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JH at the Vip premiere of "The Emperor's Concubine"

Vip premiere of the movie 19+ "The Emperor's Concubine" (Jo Yeo Jung, Kim Min Joon, Kim Dong wook) at Lotte Cinema, Hwayangdong, Seoul.
Kim Jeong Hoon and 2 other actresses of "I need romance" came to the premiere to show their support to Jo Yeo Jung.

Jeong Hoon didn't act in this movie (thankfully! )

Click to enlarge:

From Naver


JH Cocolo shirt

[JP Radio]
★John-Hoon Comment ON AIR★
COCOLO Earth Colors Korean edition
Credit to Mamin san

[Engsub]Pabo mom ep 20 final - Jeong Hoon's cut

Jeong Hoon has greatly finished the role of doctor Lee Jea Ha.
This is a very touching episode T_T

Download wmv file:


[Engsub]Pabo mom: Ep 20 Final, Kim Jeong Hoon's...
Ep 1 ~ 20 brought to you by Kim Jeong Hoon's Vietnam fans at


JH in Chichinpuipui program

He looks so handsome I want to faint each time he appear !!

From kansaijohnhoon

JH's activities in Japan

So many activities!
He kept himself busy with...

Chummy Train program

(Source: )

with Chichinpuipui program

(From twitter and )

with games! :DD

(From facebook)

He invited fans to join the "Towa Music camp - Live and Talk with John Hoon" event on June 27th:


JH doing the animation for 바람의 하모니

Do you recognize what Jeong Hoon was doing in the pictures above? :D

They scanned his face and put his image into the anime "바람의 하모니" 3D.
I guess it's the same technique with "Avatar" 3D?  kkk
Wish Jeong Hoon success in this new project of him :)

His messages:

"Does my new hairstyle suite me?"

"Looks like an apple? Does this suit me??
3D Animation "The harmony of the wind!"

For me, his head looks like an onion  :DD

Article about JH on TV report

English translation from

"Kim Jung Hoon recently ranked fifth on the Oricon daily album chart with his Japanese album Voice.

The album, which was released in Japan on May 23, ranked fifth on the Oricon daily album chart on the day of its release. It includes 10 songs and “Orion,” “Fragile,” and “Love Love Love” are getting a lot of attention.

A spokesperson for Kim says, “His album ranked fifth on the Oricon daily chart right after it was released. The album is a cover album which includes remakes of songs that were sung by female singers who were popular in the 80s and 90s. The record proves that Kim is very popular in Japan even though he took a 2 year break.”

An official for Kim says, “Japanese officials in the album business are also surprised. We worried a lot about this return because he had such a long break. We didn’t expect this to happen. It’s very meaningful to us since he is competing against Hallyu idol stars.”

Source: TV Report"

I hope Jeong Hoon will feel happy about this ^^

Here is a fan MV of one song in the album:
John Hoon 月のしずく :


[Engsub]Pabo mom ep 19 - Jeong Hoon's cut

[Engsub]Pabo mom: Ep 19, Kim Jeong Hoon's cut par steelowl

JH in Movie special "Run60 - GameOver"

Other than drama "Run 60" which is running on air,
Jeong Hoon will participate in the movie "Run 60 - Game over"
and the special event before its release on June 30th.
Screening will be held at Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka.

John Hoon is going to have a "Talk & Live" show in Shinagawa Stellar Ball, the day before the release. For ticket information, please see at his homepage.

Here is a teaser video for the drama/movie:

Homepage of the drama/movie:


KJH and Ahn Seo Hyun say goodbye to "Pabo Mom"

An article on dramahaven:

"The singer-actor Kim Jung Hoon who is starring in SBS TV weekend drama “Foolish Mom” expressed his thoughts on the grand finale of the series.

On May 20th, 2012 Kim Jung Hoon published a photo of him with Ahn Seo Hyun who is playing the role of Young Joo’s daughter, Da Byul, on Facebook. And he wrote, “Very grateful for been able to support ‘Foolish Mom’ all this while. Will meet everybody again in future with even better image and even more mature acting.”

Kim Jung Hoon is playing the role of neurosurgeon Lee Je Ha who has continue obsession for Young Joo after meeting her early in the enrollment in college.

Netizens said, “The farewell with Dr. Lee Je Ha is so sad,” “Because we watched the good drama, it’s really great,” and so on.

“Foolish Mon” aired its final episode on May 20th, 2012."

Source: dramahaven

JH's new hair style

He was watching the anime "Harmony of the wind" 3D with staffs.
Hoho ! :D

"사과 머리? ㅎㅎ
Does my new hairstyle suit me?
바람의 하모니 애니메이션 3D 작업중 !!"

From his facebook


2012.5.20 "Catch me" video, pics & repost

Summer is just beginning and Jeong Hoon already look that tan? :D

Click to enlarge:

(I love his brown skin^^ )

Here is a report from psyche nim about "Catch me if you can" of Jeong Hoon on 2012.5.20:

Her 2 videos:

I have seen these 2 scenes for a hundred of times but everytime my heart still pounds while watching them. The music, the dance, the lighting, Jeong Hoon,... everything is gorgeous^^

JH's interview before the show started:

JH in BTS of Pabo Mom

The drama has finished^^
I won't spoil its content here - I may post the engsub of Jeong Hoon's cut tomorrow or the day after.
Here are just some BTS pics before the final:

(Click to enlarge)


JH in Run 60, ep 5

John Hoon appeared shortly in it:

by kansaijhs

Kim Jeong Hoon & Kim Hyun Joo interview

Their interview on SBS Morning show,
about drama Pabo Mom:

Another link if you can't watch the video above:

In that video, Kim Hyun Joo commented that Jeong Hoon did a good job in washing her hair. JH replied that he learned how to wash hair from a friend's salon: not to scrub it roughly but to massage gently

They praised each other for acting talents,
especially Jeong Hoon praised Kim Hyun Joo ssi's crying skill:

"In the drama, Kim Hyun-joo has the most of crying scenes. She is really amazing in it."

He said it was like she had a faucet of tears in her eyes :D

Link to read:


Another report about "Catch me" 2012.05.13

From hellobombom nim, with several nice pictures,
Jeong Hoon was sweating a lot there :D

Go to the link and see the beautiful pictures yourself,
I cannot post them here ^^

Catch me if you can will close the curtain soon,
go watch it if you haven't ^^
It's one of the best things this year :)

Jeong Hoon's next performance will be this Sunday May 20th.

Let's go camping with John-Hoon

Announcement from Hanryu Top and Mersenne entertainment:

Making Memories with John-Hoon ~ TOWA

Let's go camping with John-Hoon!

Fantastic summer night in Ise Shima Resort!
Making a TOWA memories along with John-Hoon!

○ application start:
Sun 23th May 2012 14:00 (Wed) -
Registration at the site

○ Date of event:
June 27, 2012 (Wed)

○ place
Hotel & Resort Nemunosato

※ Rooms and parking places are limited, please apply as soon as possible.
Please acknowledge that your application will be on first-come-first-served basis.

○ participation fee

49800 yen (incl breakfast, dinner and accommodation)
※ basic room will be a shared room of 4 people.

○ Content: Collection of last season's events, handed to you by John-Hoon · · ·!
Live & Talk of John-Hoon in the Music Camp!

In order to create a great night for Towa's readers and John-Hoon, we are considering various projects.
Details will be announced at HP.

○ Organizer: MENTOR

○ Sales Department "TOWA" plan, the Secretariat Official Fan Club John-Hoon

* For more information please visit:

Mersenne Entertainment



Six myths about the 2012 Yeosu World Expo

Some informations about the gigantic Yeosu World Expo, that Jeong Hoon will perform in on June 2nd:

Dong-A Ilbo's article "Six myths about the 2012 Yeosu World Expo "

“Do visitors have to buy tickets by the individual exhibition pavilion?”

“Are intra-city buses really free of charge to ride?”

Staff at the organizing committee for the Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea are being bombarded with questions such as these. Since Korea is hosting the global gala for the first time in 19 years and offers lots to see and enjoy, visitors will naturally have lots of questions and misconceptions.

The following is six (wrong) myths of the Yeosu Expo.

Myth #1: Multiple tickets are required to see everything at the event.

Ordinary tickets are priced at 33,000 won (28.60 U.S. dollars) for adults, 25,000 won (21.70 dollars) for teenagers, and 19,000 won (16.50 dollars) for children under age 13 and senior citizens. A visitor does not need to buy multiple tickets. One ticket means full access to all facilities at the Yeosu Expo.

Myth #2: One visitor can only watch two pavilions.

This misunderstanding has been caused by misinformation about the advance reservation system. The organizing committee operates the system for eight exhibition halls that are highly popular among the 80 pavilions and exhibitions at the expo. A person can make online reservations for up to two pavilions and up to 30 percent of the accommodating capacities of each pavilion.

Reservations for the remaining 70 percent can only be made onsite. No reservations for any facilities can be made after 6 p.m. Operating hours are from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Myth #3: Once a visitor leaves the expo site, re-entry is not allowed.

A visitor is allowed to re-enter once after exiting. Organizers will put a stamp on the visitor’s hand at the gate when he or she leaves. When one has ample time until entry into the next exhibition, the visitor can exit the expo site and reenter after having a meal and going to nearby tourist hotspots.

Myth #4: The pipe organ performance is recorded.

The pipe organ installed at Sky Tower plays 20 times per day, five minutes each session. The low-key and stately sound reaches up to 6 kilometers in radius from the tower. Two female organists who majored in pipe organ in Germany directly play.

Myth #5: Visitors must pay intra-city bus fare.

Riding all intra-city buses operating in Yeosu over the expo period is free of charge. Instead of blocking all vehicles within 2 kilometers of the expo site during the event, the organizing committee operates free intra-city buses to offer convenience to visitors.

Myth #6: Yeosu’s weather is hot due to its location on the southern coast.

Since the expo’s opening, Yeosu’s daytime high has been a relatively mild 22 degrees Celsius. The nighttime temperature falls to 15 degrees amid maritime winds. Visitors are advised to bring large blankets or towels to watch nighttime performances, including "The Big O" show.

From The Dong-A Ilbo


More report and videos from "Catch me" 2012.05.13

psyche nim again, she seems to not miss any performance of Jeong Hoon :D
Here is her report and 2 videos:

She said it was a great show. I feel relieved^^


[Engsub]Pabo mom ep 17 - Jeong Hoon's cut

I hope this drama will not have a sad ending :(

[Engsub]Pabo mom: Ep 17, Kim Jeong Hoon's cut

Frank and Han Soo In on 2012.05.13

This is Jeong Hoon's Frank, in "Catch me if you can" 15 pm yesterday:

By johnhoon2025 san

And this is him with the actress of Han Soo In role, doctor Lee Jea Ha's ex in drama Pabo Mom. She came to watch his show. She posted their photos together on twitter:

They look beautiful ^_^


JH Trophy t-shirt ad

This is a pic of Jeong Hoon for Tropy t-shirt ad, Style 55 on Exr:


가수부터 연
트로피 프린트가 특징인 EXR과 push BUTTON의 콜라보레이션 티셔츠를 입고 있네요.
현재 '바보엄마'에서 의사역으로 멋진 연기 보여주고 계신데요.
앞으로도 정훈님의 멋진 연기 기대하겠습니다! :)

By the way, today is Mother's Day (not the Korean Mother's Day, but English day, I guess), so a big Thank to all of the loving Moms on Earth^^
In particular, thanks to Kim Jeong Hoon's mom who has brought him into our world <3

Quick recap of "Pabo Mom" ep 17

Screen caps of ep 17
(I expected some swimm suit,
but Jeong Hoon went to the beach with full clothes on :D )

Summary of ep 17, from LHRCN @soompi


Back to last scene of last week's ep
when SY fainted on the street, GM cried and begged her to wake up
he confessed to her, and put the ring on her finger, he cried so much( his acting was amazing)
YJ gets to know about SY's condition through JH
she came home and met GM at home, she was so angry because he didnt tell her about it
she said something like she is SY's daughter why is she the last person to know... something like that
GM cried and said sorry to her, then he said something to YJ.
YJ then went to the room to see SY, in her dream SY said something to Gop Dan umma
YJ heard it and it made she cried so much
YJ later went to GM to beg him to buy her a heart or something like that
I think she said she wanted to live, she wanted to live with SY...etc
next day, JH+ YJ+ SY went to their hometown.
SY knows something about JH and YJ that is why SY said to YJ to take a walk with JH around their home
YJ+ JH had a walk
later they went to the beach, YJ was having fun with SY
YJ said to JH that she wanted to have more happy memory with SY
on the other hand , at GM's home, JD visited DB at GM's house
he had a talk with DB, he wanted DB to have a talk with her mentor in the US
he handed DB the phone, DB said in english to the mentor that she already had a mentor in korea
she is not going to US because she is taking care of her mom
she ended the phone
JD was disappointed and asked her why she did that?
DB said that YJ is sick and she needs her care
JD said something like it's your future, your mom can take care of herself...etc
GM and the butler have some plan. they torture JD
later JD made some deal with GM, they talked so much which i dont understand, seems interesting

back to the beach, YJ was asking SY about the ring
SY said its the gift GM gave her, YJ told her its a proposal ring
YJ tells SY that she wants a father like GM
YJ tells SY to get married with GM, YJ teaches SY what to say to GM later when they are home
when they are getting up to go home SY fainted
they took her back to seoul, JH was the one who did surgery for SY
last scene SY thought GM was her father to SY said to him:'' father, i dont want to go with you right now, please let me live 1 more month, no 2 months..I am just being called ''mom'' by YJ, I want to have more happiness with YJ, please dont take me''
GM cried* end*

YJ in the emergency room, SY knows about YJ's condition
JD had some deal with GM
Soo In was kissing JH.
DB to SY:'' please save my mom''
SY:'' dont worry, I will save your mom''
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