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Fan report about Japan tour 2007.05.18~26

Now you may read a report from another fan,about an old event of John Hoon back in 2007.
But I think 2007 is one of his best years.
I always treasure these writings, because, well, you'll not see such again.

From Juli, source: dclily

" Unforgetable Trip in Japan

Our dear sajangnim will have the last event tomorrow in Fukuoka, wish him all the best!

Well, I think other than sharing our happiness and experience in my website, I also want to share with you all, my dear friends! ^^ To my surprise, I met some Japanese fans who know me from here!

First of all, I'm grateful to Japanese fans and Pado for their kindness offering me the May 19th and 20th promotional event tickets. I never thought that I would be there! The dinner show is too luxurios to me. Even I heard that there would be promotional events, I felt helpless as I have no Japanese friends and I wondered if it was worthy to fly there just for shaking hand.

When Pado asked me if I wanted to go, they had tickets. I struggled and prayed, I was not sure if I could afford the air ticket and other expenses incurred in the trip. Thanks God, I got it, and, this is an unforgetable experience!

On 19th, my ticket no. was rear, 192. However, because there was no seats, so everybody squeezed towards to the stage. I stood in the middle of the crowd. We waited and waited, then he appeared!!!! Wow, he was so handsome, sparkling on the stage! I should say, I love his current hair style so much, not so long!!!! His mood was very very good during these days. Although his voice was not so good, he played jokes on the MC, translator and us. Ar... actually I didn't know what he said, but his face expressions and cutely motions made us laugh! I never thought this kind of event would last more than half hour. He sang and talked, (I felt heart pain when hearing his voice ), nearly 45 mins. Then the shaking hand activity started, I rushed to the front and be the first 20s, as I knew it would not be so long, I decided to focus on his face again!

I told him, "I come from Hong Kong, please take care of your throat!" Before this trip, I had thought that I would not get close or had eye contact with him again! Why?? Since he had left me a sweet memory in Hong Kong, I didn't want to see a strange look in his eyes after that! Anyway, I should be brave!!!! I think that he was happy to hear that there were overseas fans come to see him. His eyes were still like a diamond sparkling, still like many words inside. It seems like saying, "do I know you?" He looked at me until another girl reached. I got back to the front of the stage and looked at him until all fans had shaken hands with him. Oh, I stood in front of him at that moment, but he liked to see far away, haha, it doesn't matter, watching him clearly is good enough!! ^^

He talked a lot and then said goodbye, he gave us a kiss goodbye and Korean "I love you" gesture! Sigh... he is so handsome!!!!!

On 20th, with more and more expectation as well as worries about his throat. This day I didn't have seat, I had ache and weak in my legs. The staffs asked us to keep the middle corridor clear, I guessed .... impossible!!! He should be crazy! Yes, he was crazy! He came from the rear of the crowd and passed through us! You can imagine what happened!!! He hardly got rid of the HANDS, he said that he was touched all over!!!! (") So why you wore so sexy?? OMG, his voice was much worse than the day before! He could not sang a lot, so instead, he talked and played jokes, or he satisfied us for touching him??? His mood was still very "high", we laughed until the end of the event! As there were more fans on that day, so we could not talk too much to him! However, I was still so happy, he looks so great, and no more word to describe his good looking!!!

This was a wonderful trip, I could see a happy prince as well as many fans from Japan, Taiwan and Korea. I met Nado finally!

The next chance I could see you all again should be his coming concert! I'm eager for this one and hope it will not be only one!!!

Sajangnim, Girls, see you next time! "

Pictures from junghoonchina, and Izumi, as tag

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