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[Vid] Ep 2 - JH cut with Engsubs

Episode 2 of "We need romance", Jeong Hoon's cut with english subtitles:

I couldn't upload the whole episode.
If you want to watch ep 2 entirely with engsubs, please refer to my below post about darksmurfsub.

(This video above doesn't come from darksmursub.)


[Engsub] Romance episode 2

Hurray, there're english subs for ep 2 already!

It's softsubs, meaning a text file, for mp4 Karot version:
That site need to be registered, but the registration is very simple^^

Guide to watch softsubs, if you need it:

Download somewhere else the video mp4 Karot version of ep 2 (where: this very site of mine, torrent link of ep 2 HD; or dramaanime blogspot here )
Put it in the same folder with the srt file that I posted above,
make the 2 files have a same name, except the extension (srt and mp4, keep it).
Play the mp4 video by Media classic player, you should be able to see the subs appearing on the video.

This srt file is community-translated by fans,
at the moment that I checked it, it was only 4% translated by fans,
the rest was translated by machine.
The file would be updated every 15 minutes.
You may want to wait until "100% fan-translated" rate,
to enjoy a better sub quality.


2011.6.16 Cafe Lala John Hoon - BTS Fanmeeting

BTS Interview after Japan fanmeeting on May 4th.
See the chaotic scene when every fan tried to touch John Hoon?
I managed to grab his hand :D
But I'm not in the video.

Thanks to shirowan san


[Vid] Download Ep 1 & Ep 2 HD

Watch Ep 2 "Romance" online, without english subs:

Below is a torrent link to download ep 2 "Romance" HD video.
I also put Mediafire links of Ep 1, uploaded by Vietnamese fans.
It's mp4 format, about 700 MB each episode, without english subs.

Download, unzip with the password below, then use the links inside to download:

Password: Kim_Jeong_Hoon_Vietnam_forum

Capture of ep 2, thanks to dclily, credit as tag

[Cap] Romance Episode 2

Captures of ep 2, thanks to 일편단심훈 @dclily


[Vid] Romance - Episode 1

As many fans missed the "live" broadcast,
so I reupload episode 1 of the drama, which is with English subtitles.

EP 1: 4 parts
Please choose 480p over 360p to see clearer image.

Source: CJ E&M
Reup by KJH Vietnam forum


[Engsub]2011.4.29 John Hoon SP Interview video

Here is something for the audience
who don't want to watch "Romance" this evening ^^

"Romance" is a Korean version of "Sex and the city" American series,
so you know what it's about.
If it doesn't suit you, just don't watch it.
It's not fair to watch something not suitable for you and then blame Jeong Hoon
(which some girls already did).
My final words.

So now, a long interesting video of Jeong Hoon with english subtitles,
which is sweet for all ages, hope you enjoy it:

[Engsub]20110429 JH SP interview in Seoul

Subbed by Junghoonchina
Translation: wann
Proofread: Pado Chou
Subbing: nici_li
JP consultation:mktana

Video source: Shirowan san

JH's Sweet Proposal #4

"Hi, I'm John" XDD

Watch online:
Credit to shirowan san

[Mag]Arena July 2011 issue

Let's forget the storm for a while and enjoy Jeong Hoon's magnificient Arena pictures ^^

Source: shirowan


Romance's new Hot scene - PG 15

Let's start by some non-hot gifs, which is just funny:

Now we're going to the PG-15 scene (not that any PG would be enough T_T )
I don't even have the gut to post those images.
Click on the links below if you want to see,
don't say that I didn't warn you.
Stay away, or be strong.
Credit to junghoonchina

It seems like 2 different takes of one scene.
How many NGs did they have for this scene? T_T


Notice about drama "Romance"

Good news: For those who are interested in drama "We need romance",
you can watch 1st episode LIVE on its facebook next week:

some important note, from Kappa team:

1. That site is the homepage of CJE&M Global,
the drama's company, so please show respect while visiting.
The staffs there are very nice, don't be rude to them.
For example, some fan had posted "This is not true, I don't believe it etc. ",
the result is, her post got deleted.
So, don't make your post deleted.

2. Please don't post on their Wall from now on.
You may comment under CJE&M Global's posts as much as you want,
but don't create a post yourself.
that page is for official updating about the drama, not for JH's fans chatting.
If everybody posts, the page will look like a mess and
people won't know about the main updating.

3. That page is authentic and is introduced to us by Jeong Hoon's company,
so don't doubt it.
Jeong Hoon has left some message there to his fans, please read it and enjoy ^^
He spoke in Korean, then the facebook staff translated it into english,
the staff put his name as "Junghoon", instead of "Jeonghoon".
It's not a big deal, don't doubt the site.

4. Again, the drama will have some strong scenes,
just don't watch it if you don't feel like.
You will have other JH's dramas and videos later to watch, even engsub.

5. Other episodes will NOT be aired on facebook, only Ep 1 will.
But pictures and stills will be updated.


"We need romance" flirting pictures

In the drama, JH is a movie director and he's always flirting with the beautiful actresses around him :D

His character will be a bad guy, treating his girlfriend rudely and saying impolite words to her.
So, again I think you shouldn't watch this drama if you want to keep JH's prince image.


His first date with his girlfriend, wherein their first kiss:

Source: tvN


2011.6.3 "We need romance" Press conf video

I know you guys don't like this kind of drama.
I agree that it's not for all ages. You'd better not watch it.
It's totally up to your choice.
JH has 2 or 3 films this year, so there'll be more "normal" ones for you later.

JH is just trying to be a versatile actor, he would have to go through all phases.
Remember those Korean great actors?
Jo In Sung, Lee Byung Hun, Gong Yoo,.. even Yon-sama Bae Yong Joon.
They've all gone through it.
I couldn't say I like their such scenes, but I appreciate their effort.

The drama will be broadcasted from June 13th, 11pm.

The press conference on SSTV channel, a rather clear video among other blur ones:

Sina interview with JH and the cast, JH said something "Sorry" about the kiss :D

2011.6.3 JH's interview in Press conf

Drama "We need romance" press conference on June 3rd.
Jeong Hoon's answer in the interview gives me a kinda nostalgia T_T

Question: What about you, Kim Jung Hoon (about love)?

Kim: Some people think love is important, some think money is more important. They all have priorities. For me, love was a top priority during my early 20’s. However, it’s not so high for me anymore. I may be dating someone, but never have “I-want-to-date-someone” kind of feeling. It’s not very important for me at this point.

Jo Yeo Jeong (main actress): Uh, what??

Q: Who’s your ideal girlfriend?

Kim: I used to like cold city woman–short cut hair, glasses, mini skirt, and red shoes. None of that matters when you get older. I don’t have any particular style that I like at this moment. I just like someone pretty. All men are the same (laugh).

Q: What kind of girlfriends have you had in the past?

Kim: Not many. My first love was during senior in high school. Second is when I was 20. No one after that… those two have left me a deep impression. Not that I can’t forget them, I feel like I used up all the love left in me with those two.

Q: Have you ever thought that you’ve become an “herbivore” (someone who is passive about relationships)?

Kim: Not at all. I’m very much a carnivore.

(You can read the whole interview in english there)

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