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[Engsub]Ep 12 Her Legend: Link & Summary

Watch online Episode 12 with  engsubs:

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Summary of Ep 12:
(I love the blue part ~~~~~~~)

When she discovers that the person Do Yeong adopted instead of her was Kyeong Hee, Jeong Soo is distraught with shock.

Under the impact of this shock, she leaves her aunt's house, but does not [VERB MISSING HERE IN THE KOREAN] the fact that she has run away from home.

Jin Hoo picked her up and put her in his car and took her to his house, while holding her hand to console her.

In JH's house... best boyfriend ever, our JH. He had a bag delivered to JS full of cute things and personal effects she needs. He gave her a problem to solve on his board, and she tried to solve it!

Meanwhile, the Luna project cannot shake off the stigma of having supposedly stolen a design from Red Milan, and the whole project is in jeopardy.

JS plucked up courage and is visiting KH in her home! KH looked stunned. KH crying and kneeling before JS. JS told KH to continue living in Ahjumma house for the rest of her life as she would reveal the truth and her anxiety would be her punishment. JS also told KH to keep feeling guilty about her calling her real parents , aunty and uncle while living in this house and that she is curious how this will all turn out (indirect threat).

After JS confronted KH, KH clutched her heart in pain. She got warded in hospital, unconscious or sedated. Her adoptive parents came rushing in and JS saw from the doorway, DY calling out to KH (SH) that it's her, her omma. Felt JS's pain and loss.

MK called KH's phone and DY answered. After calling off, DY saw on the caller's list EUN JUNG SOO.... yay! suspicions aroused again!

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  1. Thanks for the brief summary of last night's episode :)

    1. You're welcome Marie Tan ^_^
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