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Update about "Tiptoe to kiss love"

From Jeong Hoon's facebook:

"Hello everybody, this is MERSENNE ENTERTAINMENT. Jeong Hoon's Chinese drama [Tiptoe to kiss Love] have finished the filming in Qingdao, China. The drama is currently in the process of editing. It is scheduled to be broadcasted next year. Starring: Kim Jeong Hoon, Yao Di. Thank you for a lot of love. The following article about [Tiptoe to kiss love] have some funny photos of actor Wei Chi, who starred in an idol drama for the first time, and Kim Jeong Hoon:
Thank you"

Summary of "Tiptoe to kiss love" content:
Kim Jeong Hoon acts as the young successful model Wen Qingyao, who is famous through Asia. But his girlfriend get married to another man, due to family's arrangement. Qingyao (Jeong Hoon) becomes frustrated, quits the fashion industry, and he can only watching his ex-girlfriend silently.
Yao Di acts as the main female character, who is not qualified to be a model because of height issue (how ironic! the real person who worries about height issue in this drama is Jeong Hoon :D ). Yao Di determines to become a trainee model agent instead. Her idol is Qingyao (Jeong Hoon). Fate makes them meet each other. etc.


JH's Xmas message 2011 to fans

Translation (from shirowan san):

Merry Christmas!!
Hello, I'm John-Hoon.
Best Wishes for Christmas and New Year.
and... Happy New Year!!
This year is winding down to its end.
May the New Year turn out to be the happiest and the best for you

Posted by lovejeonghoon

If you wonder why Jeong Hoon didn't look directly into the camera, that's because he was busy looking into another camera XDD


JH Birthday party - Application and all

There are many announcements from Jeong Hoon's homepage
about this birthday party, I'll sum it up:

Birthday party Date: 2012.1.20 Friday
Birthday party Time: 8:00-10:00 PM
Location: BLUE SQUARE 삼성전자홀

Price of Birthday party Ticket: 33.000 KRW per person
KRW: 33.000 (If transfer with KRW use the 우리은행/ Woori Bank transfer method)
KRW: 33.000 (If pay by credit card)
USD: $ 30 (If transfer with USD use the Citibank transfer method)
*If pay by credit card, please proceed payment after 30th Dec.*
( 2 ticket maximum) If u want to book more ticket please contact us.

How To Book? Book’s shop-> and place your book
If u want to pay with USD, please use the new Citibank transfer method!

Here's the Bank transfer Information
*BANK NAME: Citibank Korea Inc
The Swift code consists of 8 or 11 digits identifying the country, If they need the 10 digit number of SWIFT CODE, Please use this number "CITIKRSXXXX"
*CHIPS NO :CH031986
*Bank Account Number: 714-00567-435-01
*Account Holder : Mersenne Entertainment
*Phone Number: 82+2+523 3439

When everyone send money to Korea to the Citibank, please pay the transfer charge there. (It should be not included Ticket price) We don’t know how much money you guys will pay for transfer charges there. Because it depends what kind of bank. We just can pay the our recieved charges here. And when u finished remittance please Attach T/T remittance receipt.(u guys can attach a copy of the Remittance receipt or attach a photo of the Remittance receipt to us)

If you have any questions about it, Please feel free to contact us .Click the “Contact” button on our website

Seating arrangement will be determined based on ticket purchase applications first . Confirmed ticket holders will be allocated seats based on their ticket number. The earlier you buy your ticket, the closer you will be to Kim Jeong Hoon so don't delay! If you wish to book with a group (i.e. multiple seats together), please contact us via email and we will do our best...... to arrange you to your satisfaction! Members of the special Kim Jeong Hoon Tour group will be given priority allocation. Please Note: Guests will not be segregated based on nationality. PS. paying by credit card would be convenient for overseas fans. so if u want to pay by credit card please ticket purchase applications first. Then we will holder ticket for you.

Mersenne Entertainment


JH withdraws from MBC drama "The Moon embraces the Sun"

What ??
Such a promising drama, with script writer from "Sungkyungkwan scandal",
with excellent young actors as Jung Il Woo and Kim So hyun,
and you tell me Jeong Hoon withdraws from it ?!


I'd heard about this drama for a while, it looked interesting,
so it excited me to hear that Jeong Hoon would appear in it (playing a handsome and intellectual scholar).
But then, official source said that he would not be able to make it,
because Jeong Hoon was busy with Japanese album recording.

Still dreaming about watching Jeong Hoon on a MBC long drama.


[Engsub] LOVE STRATEGY 32 episodes complete

this project has been fulfilled finally, after such a longggggg time !
I'm glad we've done it before Jeong Hoon's new Chinese drama release.

Jeong Hoon is so sweet in this drama.
Watch all of 32 episodes in this playlist:

You can watch other engsub videos of Jeong Hoon in the link below,
I've collected there all of the engsub ones I could find on youtube:

Thanks to all the team that has contribute to this subbing project of "Love strategy":
Pado Chou and kydream san for the videos,
Lyna & gnoutiad & SnowTweet & acat_young & Joy for the translation
alexx & ayu for the timing and encode
This project is a collaboration between and


2011.11.25 “Tiptoe to Kiss Love” Media Site Visit

[][Eng trans] “Tiptoe to Kiss Love” Media Site Visit – Visit to Za Qingdao Counter Filming Site

On 15th Nov 2011, the “Tiptoe to Kiss Love” drama team was at Qingdao’s 悦喜客来mall, at the Za counter for filming. As Za is the largest cosmetic sponsor for the drama, it was natural for its counter to make an appearance. The scene involves Zhao Meiling (Pei Bei’s role) becoming the representative for the Za brand, so her manager Bian Tinghua (Yao Di’s role) requests Wen Qingyao (Kim Jeong Hoon's role) to accompany her to the counter to buy some beauty products as a show of support for Meiling. At the crowded counter, the Za beauty consultant notices Qingyao looking ill at ease and cleverly recommends a set of whitening products to Tinghua and tells her that by spending the required amount, she can claim a set of men’s products for Qingyao to use. Mischievously, Tinghua hurries Qingyao to pay up, then takes off herself with the packages. Although Qingyao looks indifferent the whole time, he still acts like a gentleman and finally settles the bill.

The entire scene was shot within Za’s flagship store, which was brightly and fashionably decorated in a cute, pink theme. Even the staff behind the scenes privately enquired about the new products…(not translating the description of the products)

During a filming intermission, lead actor Kim Jeong Hoon took a strong interest in an illuminated poster in the counter, asking the staff nearby whether the model was Pei Bei; only then did everyone realise that he had been pondering it in his mind for some time before asking the question. Jeong Hoon was amazed when told that Pei Bei is actually also the officially contracted representative for Za, and brought smiles when he praised Pei Bei’s suitability for the role. Colleagues on the drama team also expressed their surprise at having this chance to work with her. The whole team passes every day with much laughter and amusing moments.

Trans by wann @junghoonchina

2011.12.3 KJH cyworld message

From Jeong Hoon:
"보 고싶은 여러분 잘 지내셨나요? 요즘 언론시사회와 결정적 한방에 관한 많은 인터뷰로 바쁘게 지내고 있어요 운동도 열심히 하고 있구요 ㅎㅎ12월 6일에 생일파티에 대한 공지가 공식홈페이지에 실릴거라네요.음...보고싶어요 아주많이 보고싶습니다. 기다려주셔서 감사합니다."

English trans from Mersenne:

"Hi everyone this is Kim Jeong Hoon . How are you guys doing? Nowadays I'm busy doing interviews about "Punch-Line" movie and I Just finished with "Punch Line press conference".^^Although I am busy with my work i spend my free time doing exercise lately hehehe. I heard that Notice of my Birthday party It will come out on Tuesday December 6. You know what? I miss you guys a lot ....I am looking forward to seeing my fans"

Besides, Kim Jeong Hoon will be MC of Gaon TV's K-pop chart this coming January 9th 2012, at Pacific Yokohama Hall, the 1st public record.


KJH official facebook

Mersenne has just created another facebook for Jeong Hoon

I think I know why they abandoned the old facebook...
I like this new one better.

Let's start an interesting game:
to guess which entries are posted by Jeong Hoon himself,
and which ones are by his staffs  :D
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