자친구의 휴대폰을 본 적은? -아주 옛날에...
22. Last time you looked into your girl friend’s cell phone?
Once upon a time...

23. 차는 것과 채이는 것, 싫은 쪽은? -둘다 싫어. 채이는 쪽이 싫잖아?
23. Which would be worse - leave someone or have someone leave you?
Both are bad, but of course, having someone leave me would be worse.

24. John-Hoon에게 있어 '여성'의 이미지는?-이 세상의 반? 남자의 반대
24. What's 'woman' to John-Hoon? Half of the world? An opposite of man.

25. 연애 좋아해? -좋아하지만 하기가 쉽지 않네.
25. Do you like to date? Yes, but it’s not easy anymore.

26. S? M? -이런 거 대답해도 돼? S일까...
26. S{sadist} or M{masochist}? Do I have to answer that? Perhaps S…

27. 잘 때의 복장은? -전에는 팬티만 입고 잤는데 감기에 잘 걸려서 반바지에 티셔츠
27. Your sleeping attire? I used to just wear my undies, but it’s easy
to catch a cold that way, so now I wear a t-shirt and shorts to sleep.

28. 우울할 때의 대처법은? -뭔가 열중할 만한 걸 찾는다. 예를 들어 호러영화만 일주일
내내 본다거나.
28. Your way of combating depression? Find something you could totally put
your mind to – for example, watch horror films for a week.

29. 술버릇은? -70%는 자고, 25%는 혼자 떠들고, 5%는 친구를 못살게 군다(웃음)
29. Any drinking habits? {When I drink,} I just go to sleep 70% of the time,
just chatter 25%, bother friends 5% (LOL)

30. 무인도에 하나만 가지고 간다면? -초고속 인터넷이 가능한 컴퓨터
30. If you are limited to take one item to a deserted island?
A computer with ultra-fast speed Internet.

31. 최근에 꾼 꿈은?
-우주선에 타고 지구 밖으로 나간 순간, 운석이 무서운 속도로 옆을 지나 지구에 부딪혀 지구가 없어지는 꿈.
31. Most recent dream?
As I was on a rocket to outer space, a meteorite hit the earth,
destroying it.

32. 보물은? -컴퓨터. 상해에 갈 때 새로 산 데스크탑. 가정용 중에서는 최고의 스펙이다
32. Your treasure?
Computer – the desktop I bought to take to Shanghai. It’s the best kind for home.

33. 자신을 동물에 비유하면?
-동물에 비유하면?(웃음) 양? 양은 보통 때는 조용하지만 밧줄로 묶어놓으면 머리로 돌진해서 죽는다고 한다.
그만큼 거칠고 무서운 면도 있다. 겉으로는 조용해보이지만 격렬한 면도 가지고 있다는 의미에서
33. Animal you most resemble?
Animal?(LOL) Perhaps sheep? Sheeps are usually docile,
but if you tie them up, they charge at something and kill themselves.
They could turn wild and violent. They look meek from the outside,
but they are fierce on the inside.
(I like this Q&A the most^^  - KappaSub)

34. 키운다면 개? 고양이? -고양이. 개는 안아줘야 하지만, 고양이는 불러도 오지 않거나 모른 척 하는 게 좋다.
34. Prefer a dog or a cat as a pet?
Cat – you have to hold dogs a lot, but cats may not even come or just
ignore you when you call.

35. 태어나서 가장 감동받은 것
-외국에 나갔을 때 생각도 못했는데 처음 간 것인데도 많은 팬과 보도진에게 둘러싸여 일이 잘 풀렸을 때.

35. Your most moved moment?
When I went to this foreign country, even though it was my first visit there,
I was greeted by a mob of fans and reporters. It was a total surprise.
Fortunately everything went smoothly.

Trans by 3m @dclily


JH Towa vol 4 Summer 2012

Vol 4 of this series is coming^^
 Here is the cover pic, John Hoon looks like he's ready for a summer picnic :D

[Collection]Songs & Lyrics from Catch me if you can

All songs here are performed by Jeong Hoon.

Perhaps you have already listened to these songs before, but it is a nice collection to watch. I also put the english lyrics of the original "Catch me if you can" Broadway show here, because these lyrics are very interesting. At least it helps us to understand the songs more ^^

For their Korean lyrics I have found some, I will post later. Then we'll be able to sing along with Frank :)

Audio uploaded to youtube by lovejohnhoon146annex san.

1. Live in Living Color
(This is when Frank was telling his life story)


2. The Pinstripes Are All That They See
(This is what Frank Senior taught his son about value)


3. The Pinstripes Are All That They See
(Frank's solo, in high school^^ )


4.5.6. Someone Else's Skin
(When Frank's parent divorced and he wanted to run away)

(From chihoon120 san)


7. Jet Set
(Frank and pilot life)


8. Butter Outta Cream
(Frank Senior taught his son about how to get up from life)
And this clip is especially cute^^


9. My Favorite Time Of Year
(Frank phoned Carl during Xmas time and teased him :D )


10. Seven Wonders
(Frank told Brenda why he loved her)


11. Our Family Tree
(Frank met Brenda's parents, they were a happy family)


12. Goodbye
(Frank was caught by Carl)


13. Stuck Together (Strange But True)
(Frank chatted with Carl )



[Engsub]JH's album Voice "Love love love" MV

A fan MV of the sweet song "Love love love" from John Hoon new Japan album "Voice", with english subtitles, thanks to MochanJH san^^

The lyrics are small, so you may have to look at it closely. Or you might watch this video in large screen mode.

Another video for Japanese fans:
Frank's song "Seven wonders" in "Catch me if you can", with Japanese subs:

Thanks to akupamakorin san
"I am using the sound source of the final day when John-Hoon played Frank.
Please enjoy the song of the sweetest voice in the world.
In making this animation Cooperation was obtained to many friends.
Thanks to all his fans. "

More JH pics from Yeosu show 2012.06.02

It was a very sad song TT_TT

 He seemed to be tearful :(

 I like this pic, though we cannot see JH's face. Even his silhouette look dearly to me.

From dclily, as tag
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