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About "Fanmeeting in Seoul" Tour 3013.9.28

The organizing agent (JTB) has extended the applying deadline for fans til September 4th.
Final result will be connected to participants on Sept 9th.
If you want to come, now is the time to fill in the form.

Here is the link to apply
(but check your bank account before you do):

The page is all in Japanese, but I'm sure you'll find a way to survive through it. The tour is kinda a test of courage and patience, and the registration form is just the beginning of it :D

John Hoon invited fan to the fanmeeting:

Thanks to yuruyuru san

Remember that you'll have to take a flight Japan - Seoul on Sept 27th, no matter where you come from.
Basically, if you're not a Japanese, and not a Korean, you'll need to apply for 2 visas in order to join.

Have fun ^___^

(I had gigantic fun when I tried to meddle in )

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