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KJH's interview in Witch Yoo Hee's press conf 2007.04.09

I don't remember much about this drama, other than Jeong Hoon's scenes. And I've always been wondering about the knight - princess suite in the beginning. How did it end?

translated by alicia@ ohmyhoon
source: seina blog
credit to junghoonchina

"Thanks to korean fan, seina. Not only did she take the most handsome shots of Kim president, she also recorded down the interview between the reporters and Kim president, during the official press conference for Witch Yoo Hee on 2007.04.09. The answers that Kim president gave were full of humour and intelligence. Below are the details about the interview. This interview will be posted in the April issue of PLAY magazine.

Kim president had just turned 27. He is again showing his great adapting and analyzing skills.

When faced with questions that make him feel uneasy, he answered calmly and honestly. He then shifts the focus back to the character that he is acting as, analyzing his role from the perspective of a writer or director.

The role, Yoo Joon Ha, become successful with his own effort. He is more of a person who strive to become a successful person, rather than one who displays his medical skills. I like this phrase that Kim president had said ‘one good thing about being an actor is you can try out many different types of lifestyles.

Below is the interview during the official Witch Yoo Hee press conference.

Yoo Joon Ha: a character that is real and full of ambition

Q: How do you feel about the casts of Witch Yoo Hee?

JH: Hi everyone. It’s been a long time since we met. I’m seeing everyone with a good piece of work. In Witch Yoo Hee, I am acting as Yoo Joon Ha, the first love of the female lead, Ma Yoo Hee. Jun Ha is a heart surgeon that has returned from overseas study. He is a person who is full of ambition yet real. The character is a little bad, but I trying very hard in filming the show. Please look forward to the show.

Q: Please describe the other characters in the show.

JH: Beside me is Jun Hye Bin. She is not the witch (haha). Jun Hye Bin is acting as Jang Sung Mi, who is the most upright character. Han Ga In is acting as Ma Yoo Hee, also known as witch (haha). The male actors are Jae Hee, Dennis O and I. Jae Hee is acting as Mo Ryong, who is determined to become a chef. Dennis O is acting as Jonny Kurger, a famous chef for French cuisine. Therefore, there are a lot of scenes in very high class restaurants. I am a doctor but there is no operation scene. Till now, I have only been running around in the show with the white doctor robe (haha). No matter what, this will be an exciting show.

Q: Since you have attended medical school before, is it easy for you to get used to your role? Have you fulfilled your dream? This role suits you well!

JH: Although I am acting as a doctor, I do not have a chance to handle operating knife. During university time, though I studied dentistry, the role of a doctor is still foreign to me.

Q: How is it like, acting with the other casts?

JH: During the filming of goong, all of the main casts were new people. We practice a lot before acting in front of the camera, so there are a lot of chances for us to go through the scripts together. This time, all the casts were experienced one. So I feel a little scare before the filming started. When filming just started, I still could not get used to the filming scene. I knew Jun Hye Bin when I was in UN. Han Ga In’s role is a witch, but she is very kind in reality. Most of my conversation with Dennis O last for only 2 seconds. I say ‘wassoyo’. Dennis O replied ‘Whatis up’ then the conversation ended (haha). (comment by englishchou: the 2 sentence sounds the same, Kim president is showing his skills in telling lame jokes)

Q: Why not take an opportunity on today, to break the ice and have a long conversation?

JH: (looking at Dennis O, he said) ‘what’s up~~’ (dragging the last word for very long) (haha). English is not important (haha). In the show, Han Ga In, Jae Hee, Dennis O and Jun Hye Bin work in the restaurant. They are like people of the same country. I’m the only one alone in my own world. I’m the only bad person in the show. My character is strong and real. Joon Ha is the only person who believes in reality while the show is more of a comedy type. Lately, there are many shows which are of medical content. Although I am acting as a bad person, the real me is very kind (haha).

Q: Please introduce the interesting parts of the show to us.

JH: The cooking scenes are very interesting. Also, I am more concerned about the animation part. At the very beginning of the show, the castle that the witch was living in, the emotion icon that shows the change in Jae Hee’s and Joon Ha’s expression when they were having disputes. There are a lot of animations used in these scenes. This adds another interesting part to the show.

Q: You are very quiet today. Are you giving people a rough idea of how your new role is like?

JH: Yes (haha).

Q: Please compare your role in goong and in this how.

JH: In goong, the role is a sort of a negative one, but gentle in nature. In Witch Yoo Hee, the role treats things differently. He is very gentle towards Ma Yoo Hee. When it comes to work, he is full of ambition. In the show, Jang Sung Mi and Yoo Joon Ha own their success to themselves. Yoo Joon Ha is a little bad. He came back after he finished his studies in US. Thus, the way he looks at people is a little not right. Joon Ha’s way of living is totally different from me (Jeong Hoon). Since I have to act as this kind of person, I have to be quieter now.

The occupation, doctor, is only used to bring out the ambitiousness of a person who own success to himself.

Q: what are your feelings for wearing the white doctor robe?

JH: When I was studying dentistry, I wore the white robe before. But some bad things happen. Late for class, unable to attend lessons…… I recall all these memories when I put on the white robe. This has also become a chance for me to recall the past. Many memories have come back. Some people say ‘finally you have become a doctor’. I think most people will think this way. No matter what, it’s still a chance to think of the past. When I put on the white robe, I must have the feeling of becoming a real doctor, calm down, then act.

Q: Is this the reason why the director chose Mr Kim Jeong Hoon?

JH: This is what happened…. When the director persuaded me to act in the show, he asked me, ‘are you ok with pronouncing English words?’ This question is not about ‘are you good in English?’ It’s about ‘are you good in pronouncing English words?’(haha). Currently, filming has just started, so there’s no need to use English. There are only scenes of me wearing the white robe, walking around. But I am doctor that has studied in overseas, so very soon, there will be scenes of me saying English.

Q: In the future, will you accept more doctor roles?

JH: Many people tend to link my role of a doctor with my previous experience. But doctor is only a character in the show. Still, there are people whose occupation is a doctor. As an actor, we have the advantage of enjoying trying out different ways of living. As long as the character suits me, be it doctor, swindler, dictator, anything will be alright.

Q: Recently, there are a lot of shows of medical content. Have you ever think of joining the crowd?

JH: These shows use hospital as the background, making the medical part more outstanding. They show us what a doctor’s life is like. Witch Yoo Hee, is not a show of medical content. Instead, it uses restaurant as the main background of the story. The role, Yoo Joon Ha, become successful with his own effort. He is more of a person who strive to become a successful person, rather than one who displays his medical skills. But this does not mean that doctors are bad people. It is more of showing how a modern guy treats other people, rather than show people how doctors are as a person. There are more outdoor scenes than hospital scenes. The focus is on the character’s personalities rather than his occupation.

Q: Recently, Mr Kim Jeong Hoon has just hold a fan meeting in Japan. You are very popular in Japan. Moreover, the director for this show is the one that discover Bae Yong Joon. Since you are so popular in Japan, will there be great effects if this show is to be shown in Japan?

JH: Korean dramas are very popular in Japan. I heard that they are very concerned about Witch Yoo Hee. Since the director is also famous, the show will also be popular right?
For the next Japan fan meeting, if I can be onstage with all the casts and the director, I will be very happy.

Q: Lastly, say hello to everyone.

JH: Let’s spend the year healthily and happily with Witch Yoo Hee! "

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