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[Engsub]Ep 14 Her Legend: Video & Summary

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Summary of Ep 14:

JS called KH Kim So Hyun. JS has a confident air about her. KH looked insecure and unhappy. Now the 2 of them are talking (KH probably asking JS "what are you doing here?")

Threats? Warnings? from KH to JS but JS stood her ground, not intimidated at all, able to rebut KH.

Staff talking to KH about what she found out (prob about the other team). KH threw a fit and spoiling for a fight.

JH and JS in the office space designated for JS. They had to clean the place up and Ah Ra appears.

So Hoo explains to KH why he'd hired JS. To stop anyone else getting her designs, and to sideline the Luna project (and JH along with it) while concentrating Shinwha's future efforts on KM's team, which is following through KH's idea of franchising the designs of foreign firms and modifying them for the Korean market. He intends to use the sidelined Luna project as a temporary "pacemaker" for KM's team to keep them on their toes until they succeed and the Luna project and its members can be dropped, ensuring that HS's protegé KM displaces JH in his grandfather's favor and becomes CEO. Yoo Ara is, of course, a spy and potential saboteur. JS hasn't shed enough of her former daftness not to see through her.

When DY asked JS her name, she replied "Eun .... Kyeong Hee" !

Ah Ra congratulating JS and trying to make peace with JS, apologising and offering to help with the clean up.
KH and Soo Ho in discussion. KH probably questioning SH's decision about the project.

KH back in her office, speaking her thoughts aloud. She got called to a meeting with MK and a few others. JH on the other hand is having a mtg with JS, Ah Ra and another staff.

Ah Ra and the supervisor talking.

MK and JS talking outside the office building.

JS back in the designated room with JH and the 2 girls.

The JH/JS team heading to an art gallery, prob for ideas. JH is with JS looking at art pieces.

DY and friend (Soo Ho's wife?) are also at the gallery... what a small world! DY and JS in bathroom and DY on the phone. DY recognised JS as the one who visited her home. Now sitting on a bench talking.

DY speaks to JS firmly but calmly and considerately. Even to the extent of suggesting that they should go somewhere more private than a Kdrama ladies washroom, which as we know is is a prime eavesdropping spot in many dramas.

Once they are in a spot where JS needn't fear the embarassment of being witnessed receiving a rebuke from an elder, DY says she can understand why JS feels resentful towards KY since she blames her for getting her fired over the alleged plagiarism, but she assures her that KH was entirely innocent in that matter and she knows her daughter would never do anything like that, whatever JS may have been told.

She adds that she is not without influence in the company where JS now works (though again, we appreciate that DY has gone out of her way not to let her friend, the Shinwha boss's wife, hear this exchange) and she'll feel obliged to take steps to defend her daughter if JS persists in threatening her. But she also adds, with evident sincerity rather than in any menacing way, that she feels sure that now JS has been assured of KH innocence, she won't misbehave in that way again, and that she's sorry if a mother's wish to protect her daughter has led her to be rude to JS.

JS hastens to assure her that she hasn't been at all offended by DY's words, and that she fully appreciates that every mother does whatever she can to protect her daughter, right or wrong. Which leads DY to make the remark that really devastates JS, saying that she's sure JS's mother feels exactly the same way about her and would leap just as eagerly to her defense.

Seeing how moved JS is by those words, but not, of course, really understanding why, DY's tone becomes warmer and she says that she has a distinct feeling that they've met somewhere before. To help her fathom out where and when that might be, she, very politely, asks JS's name. Which is when JS hesitantly tells her her family name, then after a long pause, comes out with Kyeong Hee as her given name.

Poor JS is heartbroken and crying. JH looking for her in the grounds. Found her. Poor JS continued crying in JH's car.

DY was seen in her car, reflecting on her convo with JS.

JS and JH together with JS taking photos of bags of passersby.

JH/JS head back to the office. A tired JH nodding off and JS recalling her convo with DY.

The next day, KH saw JH and JS walking along the corridor. They must have worked through the night.

JS excitedly went into the men's bathroom, to tell JH a light-bulb moment for the project.

JS explaining what that inspiration was.

Did Ah Ra report to KH? Someone did. May not be Ah Ra.

KH came face to face with JS. (JS looks so pretty!)

Other girl ran to her team to report about something.

The technician assigned to Luna team is a actually drunk and a liability, obviously another sabotage attempt from on high.

When KH called out "Dad" to her real father, her adoptive father, standing just behind him, thought he meant her. So it wasn't the give-away that the teaser made it look. She explained her agitation, and her real father's distress by saying they'd just heard that her "aunt" had been injured, so she needed to leave with her "uncle" right away. But the incident has added to her adoptive father's growing suspicions, especially when he recounts the event that evening to his wife and she reveals to him her discovery of the torn up picture of JS's mother.

Looks like JS is putting all the pieces together over all that JH has been doing for her and now she realises that he likes her?

She decides that must be the case, so she waits outside his house to ask him straight out. But of course, he dithers and dathers as usual, and she takes that as evidence she was wrong and is going away again, not at all sure in herself whether she's relieved or disappointed, when he calls her back to tell her that whatever she does and says, even when he thinks its stupid and embarrassing (as with her agreeing to sing a song to bring the grumpy technician into line) -- if she does it, then he likes it.

He said something like he is very frustrated that he can't help her regardless of a small or big matter and he is so angry to death with himself. Another important sentence which is the ending of Epi 14 is JH telling JS to do all she can, to go to his side.

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