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2014.01.17~19 Birthday fanmeeting in Busan

Official link of the Tour:

Date of Kim Jeong Hoon's Birthday party: 2014.01.18

Sign up period: 2013.11.27 10 am to 2013.12.09 10 am

Event's venue: Busan Lotte Hotel

Content of the tour

1. Special Fan Meeting by Kim Jeong Hoon!
Let's celebrate his birthday together! !

2. Kim Jeong Hoon will directly hand authographed printed posters to all participants!

3. Handshake meeting with Kim Jeong Hoon

4. Mini-concert by Kim Jeong Hoon (5 songs planned)

5. Kim Jeong Hoon's talk show and game tournament (with gifts given by lottery)

6. Commemorative photo with Kim Jeong Hoon by groups of 15 people or fewer!

7. Kim Jeong Hoon's unpublished video screening

※ There might be changes in the program mentioned above.

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