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What does Jeong Hoon have to say about himself?

I can't help giggling when I read this article :D
Let's hear what Jeong Hoon says about his new drama 그녀의 신화, and about HIM :

Article from

"Kim Jeong-hoon from the duo UN has been cast for the main role of the new JTBC drama [ Her Myth ].

[ Her Myth ] is about two women with different fates and a man who has everything.

Kim Jeong-hoon takes on the role of Do Jin-hoo, a man who has looks, brains, reputation and background. He is the heir of the greatest fashion group.

Kim Jeong-hoon said, "I thought the character was very much alike me when I first read the script. I wanted to try something like this. I think I can show everyone a different side of me this time". "

Apparently, Jeong Hoon admited that he had looks, brains, reputation and background, right?
Not that I disagree  ^____^

I just hope the translation from hancinema is reliable.
Original article: 

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