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[Eng] John Hoon's interview with Cho Nan Kang 2006

This is an interview with John Hoon in a famous talk show in Japan, hosted by Cho Nan Kang of Japanese group SMAP.
It was before John Hoon release his Japanese album "5 Stella Lights".

Cho Nan Kang (C) : Welcome. Nice to meet you...
Kim Jeong Hoon (K) : Hi... actually, I've met you in Korea at the Drama Awards when I was there as a presenter.
C: Oh, yes yes yes... Please have a seat.... How do you feel?
K: I'm nervous to be interviewed by a famous person like you.. {laugh}
C: I'm nervous too.
C: How many times have you visited Japan?
K: About 20 time.. but most of that, I came here on vacation and only few times for work.
C: No wonder your Japanese is so good.
K: Just a little.. {laugh}
C: I listened to your new album. It was very nice.. all in Japanese. How was it?
K: Japanese is very similar to Korean, so that helped a lot but pronounciation for some of the words was very difficult. So, the recording took a while.
C: But your Japanese pronunciation is so perfect.
K: Thank you!
C: How do you study Japanese?
K: I started recently but during recording sessions, the staff helped me a great deal. I started with learning hiragana, katakana then Chinese.
C: I was so pleased (pleasantly surprised) with how good your songs were. K: Thank you!
C: Since when did you want to become a singer?
K: Well, it wasn't my childhood dream or anything but when I went to college in Seoul
C: That was incredible..
K: Excuse me?
C: The fact that you attended Seoul National University
K: .... I was scouted by an agency while I was attending the university. That's how I started my singing career.
C: How much did you have to study to get into Seoul National University?
K: During my high school years, I remember studying all day, every day.
C: That's why you can be so fluent in Japanese too.
K: Oh, no..
C: If you didn't become an entertainer, what would you be doing now?
K: Perhaps..teaching at a university or do research..most likely I'd have stayed in academics.
C: No wonder...academics... Which musician do you admire the most? K:ichard Marx who sang "Now and forever" and George Michaels, a formal member of the defunct pop group, WHAM! They have inspired me so much and I respect them a lot. And SMAP too. {laugh}
C: Oh, thank you! You appeared in dramas and films. How do you feel about acting?
K: I feel like I have a long way to go with acting but it's fun and I have a great desire to learn more. I started my singing career first and then tried acting, so acting came more difficult for me. You are a singer and actor too and you do both so perfectly.
C: Oh no.. not perfectly..
K: Well, I see that you do.. {laugh} What's your secret for handling both so well? When you pay attention to one, the other one tends to slip off.
C: I don't know the secret myself.. {both laughing} Just following my heart, perhaps?? What is your impression of Japan?
K: I've been here quite a few times.. There are a lot of similarities between Japan and, people...Japanese people are so nice and I like the food too.
C: Which Japanese food do you like?
K: Well, what I like most is..not food but a draft beer. {both laughing} Beer tastes different here.
C: I agree..
K: In a restaurant ... drinking beer... I can drink a lot.
C: Oh yes.. do you like drinking?
K: yes.. I like it.. a little..
C: There is a great restaurant nearby. I'll take you there.
K: Oh, thank you!
C: They serve many kinds of Japanese rice wines.
K: Ah... sake.
C: What is your type when it comes to ladies?
K: More than cute.. I like someone who is lady-like.
C: How about marriage?
K: Marriage?!
C: Do you have any plans?
K: I'm 26 years old now. I think I'll think about it after I turn 30. It's too early for me... I have too much left to do.
C: What's your future career plans?
K: I hope fans support me with both my acting and singing careers. In addition to Korea and Japan, I hope to tackle other Asian countries such as China and Taiwan. I hope to win over the Asian market.. being loved by many fans there.
C: Last but not least, do you have a message for the Japanese fans here?
K: To give my very best to the fans, I tried hard for my first solo album released on Oct. 25. These days, I'm also working very hard for the upcoming concerts in Japan to give you my very best performance.
K:I hope you enjoy and support me. Also, I heard that the drama series "Gung" would start to air in Japan in November. I hope for your great support for the drama too. Thank you very much.
C: Thank you. I have a gift for you. I got you this booklet to help you study Japanese. Study!
K: "True Book {Jeung-Mal book} "?! Thank you.

Translation by dclily

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