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15 years of Korea debut, and 10 years of Japan debut

Congratulation for the UN debut 2000-07-26 ~ 2015-07-26
I can't believe that has been 15 years already.
Jeong Hoon looked so chubby in those day :-)
Keep up the good music <3 <3 <3

Photo by Mamin Kawa san, thank you


New photos from the Web Drama!

The photos look very romantic!
And JH, so young.
I'm quite delightful to see it ^^

"Kim Jeong Hoon and Secret's Song Ji Eun to star in a new web drama.
The web drama is titled 'Immutable Law of First Love' and is based on an original web novel of the same name. Kim Jeong Hoon will play as Jongguk, a handsome genius man while Song Ji Eun will portray Yeori, a woman who is always hurt by seeing her boyfriend together with other girls.
'Immutable Law of First Love' will run for 11 episode and is scheduled to broadcast at the end of August or early September through Naver TV Cast."
Source: dkpopnews

Photo source: STUDIO FOLEN
Thanks to Sunny Smile


Kim Jeong Hoon takes part in Web Drama

Kim Jeong Hoon, Lee Jeong Bin, Song Ji Eun (from the popular girl band Secret) will act in the Web Drama "First Love".
It will be broadcasted on Naver TV at the end of August / beginning of September.

Yay, many dramas coming our way :-)


Pics from China homepage

Source: kimjeonghoonchina

Another pic from his Chinese drama:

From sina
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