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[Engsub]Ep 9 Her legend: Video and Summary

Watch Episode 9 Her legend online with engsubs:

Summary of Ep 9:

Do Jinhoo asked Minki if he liked Jung Soo, but before Minki had a chance to answer, Jinhoo told him never mind, because whether Minki liked her or not, he had to stop liking her, because Jinhoo did, so Minki'd better back off. (^_^)

Evil Aunt came on a buttering-up visit do DY's Seoul house and DY apologized to her for not being able to offer her much in the way of hospitality since her trusty housekeeper from the beach villa hadn't wanted to leave her family to come and work for them in Seoul and she was currently trying without much success to find a suitable replacement.

At that point Evil Aunt has one of her instant nasty brainwaves, and she suggests herself for the job, pointing out that she knows all about how to look after her supposed niece in a way no stranger could. DY is taken aback by the proposal, and answers very non-committally.

Later that evening, she tells her husband, who is just as doubtful as she is about the idea. (We should perhaps remember that DY has no memories of what Evil Aunt was like when they met, and massively disliked, each other, in JS's childhood days. But her husband of course has such memories, and he remarked on the apparent huge change in the Aunt's character when they met again and found it hard to credit.) They decide, however, to put the matter to KH. If it's really what she would like, then they'll agree.

But so far, DY hasn't told KH about this possibility. She was on the verge of broaching it today after KH pulled another clever stunt by recalling what JS once told her about "her Ajumma's" marvellous pasta when DY serves up pasta as the first meal she's cooked for her in the Seoul house. KH seizes on the opportunity to "remember" her first taste of DY's spaghetti, even though DY has lost all recollection of it. But DY catches herself at the last moment and postpones asking the question about the housekeeper appointment.

The angry post-mortem into what happened at the blind date shows Jinhoo being alarmed when his grandfather tells him in no uncertain terms "I'm the one who decides who my grandson marries!", which is a far cry from his apparently light-hearted tone in the previous episode when he had asked JH to just meet the woman concerned to please him, and no worries if nothing came of it. He accuses JH of having secretly had his eye on Kyunghee from the start and having engineered her a place in the Luna project group so as to further their relationship. It looks as though grandfather, on the basis of this suspicion, is preparing to order JH to drop KH from the project when there's a knock at the door and it's KH herself showing up to make a crafty move. She says she's come to accept full responsibility for what happened and to admit that the breaking-up of the blind date was entirely on her initiative, based on a misunderstanding and a hasty misjudgement of the situation and so JH isn't in any way to blame. That not only absolves JH of the gross rudeness which his grandfather thought he had deliberately planned in advance, but it makes his grandfather view her in a different light and makes him grudgingly admire her "courage" and "honesty" in risking his anger to save JH, as well as apparently showing that she obviously must care a lot for him to take that risk.

Yoo Ara (the one who stole JS's design), confronted privately by Min Ki, admits to him that the design wasn't hers and stands to be dismissed from the company as a result, although JS, once satisfied that Ara has admitted her guilt to Min Ki and won't do it again, begs JH to use his influence to stop Ara being fired. (The fact that the girl she went out of her way to save responded by stabbing her in the back is why JS gives her that parting look: maybe that will start to teach JS about the folly of thinking everyone is as nice as she is.)

However, the matter is too serious to be passed over that way, and a formal inquiry has to be held. But when asked in the meeting whether she stole JS's design, Ara unexpectedly holds to her original story that JS must have stolen the design, but admits that she in turn passed off as her own a design for one of next season's Red Milan products which was passed to her by a contact in the New York office. At which, KH hands out copies of the fax that has just arrived from Red Milan confirming that the design originated with them, though of course that's not true since we heard KH arranging with her crony at Red Milan to concoct the fax.

So the inquiry apparently brings two quite separate copying offenses to light, albeit both concerning the same design. The finding is that Yoo Ara passed off one of Red Milan's designs as her own, and JS then allegedly, not realizing that the design was supposedly already stolen, copied it from Yoo Ara and tried to claim the credit for it and get Yoo Ara dismissed in the hope of taking her place in the team.

The end effect is that Yoo Ara stays on under a confidential disciplinary warning, and JS has to go, despite the attempts of JH to appeal to his grandfather on JS's behalf (his grandfather furiously dismisses his arguments, implying that his grandson's obvious soft spot for JS is still further evidence that his judgement can't be trusted where women are concerned) and despite also MK's appeal to Choi Soo Ho, saying that, whatever the origins of the design Yoo Ara submitted, he is absolutely certain that the design in JS's notebook was all her own work. Soo Ho concedes that MK may be right, but argues that JS's fate is secondary to preserving the reputation of the company (and as usual in Kdramas, he backs that up by saying that this isn't about profits for the owners, it's about ensuring the livelihoods of thousands of employees). So JS will be dismissed for attempting company-internal plagiarism of a Shinwha designer's work (a matter that, if it arouses any public interest at all, will merely show the high standards of integrity Shinwha enforces) but what Yoo Ara did will be passed over in silence, since bringing that to light would cast a serious slur on the company's behaviour via a vis other companies (and KH undertakes to use her standing with Red Milan to get them to relinquish any claims to the design, since Shinwha is already committed within industry circules to making it their lead design of the season. Since it was never Red Milan's design in the first place, and since no-one at Red Milan even knows about the design or the fax apart from the crony who agreed to send it, it's very easy for KH to deliver on that apparently major promise, while at the same time ostensibly performing yet another "service" for Shinwha for which grandfather will be grateful.

The three co-workers who talk about what's happened after JS has departed with the manager to finalize her dismissal at the HR office while Ara keeps uncomfortably silent are saying that they don't believe she would steal a design from another team member, and they can't see how she, with no insider contacts to the other big industry players, could have any access to Red Milan's next season's designs, so she can't really have stolen it independently from there, either The older female is in the course of saying that since the finest designers succeed precisely because of their sensitive antennae for forthcoming trends, it's not inconceivable that two such designers they can arrive independently at very similar designs, but she's cut short by the returning manager who declares that the whole topic is now closed and mustn't be raised again.

Though apparently leading to nothing in the Luna team, that line of defense is exactly the one we see JH arriving at himself. He, too, is as unable to believe in JS's guilt as he is to contest the apparently incontrovertible evidence that the design really does belong to Red Milan. But he recalls how, years ago, JS dumbfounded him by proving that, thanks to the sort of fashion antennae her erstwhile co-worker talks about, she had indeed come up totally independently with the same design as one just about to be released by a major fashion house, and he gives her the photo she once pasted to the display window and which he has kept ever since, as a sign of how, and why, he believes in her innocence.

The uncle will be coming to the company tomorrow to find Soo Ho (Jungsoo's real father) What, if anything, that will do for JS isn't clear (we see that she doesn't get her job back, but somehow or other she seems to get a sales assistant job in store that's upmarket enough to be patronized by DY, suggesting someone put a word in for her, though she may not know that). But it's plain that it reveals to SH that he has a daughter and that his daughter's mother died in poverty and isolation after he abandoned her for richer pickings. Whether or not he'll tell anyone else, including JS's uncle, about that is a different matter. His graveside (or cliff-top) manner seems to involve apologetically addressing the departed and saying, in effect "Sorry I'm going to do some dirty deals you wouldn't approve of, but hey, you're dead, and I'm not..."

What Jinhoo did after coming back to the café frantically trying to find JS, but having (of course) narrowly missed her, was to pay for enough coffees to stamp a whole boardful of customer cards in her name. When he comes back yet again, he discovers that all the cards have gone, showing both that she came back and saw his gesture, and that she is signalling she doesn't intend to accept it. Just as she returned the phone to him after erasing all the records of his calls, though she forgot to erase the mapping of MK's number to his name, so that when MK keeps trying to call her, the returned phone rings in JH's pocket, and MK's name shows on the caller display, so JH sees to his annoyance how keen MK is to find her too (and he's also able to read MK's text to her telling him he's waiting for her where she normally has her street stall, hence the cliffhanger meeting between the rival men).
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