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Text preview of ep 17 Her legend & photos

Text preview of ep 17, from JTBC:

Do Yeong finally recognizes Jeong Soo and they are reunited at long last.

Jeong Soo, drawing on the know-how of Dongdaemun market traders, prepares to launch a new fashion brand at a pop-up store within an existing department store.

After the sudden death of Shinwha Group's President Do, an emergency meeting of the Board of Directors elects Soo Ho as his successor. He tries to press ahead with the formal engagement of Seo Hyeon to Jin Hoo, who has lost all his bearings. Jin Hoo, not knowing where to turn, decides to press ahead with his formal engagement to Seo Hyeon.

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Stills of Ep 14 from JTBC:

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