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New album in the end of the year ^^

A few days ago, an article was published about an interview with Kim Jeong Hoon, but it got a misleading title that caused many fans to worry:

The title of the article said, "(Kim Jeong Hoon) I don't have a plan to be active in music now" ( 김정훈 "음악 다시 할 계획 없어요"). Fortunately, it is not correct.

Due to Mersenne's today notice, what Kim Jeong Hoon wanted to convey in that interview is:
"I am currently shooting the drama 'Her Legend', at the moment I'm more focus on actor career than singer career."

When the drama finishes, he will return to the singer career.
Also, about the end of the year, a new album of him is expected to be announced ^^


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