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JH on Haru Hana magazine, vol 10 Special edition

He looks so charming, doesn't he? ^^

Thanks shirowan san for sharing.

Btw, John Hoon's video of Gaon TV #2 has been up in shirowan san's website (which requires a password now).
He was in a pink suit :D


Doctor, again!

Kim Jeong Hoon will once again play a role of doctor in SBS drama "Dummy mommy", after his role Yoo Junha in "Witch Yoohee".
The pictures below are him, but not in doctor suit though ^^

Due to the news, it was supposed to be a scene of spring, so the actors dressed lightly, but the real weather was very cold.
I hope Jeong Hoon can keep his body warm (and his heart too, of course ^^ )

 (click to enlarge)
Credit to junghoonchina


SBS "Dummy Mommy" new stills

With Jeong Hoon looking out from a tiny symbol window, so cute ^^

Credit to Mamin Kawa

The girl sitting by the window with him is Gong Hyun Joo,
who will play his wife in this drama.
Wonder if there'll be a kiss scene, hihi.


John Hoon on Gaon TV (continu)

(Click to enlarge picture)

Gaon TV: K-POP Top 50 ranking
Next Broadcast: Saturday 14:00~ 14:55 February 25th
Re-broadcast: Friday 23:00~23:55 March 2nd



KJH message on weibo

His message:

안녕하세요,정훈이에요~~ 잘 지내셨어요? 보고 싶어요^^ 다들 매일매일 즐거운 하루되시고 행복하게 지내세요~!!!!이건 얼마전 인터뷰 중 대기실에서 찍은 사진 ㅋㅋㅋ

"Hi, I'm Kim Jeong Hoon~~ How are you doing? I miss you^^ Hope everyday is a good day for everyone. Take care, be happy ~!! This photo was taken in the dressing room during a recent interview kkk "


5 different characters of Frank in "Catch me if you can"

An article describes the different performances of the 5 actors who play 'Frank' in "Catch me if you can" musical Korean version. Our Kim Jeong Hoon is said to be "..." :D
Read it below.

The image of 'Frank' and beautiful stewardess in the musical "Catch me if you can" were released.

These unreleased cut images of "Panam Airline" pilots are about Frank and 13 beautiful stewardesses, who traveled 2,000,000 miles around the world.
All the five actors who play 'Frank" give a different personality to this role. Eom Ki Joon is sharp and dandy, Key is lovely and pure, Kim Jeong Hoon is chic but smart, Kyu Hyun is pure and irrelevant, Park Kwang Hyun is cute and witty.
The charm of their performances serves to match Frank's character and has raised expectations for the waiting audience.

Together, they had a relaxed smile after the studio shooting of high-quality photos, and the concept add up to their efforts.
In particularly, the five 'Frank' and 13 pretty stewardesses are the center of attention.

There are also scenes of "Airport ambush" where a FBI agent want to catch Frank and he tries to escape with the stewardess.

The actresses who play stewardess are selected through high competition, with a base of 1m70 height, who can sing and dance.
Not only the stewardesses in this Musical are attractive, but also Frank's appearance is anticipated to give the utmost shine.

Musical "Catch Me If You Can" (based on a movie of Steven Spielberg with Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks) has won 4 Tony Awards for theatre shows, and has swept Broadway as a blockbuster.
With a best quality and best actors, best crew, "Catch Me If You Can" Korean version is coming this March 28th at Blue Square Samsung Hall (Seoul).

(Translated by Vietnam fans)


KJH has no sense of direction, sense of fashion or of rhythm?

Haha, that title made me laugh XDD

That what Jeong Hoon admitted about himself in YTN Issue and People Interview last Feb 14th.
He didn't feel the rhythm for dancing. Kim Jeong Hoon said, dancing was almost impossible for him since debut days of UN. His dance moves there had to be choreographed beforehand, and he had also the support from UN other member, Choi Jeong Won.

He didn't have a sense of road direction or fashion either. He often got lost on the way.

Kim Jeong Hoon honestly said that he hadn't met Choi Jeong Won since the latter's discharge from the army.



KJH: Not regret when I refuse The Moon embraces the Sun

In the interview of YTN below,
MC asked Kim Jeong Hoon: You were invited to act in the drama The Moon embraces the Sun, weren't you?
Jeong Hoon replied: Yes, I were. They invited me to act as "Yeom" in this drama. I wanted to take this role, but I couldn't, because of my tight schedule. Now the drama is rising in popularity, I'm happy for them ^^
MC: Do you regret your decision of refusing this drama?
Jeong Hoon: No I don't. If I regretted, there would be so many things to regret about~

(Trans by Vietnam fans)

The Moon embraces the Sun, with Kim So Hyun and Han Ga In:



[Engsub]KJH in Strong heart ep 76

The english subs of a cut from Strong Heart 76 finally arrive^^

Jeong Hoon played a game where he know the trick.. :D
 I post youtube link here, but if it is blocked in your country,
then you can download from this link instead:



Kim Hyun-joo in "Dummy Mommy" as cold city girl

SBS new drama, which will star Kim Hyun-joo, Kim Jeong Hoon,...

Actress Kim Hyun-joo will transform into a tomboyish city girl.

According to her management S Box Media, Kim Hyun-joo will star in the SBS weekend drama "Dummy Mommy".
She will take on the role of fashion magazine editor Kim Yeong-joo who heads for success.

Kim Yeong-joo is a woman with guts who rose to the position of a fashion magazine editor from a prestigious Seoul university from the countryside of Kyeongsangdo. She is also a cold city girl with passion and rationality.

She will be attempting at a totally different character from the one she acted out in the MBC weekend drama "Twinkle Twinkle".

Kim Hyun-joo said, "I think the character of Kim Yeong-joo who endlessly lashes herself full of passion for success. I am studying fashion to fulfill my role as a fashion magazine editor".

Meanwhile, "Dummy Mommy" is about the love, forgiveness and reconciliation of 3 women of three generations. It will first be broadcasted on the 10th of March at 9:50PM.

Source: Nate and



[Engsub]JJ's Mstudio #14, 15, 16 KJH and members of SS501

Very much thanks to SS501 fans ^^
They have subbed these 3 episodes of JJ Mstudio where Kim Jeong Hoon and Kim Jin Ho (SG Wannabe) are MC.

All of them (Jeong Hoon, Jin Ho, Heo Young Saeng, Kim Kyu Jong) are flower boys, but for me of course Jeong Hoon is the most beautiful flower :D





Buy ticket of "Catch me if you can"

The website is in english, and is an official one:

Watch carefully before you buy, because each day has a different actor playing.
Jeong Hoon doesn't play all days, of course ^^

Don't forget...
April is sakura (cherry blossom) season in Korea and Japan.
Watch flowers and Jeong Hoon while you're there :D

Here is their schedule:


Details about SBS drama "Dumb mom"

The new Korean drama that Jeong Hoon will star in.
Some translate it as "Silly mommy", some as "Dumb mom".
He will act against Kim Hyun Joo and Kim Tae Woo (the three Kim :D )

Here is an article from dramabeans about this drama:

Kim Hyun-joo headlines new SBS weekend drama

"Kim Hyun-joo has lined up her next drama (yay), which will be a weekend series (er, sigh?) titled Dumb Mom, which will be hitting airwaves next month.

Based on a novel of the same name, Kim plays the lead character, Young-joo, in a story following three women of three generations and their relationships with love, forgiveness, and reconciliation. The book, which is itself based on a true story, follows a dim-witted woman who is the victim of a rape and her daughter Young-joo, who is born of the attack. The mother smothers the girl with love, and Young-joo finds the attachment so oppressive that she marries to run away from her, leaving Mom in a psychiatric hospital.

Soooo… a rom-com, right? Haha, if only. The description doesn’t tell us much about the plot of the drama itself, but I’m expecting crying and heartbreak, with some poignant moments as well.

Two of her leading men have also been cast: Kim Tae-woo (Quick) and Kim Jung-hoon (I Need Romance). Kim Tae-woo plays Young-joo’s husband in his first drama role in four years; he had a cameo in Daemul playing Go Hyun-jung’s husband, but his last real drama role was 2008′s four-episode series Tokyo Showers. He’s mostly done movies, like Influence, Naked Kitchen, Like You Know It All, and Woman on the Beach.
Meanwhile, Kim Jung-hoon plays Young-joo’s old school friend, now a doctor, who harbors a one-sided love for our heroine.

Wish I could say I was excited about this, but despite really liking Kim Hyun-joo, I haven’t liked her projects in recent years; I had a hard time sticking with Partner and dropped All That Glitters (aka Twinkle Twinkle) right away. The director, Lee Dong-hoon, recently did the drama Daring Women (also Crazy for Love, Princess Lulu) and writer Park Kye-ok wrote Invincible Lee Pyeong-gang and Cain and Abel. It’s a likely pass for me.

Dumb Mom will replace SBS’s currently running Live With Style and premieres in March."

Via TV Report, Star News


Kim Jeong-hoon cast for SBS's "Dummy Mommy"

Article from Nate:

Actor Kim Jeong-hoon has been cast for the new SBS weekend drama "Dummy Mommy".

On February 3rd his management company stated that Kim Jeong-hoon is taking on the role of Lee Je-ha, who is the school friend of leading lady Yeong-joo (Kim Hyun-joo) and a doctor who also loves her.
The management stated, "The official contract hasn't been signed yet but we are talking about it very op...timistically. We are in the last moments of negotiation".

Kim Jeong-hoon has given good performances in MBC dramas "Princess Hours" and "Witch Yoohee" as well as the recent TVN show "I Need Romance".

"Dummy Mommy" is a drama based on an original story that deals with three women from three generations going through love and forgiveness as well as reconciliation. Other cast members include Kim Hyeon-joo, Park Cheol-min and Kim Tae-woo.

This drama will be aired in March after the conclusion of "Live in Style".

Source : Hancinema


Article about "Catch me if you can" musical

"Actors Um Ki-joon, Kim Jeong-hoon and Park Kwang-hyun have been cast in the musical 'Catch Me if You Can'. It's the 1st time that the musical is being performed in Korea, and the show opens March 28th.

    In the musical, based on the DreamWorks film from 2002, Um, Kim and Park will alternate in the role of Frank Abagnale Jr.
Kyuhyun from Super Junior and... Key from SHINee will also play Frank.

   The female love interest will be played by actress Choi Woo-ri and singers Dana and Sunny. The role of the FBI officer who chases Frank around the world will be played by actors Kim Beop-rae and Lee Gun-myung.

    While Um and Kyuhyun have previously appeared in musicals, most recently in “The Three Musketeers” last year, this will be the musical theater debut for Kim Jeong Hoon, Key and Park. The musical will run from March 28 until June 10 at the Blue Square, Samsung Card Hall, in Hannam-dong, central Seoul.

   Um Ki-joon made his debut in 1995 in the musical “King Richard III” and also starred in films and dramas."

Via Korea JungAng Daily 2012.02.02
Credit to Carla Sunwoo

Watch video of making film:

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