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Actor Park Yoon Jae joining Her Legend

There has just been another actor added to the cast of drama "Her legend": Park Yoon Jae
He looks nice in the pic.
Well I guess the Love Triangle will become a Love Quadrangle now.
Not that I mind any pentagon or hexagon at all, as long as Jeong Hoon is one of its vertex  :D


And there's some French articles about "Her legend" too,
from a French forum about Kdrama.
Blimey, I didn't even know it existed !
Here it is:

Kim Jung Hoon fera son retour sur les écrans avec “Her Legend”
By Zounder

L’acteur Kim Jung Hoon a été choisi pour tenir le premier rôle du nouveau drama de la chaîne JTCB « Her Legend ». Prévu pour juillet, « Her Legend » racontera l’histoire de deux femmes dont la destinée a été échangée et d’un homme dans leur recherche de sincérité. Kim Jung Hoon interprétera un personnage qui possède beauté, intelligence et une bonne réputation, celui de Do Jin Hoo, l’héritier de la plus grande entreprise de mode en Corée,

Kim Jung Hoon a déclaré : « Quand j’ai lu le script pour la première fois, j’ai pensé que le caractère de Do Jin Hoo était similaire au mien. En tant qu’acteur, j’ai envie d’interpréter ce personnage. Ca pourrait être une chance de dévoiler un autre Kim Jung Hoon aux téléspectateurs et c’est pour cette raison que j’ai accepté. S’il vous plait, anticipez ce drama. »

Quant au rôle féminin principal, il a été attribué à Choi Jung Won. Le drama suivra l’histoire de son personnage, pauvre et sans avoir fait d’études mais se servira de son talent pour tenter de se faire une place dans le monde de la maroquinerie de luxe.

Le drama sera réalisé par Lee Seung Ryul qui a entre autres à son actif la réalisation de « Jealousy », drama diffusé en 1992 et qui a pratiquement créé le genre de la comédie romantique telle qu’on la connaît maintenant en Corée. Son dernier drama remontant à 2005, la question est : saura-t-il s’adapter aux tendances actuelles?

Prévu pour être diffusé le lundi et le mardi, « Her Legend » fera suite à « Cruel City » actuellement sur les écrans.

( Pic from facebook )


Choi Jung Won, Kim Jeong Hoon, and Son Eun Seo Form a Love Triangle for Her Legend

Article from

"Choi Jung Won, Kim Jung Hoon, and Son Eun Seo Form a Love Triangle for Her Legend
From ockoala

Not all dramas are created equal but I think to think everything starts off on the same blank piece of paper with a concept. Lately cable networks have consistently been more innovative and entertaining than the Big Three (SBS, MBC, KBS), and by all objective measures doing so by a long shot.
Lately most mainstream dramas can’t even start off well, and almost every one fails by the end so that its truly become a race to see who sucks the least. tvN has got a nice niche on quirky well-branded rom-coms, music channel Mnet has made a great first impression with Monstar, but its jTBC that has been home to the most diverse and rich selection of dramas of good-to-great quality. From A Wife’s Credentials to the daily I Live in Cheongdamdong to Padam Padam to Can We Get Married to War of Flowers to Cruel City (Heartless City), this is the little network that can and the viewers are all luckier because of it. Cruel City has many more weeks to go but the network has announced the main cast for the follow up drama called Her Legend.

Starring Choi Jung Won (Wish Upon a Star, Brain), Kim Jung Hoon (I Need Romance, Goong), and Son Eun Soo (May Queen, Love Rain), the synopsis doesn’t give an indication of the tone to expect about a story surrounding two women with switched fates and the man they both love. This can either be a makjang melodrama or a fun trendy rom-com, right? Choi Jung Won is the leading lady who is poor and hardworking and becomes a successful handbag designer through hard work, though her fate in life may be tied up with Son Eun Seo who is described as a woman who hides her true identity to succeed. Kim Jung Hoon is described as the perfect smart chaebol prince. I often wonder how Korea turns up so many per capita when everywhere else the chances of having a meet-cute run in with a goodlooking ultra rich successful guy is about as likely as getting struck by lightning AFTER getting hit by a meteor. Apparently Kim Jung Hoon said that he felt this character was very similar to himself when he read the script so he wanted to play him. Er….okay, that rather defeats the purpose of “acting” but who am I to doubt his motivation. Her Legend premieres in late July on Mon-Tues.

I actually like all three of the main leads in the same nonchalant way. They have always been serviceable for me, and perhaps having no one that I love in the cast will be a plus since I can just focus on the script and directing to see if this drama stacks up to jTBC standards despite having a truly clichéd plot synopsis. "


2011.05.11 Kiss the radio (BTS pics)

When he signed for fans after the radio with Suju ^^

From Dclily and as tag

How genuine is his smile :)


[Vid]Heart For One Person (DVD Japan)

Kim Jeong Hoon (John-Hoon) song "Heart For One Person":

From MrHooniestar


[Cap]JH Step by step #14 - TOWA event 2013.05.26

I'll post more pics than usual,
because this episode is about TOWA Sport Event in Pusan, full blast !!
I've been there ^^^^
You can read my report here:

This is when we fans first saw him when we were queuing outside the gym,
he was just so... colorful, wasn't he? :-)

Doing the warm-up after the MC:

The MANY strange poses of him :D

Attacking even his own statue :D

Captures from Kim Jeong Hoon Hispanic fb


Some BTS pics of Jeong Hoon in 2012

Click on the pic for full size.

2012.05.20 after Musical "Catch me if you can" :

2012.5.26 at the airport:

From hellobombom & DclilyEvent Jh


[Cap]John Hoon Step by step #13

Some pics of Jeong Hoon's boxing match ...
and then, the famous Towa sport event in Pusan !!

From KimJeongHoon.FansMade fb

I would want to know, who/what made him laugh so hard? :D
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