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Kim Jeong Hoon's fashion shoes in The Genius 3

On that link it says the shoes is 490 000 krw !
Wow, is it really THAT expensive? I notice that the fashion price in Korea is increasing like sky-rocket nowadays. Wondering what makes it?


[Vid]"Talk about Love" MV (Korean artists, includingKim Jeong Hoon)

We talked about "Talk about Love" a while ago, remember?
It is a song to support Africa.
Now we can watch the full MV (but don't forget to buy it if possible):

From W-Foundation


Kim Jeong Hoon and 임지령 (Jimmy Lin)

Cuteness + Babyfaces overload !!!!
I like Jimmy Lin too, I still remember watching the kungfu series that he acted in (don't know its english name :D )
This picture was taken during Jeong Hoon's filming in Chinese movie "Daddy, where are we going?"

From 김정훈 Kim Jeong Hoon (Official)


Kim Jeong Hoon took part in the song "Talk about Love"

Not just any song:
It's a song to support Africa, recorded by 70 artists in Korea, kind of "We are the world".

I remember UN also participated in this kind of meaningful recording activities before ^^

Can you recognize Jeong Hoon in the picture?


[Engsub]The Genius 3 Behind the scene Ep 1


Fellow apples:

From Bumbdidlyumptious Subs Stuff, thank you so much for subbing

By the way, here is the Players Profile from Bumbdidlyumptious, written in english:

Jeong Hoon's part:

Kim Junghoon (Actor)

146 IQ and ranked 67th in the nation as a student! His hobby is solving maths problems! The most requested player by “The Genius” viewers!
A singer turned pretty boy actor! The original umchinah has returned as a genius!
Asia’s prince who won a quiz show on Japan’s Fuji TV 2 years in a row!

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