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[Engsub]Ep 16 Her legend: Video and Summary

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Text preview ep 16 from jtbc:

JS changes her resolve, quits the Shinwha Group and embarks on preparations to launch a luxury brand in her own name. But painful memories of JH keep coming back to her.Jong Wook, finally learning through his background checks that Seo Hyeon isn't the real Jeong Soo, is plunged into despair, while Do Yeong in raging fury declares that she will revoke the adoption immediately.Meanwhile, after the sudden collapse of President Do, Soo Ho begins to reveal his ambitions to seize Shinwha for himself.
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Summary of ep 16:

After Min Ki has revealed So Hoo's villainy to JH, JH thanks him and says admiringly that he realizes it must have been really hard for him to put his loyalty to a friend before that for a man who'd been like a father to him, MK replies that he'd have done exactly the same thing even if SH had been his real father. (!!!) BTW the book that DY picked up from her vanity table was the catalog of the art exhibition she'd been visiting with SH's wife when she spotted JS, chided her for threatening her daughter and asked her her name. Remembering the hesitation with which JS identified herself a Eun Yeong Hee, DH suddenly realizes that was the true name of her adopted daughter (as revealed the previous evening) and is overwhelmed by devastation at the sudden realization of what JS must have been suffering and how her own faiilure to recognize her must have made that suffering so much worse.

It's typical of the DY who back then deliberately swerved her car to protect JS from the force of the collision that what really moves her from benumbed silent shock into determined action is her sudden anguished realization of what JS have gone through, and must be still be going through rather than anger at the way she herself was tricked, as the preview text rather implied.

One final thing, for now. DY's hubby refuses JS' uncle's offer to take KH back to her rightful place straight away, saying there are complicated issues there, affecting more than the two immediate families, which need to be handled very carefully so for the time being the uncle should pretend to know nothing, especially to JS's aunt. Of course, when he says that he doesn't know that DY back at home, is independently realising who and where JS is, so his intention of letting the full horror dawn on her in stages so as not to drive her to distraction is thwarted, But he clearly also has an eye on the larger developments within Shinwa, affecting also the future of his own company, and he's anxious that the personal tragedies shouldn't precipitate a business crisis threatening the livelhood of thousands of employees if that can be avoided.

It looks from the video teaser as though he's persuaded his wife to go along with that line in her public behavior, because it seems from that preview that JH has indeed become engaged to KH with her adoptive parent's knowledge and consent (but presumably without him knowing the full truth about the two women's past) as part of a move to thwart SH's schemes. Near the end of today's episode, JH was following MK's advice to secure a tactical alliance against SH by getting KH on his side in the internal power struggles, and she immediately seized her chance. No sooner had he revealed that he wanted to talk to her on a "personal" matter (referring to his wish to prevent his grandfather from succumbing to SH's schemes by helping reinforce JS's position in the firm) than she got in her price first as a "personal" request on her part, too, namely that they should get engaged. Not, she stressed, with any view to actually marrying, but because making such an engagement public would be of benefit to the company, to JS's grandfather, and also to herself, in ways she didn't specify at the time.

In his furious and rather spoiled-brattish list of all he'd done and gone through to deserve finally grabbing Shinwa all for himself, SH included "abandoning the woman I loved" Boy, has he got it coming to him! If MK does turn out to be his son, he'll have managed to make both his kids despise him beyond remedy long before they even knew who he was, Unless, that is, there are several large tanks of Korean Magic Forgiveness Tonic waiting to be quaffed in the last 10 minutes of the final episode.
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  1. 사랑해요. Thank you very much for the fast recap :)

    1. Thank you for watching my blog ^^ The recap is from baduy, who is an amazing Kdrama fan :)
      Kappa Sub

  2. I will not able to read the recap if you did not post Baduy's recap. I would like to thanks both of you for posting the recap. By reading your translation of the preview for the next episode, I felt quite sad for JeongHoon. I felt that Choi JungWon should go back to support him if his grandpa is no longer around.


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