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Kim Jeong Hoon invites fans to his birthday party

Video from
you can watch the video there and also apply to attend the birthday party in that link.

Thanks to Mamin san

He seems to be very healthy and casual, I'm glad ^^


Jeong Hoon's designed bag

It has arrived to Korean fans who ordered, and will soon arrive to other fans, I hope ^^

From Dclilyevent Jh facebook


"Love on tiptoe" on China television

"Love on Tiptoe will be on 陝西衛視 starting December 3, 7:30pm, 7 days a week.
Watch it live on (need software downloaded)
or ♥♥
Thanks to cake1228 weibo "

From Junghoonchina fb


다시 (Again) MV with Gaon TV scenes

A fan MV gather several cutes scenes of John Hoon in Gaon TV videos,
background music is the song "다시" (Again) that he sang for a drama OST :-)

From 爱次肉的 moon


2014.01.17~19 Birthday fanmeeting in Busan

Official link of the Tour:

Date of Kim Jeong Hoon's Birthday party: 2014.01.18

Sign up period: 2013.11.27 10 am to 2013.12.09 10 am

Event's venue: Busan Lotte Hotel

Content of the tour

1. Special Fan Meeting by Kim Jeong Hoon!
Let's celebrate his birthday together! !

2. Kim Jeong Hoon will directly hand authographed printed posters to all participants!

3. Handshake meeting with Kim Jeong Hoon

4. Mini-concert by Kim Jeong Hoon (5 songs planned)

5. Kim Jeong Hoon's talk show and game tournament (with gifts given by lottery)

6. Commemorative photo with Kim Jeong Hoon by groups of 15 people or fewer!

7. Kim Jeong Hoon's unpublished video screening

※ There might be changes in the program mentioned above.


Gifs from Goong

Jeong Hoon looked so cute and innocent then ^^

Credit to dclily and as tag


Pics from Goong's deletes scenes

As Goong is being re-broadcasted in Philippines at the moment,
here are some photos from its deleted scenes:

Credit to Korean fans, as tag


Media news about John Hoon's Best Album & DVD

The news is hardly new,
all informations are from Universal Music Japan,
but we get a photo of Jeong Hoon in Seoul fanmeeting on 09.28 :

Some other ancient (but nice) photo:


The "Best Album" and DVD of John Hoon will be released on 2014.01.29,
with some new song.


Message on KJH Official Facebook - Uniform again?

Perhaps he has participated in the public service of clearing the roads of snow today?
Anyway, the uniform is lovely on him ^^

Rough translation:

"Today I am going to reservist training. Loyalty!
The first snow fell in Seoul, it was clear and cold
This weather is easy to catch cold
Watch out for your health, everyone! Snowfall has blocked the road
It's worrying and actually not romantic
On the first snow, everyone should be happy today! "

Original Korean message:

오늘은 예비군 훈련에 가고 있습니다. 충성!
또 서울에는 첫눈이 내리고 춥고 흐렸다 맑았다가
날씨가 아주 변덕스러운게 감기 걸리기 딱 좋은 날씨인데
다들 감기 조심하시고! 첫눈이 내리는데 길 막힐것을
걱정하는 낭만없는 생각 때문에 뭔가 슬프지만 그래도
다들 첫눈 온 오늘 행복하시길 바랍니다!


"Somewhere in the universe, there would be someone that I know"

That phrase is so romantic, isn't it?
Jeong Hoon said it in "Baek Ji Yeon’s People Inside" TVN interview in 2012.
Details are in the article below:


"Kim Jeong Hoon was talent scouted while he was drinking

Korean singer and actor Kim Jeong Hoon was recently a guest on tvN talk show ‘Baek Ji Yeon’s People Inside’ where he revealed that he was talent scouted while he was drinking.

Kim Jeong Hoon revealed that at that point, he was a dentistry student at Seoul National University. One day, he was drinking near the university when he was talent scouted by a passing scout. He then entered the entertainment business as one half of male duo UN.

He revealed, “At first, I thought that the other party was a scammer or just pulling a prank. And when I think back now, it feels incredible to have such a thing happening to me.”

Kim Jeong Hoon also revealed that he had dreams of researching on how the universe came about as one of his modules. Kim Jeong Hoon had a liking for such subjects and advanced science since he was little and said, “When I see the universe, I don’t really find it to be mysterious or anything. I just feel that somewhere in the universe, there would be someone that I know,” which left many in the studio stunned at his words.

More of Kim Jeong Hoon’s interview will be revealed through tvN on October 12th 2012 at 7PM (KST)."

Interview's video:



[Engsub]John Hoon DVD 2009 (2 videos)

The DVD that John Hoon wrote script, directed, and acted himself,
before he went into military service.
It's full of weird but cute ideas :-D

2 videos with English subtitles:

Video from funitan80120 san
Translation from


Some funny photoshop-ed pictures

Just some old fanmade pictures from Dclily:

Don't know where I found these, it has been such a long time.
Maybe from Dclily and Korean fans, thanks to them ^^

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