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Report: Kim Jeong Hoon's "Her legend" fanmeeting

Normally the fanmeeting would start at 18:00.
But Jeong Hoon was still busy with the filming of "Her Legend", so fans just waited for him a little bit.
It was raining so hard outside.
Poor boy. I don't know if he had time to eat properly.
Maybe he just bought some dinner box and ate it in the car on the way to the fanmeeting.

When the light on the stage finally went out, they started to play the music of "Sirius".
Everybody clapped, because it was their favorite song.
Jeong Hoon came out and sang it!

He wore a black suit and a dark blue shirt, so handsome, and very young with his short hair.
It reminded me of the time when he had just gone out of the army, but this short hair in "Her legend" was cockier.

His voice was sweet and strong as ever. Fans were glad to hear "Sirius" after a long time.
They all rose up and waved and cheered, with their blue lightstick, Jeong Hoon's favorite color.

After the song, Jeong Hoon greeted everybody and talked about his role in Her legend.

He seemed to ask if everybody has seen "Her legend" yet.
The answer was not a definite "yes", so Jeong Hoon smiled tolerantly.

At some point, I shouted to the stage: "Uiji wangja!"
("Cucumber prince", the nickname that Eun Jeong Soo in the drama often called Do Jin Hoo by.)
Jeong Hoon heard it and startled. He looked at my direction, but I didn't know if he saw me.
I'm not even sure if he caught my meaning, because my Korean pronunciation was very bad :D

Then Jeong Hoon sang "Too far away", one of UN's famous song, but in Japanese lyrics.
Do you remember, that song has a Korean version and a Japanese one. It was a touching song in either language, and Jeong Hoon conveyed its emotions very well.

He also sang the song "Message" from one of his recent Japanese singles.
The song was upbeat, sometimes the lyrics went too fast and Jeong Hoon forgot the lyrics ^^
It was okay, we all know that he was tired after a long day of filming.
He said that he hadn't slept much last night. He didn't even know if he had eaten breakfast or not T_T
Sigh. I hope he took care of his health. He looked thin.

He sang "Sunmool" too. I've always loved this song.

He told us about the filming stories.
For exemple, in one scene when Eun Jeong Soo's iphone was supposed to "vibrate" in his pocket, in fact it was his hand vibrating in the pocket :D
Because the iphone's real vibrating was not enough to be seen by the camera.
It was amazing how I could understand that part, even if I didn't know the Korean words.
Or perhaps Jeong Hoon's storytelling skills are that good ^^

We played "Q & A" with him, as usual.
The fans who won could go on to the stage and took a couple picture with him.

After the talking part, Jeong Hoon sat down and signed authographs for each fan, and shook their hand.
Everyone was excited and started to wash their hand in waiting :D

When it was my turn, I told Jeong Hoon that the drama was interesting,
and I like the character Do Jin Hoo a lot :D
Jeong Hoon was very, very pleased to hear it. He grinned widely to me and his eyes sparkled ^^

It seems that many fans asked him if he was okay with the tiresome filming schedule of Her legend.
He answered into the microphone, kind of: I'm okay, don't worry, thank you etc.
"Gwen cha nayo. Ta ji obu."

After that, we took group photos with Jeong Hoon.
Each fan drew lot to see if we can sit next to him.
I drew a bad lot, I had to stand behind him, far to his right T_T
I could only see the corner of his smiling eyes.

But no matter what, I was very happy to meet him.
Seeing him in person was much nicer than in the drama.
I will continue to watch the drama Her Legend and support him ^_^


Text preview of ep 17 Her legend & photos

Text preview of ep 17, from JTBC:

Do Yeong finally recognizes Jeong Soo and they are reunited at long last.

Jeong Soo, drawing on the know-how of Dongdaemun market traders, prepares to launch a new fashion brand at a pop-up store within an existing department store.

After the sudden death of Shinwha Group's President Do, an emergency meeting of the Board of Directors elects Soo Ho as his successor. He tries to press ahead with the formal engagement of Seo Hyeon to Jin Hoo, who has lost all his bearings. Jin Hoo, not knowing where to turn, decides to press ahead with his formal engagement to Seo Hyeon.

From baduy at

Stills of Ep 14 from JTBC:


[Engsub]Ep 16 Her legend: Video and Summary

Watch ep 16 online with engsub:

Text preview ep 16 from jtbc:

JS changes her resolve, quits the Shinwha Group and embarks on preparations to launch a luxury brand in her own name. But painful memories of JH keep coming back to her.Jong Wook, finally learning through his background checks that Seo Hyeon isn't the real Jeong Soo, is plunged into despair, while Do Yeong in raging fury declares that she will revoke the adoption immediately.Meanwhile, after the sudden collapse of President Do, Soo Ho begins to reveal his ambitions to seize Shinwha for himself.
Trans by baduy at

Summary of ep 16:

After Min Ki has revealed So Hoo's villainy to JH, JH thanks him and says admiringly that he realizes it must have been really hard for him to put his loyalty to a friend before that for a man who'd been like a father to him, MK replies that he'd have done exactly the same thing even if SH had been his real father. (!!!) BTW the book that DY picked up from her vanity table was the catalog of the art exhibition she'd been visiting with SH's wife when she spotted JS, chided her for threatening her daughter and asked her her name. Remembering the hesitation with which JS identified herself a Eun Yeong Hee, DH suddenly realizes that was the true name of her adopted daughter (as revealed the previous evening) and is overwhelmed by devastation at the sudden realization of what JS must have been suffering and how her own faiilure to recognize her must have made that suffering so much worse.

It's typical of the DY who back then deliberately swerved her car to protect JS from the force of the collision that what really moves her from benumbed silent shock into determined action is her sudden anguished realization of what JS have gone through, and must be still be going through rather than anger at the way she herself was tricked, as the preview text rather implied.

One final thing, for now. DY's hubby refuses JS' uncle's offer to take KH back to her rightful place straight away, saying there are complicated issues there, affecting more than the two immediate families, which need to be handled very carefully so for the time being the uncle should pretend to know nothing, especially to JS's aunt. Of course, when he says that he doesn't know that DY back at home, is independently realising who and where JS is, so his intention of letting the full horror dawn on her in stages so as not to drive her to distraction is thwarted, But he clearly also has an eye on the larger developments within Shinwa, affecting also the future of his own company, and he's anxious that the personal tragedies shouldn't precipitate a business crisis threatening the livelhood of thousands of employees if that can be avoided.

It looks from the video teaser as though he's persuaded his wife to go along with that line in her public behavior, because it seems from that preview that JH has indeed become engaged to KH with her adoptive parent's knowledge and consent (but presumably without him knowing the full truth about the two women's past) as part of a move to thwart SH's schemes. Near the end of today's episode, JH was following MK's advice to secure a tactical alliance against SH by getting KH on his side in the internal power struggles, and she immediately seized her chance. No sooner had he revealed that he wanted to talk to her on a "personal" matter (referring to his wish to prevent his grandfather from succumbing to SH's schemes by helping reinforce JS's position in the firm) than she got in her price first as a "personal" request on her part, too, namely that they should get engaged. Not, she stressed, with any view to actually marrying, but because making such an engagement public would be of benefit to the company, to JS's grandfather, and also to herself, in ways she didn't specify at the time.

In his furious and rather spoiled-brattish list of all he'd done and gone through to deserve finally grabbing Shinwa all for himself, SH included "abandoning the woman I loved" Boy, has he got it coming to him! If MK does turn out to be his son, he'll have managed to make both his kids despise him beyond remedy long before they even knew who he was, Unless, that is, there are several large tanks of Korean Magic Forgiveness Tonic waiting to be quaffed in the last 10 minutes of the final episode.
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[Engsub]Ep 15 Her legend: Video & Summary

Watch ep 15 online with engsub:

Summary of ep 15:

So that was what aroused adoptive dad's suspicions: On the way out after getting her belongings from aunt's home, JS dropped her i-tag. Adoptive dad who called in on aunt picked it up to return it to JS. When he looked at the tag, his eyes widened when he saw the name EUN JUNG SOO.

On top of that, DY had a recollective dream about little JS being ill-treated by aunt. In her convo with aunt later on in the kitchen, I think she asked about aunt's relationship with JS and aunt probably spun a story that did not co-relate with that dream. Dig your own grave, aunt! The truth will be out soon!
From rubysing at soompi

Today was the first time DY's hubby ever set eyes on the actual identity documents on which the adoption was based, and the information that the girl's "legal" name was supposedly originally Kyeong Hee was complete news to him, as was also the lawyer's account of how the aunt and her husband supposedly changed the girl's name on a fortune-teller's advice. The lawyer admits that he thought there was something fishy about that tale at the time, and asks should he look into it now, but his employer says no... he'll take charge of investigating matters himself from now on.

Ironically / fatefully, what brought him to the house and the passing encounter with JS was KY's lie about her mother being injured, which was her explanation for why she suddenly showed up and said her "uncle" needed to leave with her right away. Gentleman that he is, he has come to enquire about their housekeeper's health (though he had indeed already wondered how on earth KH knew to find her "uncle" at his company, and there may already have been an element of checking up in his visit as well as the patriarchal concern.)

In the confrontation with JS, KH has said that even if DY and her husband found out she was a "fake daughter", they'd never be able to abandon her now, so JS needn't hope to step into her shoes. We know she is far from convinced of that herself, but it seems to give JS some pause for thought.

At the start of the episode JS notices that her album of designs has gone missing from the office (where, to resolve something that was puzzling us earlier, she currently seems to have been camping out). It turns out that JH has spirited it away to show Kim Dae Pung, in order to convince him that JS has enormous talent and that her designs are fully worthy of his efforts. It works, Dae Pung is bowled over, and can't wait to get to work making the prototype required for the contest the following day. When she discovers that this change of heart is all down to JH taking her design album (which Dae Pung now gives back to her) she is hugely grateful to JH, but he is sulking in his car and refusing her calls.

Alas, when she then goes back to see how Dae Pung is getting on with making the bag, she discovers him drunk again, and incapable of cutting the leather properly, She chides him bitterly for letting her down by hitting the bottle again just when he needed to be sober, but he weepingly explains that his alcoholism is now so bad that he can't do any skilled work even when sober. His notoriious pickiness and insistence that all the designs that came his way were beneath his notice was his way of covering up for that fact. He'd been so thrilled by JS designs that he forgot his own incapacity but when he started work found his hands were trembling so badly that the only remedy he could think of was to drink in the hope that would temporarily take the tremors away, but it didn't.

So he suggests that the only way to get the bag made in time is to go to another maker who he believes is up to the task. He writes his particulars on a piece of paper for JS. But she demurs, saying that although the design is hers, she is now an employee of Shinwha and it would be a serious matter if she revealed an in-house design to anyone outside the company, so she wants to keep it within Shinwha and try to persuade another of the in-house technicians to do the job. But Dae Pung pleads with her not to do that, because it would mean revealing the truth about his condition and would mean he'd be fired and made destitute, with no one else ready to employ him. For that reason, he asks her to promise she'll tell no-one about going to the outside bagmaker, not even JH, and she agrees.

So she goes secretly to the bagmaker in her old haunt of Dongdaemun, and though he proves capable of delivering the goods as Dae Pung has said, he also holds on to the design. When it looks as though the Internet vote which is to have the final say is turning out in favor of JS's design, KH arranges for the bagmaker to flood the market with cheap copies of JS's design, and then to tell the police when he is arrested that JS deliberately slipped him that design in order to make money for herself on the side.

At the same time, KH is priming JH with her "admission" that her pre-adoption name is Kyeong Hee, and that she was brought up alongside the her orphaned impoverished and mean-spirited cousin Jeong Soo, who always bitterly resented her talents and accomplishments, and as soon as she returned to Korea set out to bring her down. This takes JH aback, but he doesn't find KH's story credible, though he can't help wondering why he had to hear about the two women's past from KH rather than from JS herself, and that brings home to him how little JS must care about and trust him. But JH isn't KH's true target for that "confession". She goes to tell his grandfather her tale. saying that she'd hoped to spare JS for the sake of the family connection, but now that she knows JS has deliberately wiled her way into Shinwha to ruin the firms business and steal JH from her, she feels she has no alternative but to tell the President the "truth" and to ask him to intervene to "save" JH from the evil wiles of JS.

JS asks the police officer who is investigating the case whether if she reveals, in strict confidence, what really happened, the police and prosecutors will keep something about her explanation ( she means Dae Pung's secret, of course) strictly confidential from Sinwha, but the officer, understandably enough, says he can't give her that undertaking, and so she is unable to defend herself, without breaking her pledge to Dae Pung, either to the police or to JH' grandfather when he summons her, So she succumbs to the President's bullying and agrees to assign all rights in her designs, current and future, to Shinwa unconditionally in return for not being prosecuted.

From baduy at soompi


Jeong Hoon's cuts from Her Legend

Now, after you have seen these episodes with engsubs and understood its plot,
you may want to watch only Jeong Hoon's part in the drama, just for sheer pleasure ^___^
There are his cuts in all episode at this youtube channel:

A cut from ep 13:

From johnhoonlove0146 san

If you want to download HD videos of the full episodes, together with english softsubs, you can look at this website:


Message book of Kim Jeong Hoon's fans to him during Her legend

Fans from all over the world (Asia, Latin America, Europe,...) have written cheering messages to Kim Jeong Hoon for the shooting of Her legend drama. His Korean fans have helped to put it in a book and sent it to his hands.

Jeong Hoon reading the message book:

and many other pages of individual messages :)

From DclilyEvent Jh facebook & United Supporters of Kim Jeong Hoon


Eating gifs ^_^

I can look at his eating all day long :D

Credit to panghoon at twitter


Kim Jeong Hoon's gif in Her Legend Ep 14

Absolute cuteness, captured in gifs  ^__^
Thanks to panghoon at twitter

What was he trying to say? :-D

His foot  :-D

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