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[Eng] I-weekly magazine about KJH: Strawberry traits

English translation of an interesting article about Kim Jeong Hoon back in 2006, just after Goong.
It makes for a long good reading ^^


Strawberry idols (Kim Jung Hoon, Yoon Eun Hye,...) :

"Once the “strawberry tribe” is mentioned, the people’s first reaction would be to raise their eyebrows. (Meaning they don’t understand what it means)

The Strawberry Tribe: Refers to those born after 1980, the youthful Y generation

The Strawberry: Beautiful appearance, sweet but also containing some sourness, Grows in warm conditions and requires a lot of care in order to grow.
Most people’s opinion of the “Strawberry Tribe”:
Selfish, unrealistic, pampered. But things always have a good side and bad side. At the same time they are also brave, not afraid to be themselves, seek enjoyment in life, creative and love freedom.
Strawberries which are not yet mature (ripe) are extremely sour and most people are unable to accept it. People will mature quickly in high-pressure situations, such as the entertainment scene.

“Strawberry idols” who enter the entertainment scene will undoubtedly find out that there is also a day when strawberries mature.

Page 4/5: Kim Jung Hoon

Date of birth: 20th January 1980

1) Genius Celebrity

Average people’s IQ is from 90 to 100, but Kim Jung Hoon’s IQ is 146 . His results have routinely topped the class since young, and in high school he achieved a score of 380, which makes his score the top 20 in Korea. He entered Korea’s famous University of Seoul to major in dentistry. That year, he was also the best in Chemistry (top scorer) in the whole of Korea. His family background was not very good since young, and his parents were often in debt, which led him to be sensitive about others’ opinions.

2) Depression

Kim Jung Hoon’s IQ is above average, but his EQ deteriorated. In his second year of high school, his physics results suddenly dropped, and because of this he was extremely stressed and went into depression. “Actually, I also don’t know what was the actual reason, my heart just felt very gloomy and I often just sat and stared into empty space for long periods of time. Even if I went to the hospital, it did not help.”

Under his family’s support, he managed to break free of his depression after six months. After becoming a singer, on top of having to cope with university studies, Kim Jung Hoon was unable to cope with the pressure and decided to drop his studies, switching to learning the performing arts.

3) (something to do with playing)

He termed his high school self as “Learning machine”. After entering university, he started a new life. He got addicted to pool, and at that time the thing that made him happiest of all is when his schoolmates told him, “Your pool-playing skills are widely recognised as superb.”

Besides this, he also enjoyed online games. In his bag, comics will also never be missed. “Redmoon”, a Korean manga about a boy’s fight to save the world, made him cry and lately he has also become addicted to Japanese manga “Death Note”.

Strawberry Experiences:

1) In high school, Kim Jung Hoon participated in a school celebration, in which he had to dress up as a girl. This caused a great reaction from the audience. He talks of that memory. “In terms of sexiness, even Madonna has to step to the side.”

After the performance, he even received many girls’ love letters, and became a popular figure in his school. This led him to have an interest in performing.

2) Model Student Pop Group

In 1998 he joined a singing competition and got out of the competition just before the finals. Afterwards, he underwent “hell-like” training for singers. In 1999 he formed the group U.N., Korea’s famous “model student pop group”. But in 2005, because of the members having “different musical directions”, the group broke up.

3) Change of Luck

Kim Jung Hoon who flew solo after that acted in many television dramas as supporting characters. Before Goong, his acting career did not take off and because of this he stopped advancement in showbiz and wanted to go overseas to study. However, because of his role in Goong, his career picked up and recently he has been to Japan and Taiwan for promotions. He has even released his new album.

Strawberry Maturity Rating: 3.5/5

Geniuses are all not happy, this statement seems to be confirmed from him. Because of this depressing aura, Kim Jung Hoon portrayed the character Yul well in Goong. His woebegone look, gentle demeanor and pretty boy looks have enthralled thousands of girls.


1) Kim Jung Hoon is most satisfied with his eyes, and most unhappy with his forehead. He thinks his forehead is too wide, so no matter what hairstyle, he must have a fringe to hide his forehead.

2) Besides his forehead, Kim Jung Hoon also doesn’t like his nostrils. He thinks they are too big. So normally, he doesn’t like cameras to take pictures of him from the bottom angle.

3) When he was young, Kim Jung Hoon’s sister dressed him up as a girl and even took a photo of him as a memento. Kim Jung Hoon is still affected by that experience. He hates it when people call him cute.

4) He is most afraid of the media asking him questions about his decision to drop studies."

English translation credit to cynsinnn

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