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Photos of Jeong Hoon

Just some random photos of him that I find cute ^^

Certificat of Appointment: Goodwill ambassador of "Run for Water" Public Campaign

Yawn yawn!

Show The Genius 3

Photos from Mamin Kawa san


Applying for Korean FM opened

The FM is fixed at 21st Dec.
Applying for Korean fans has started, and will last til 1st Dec.
After that date, the applying for overseas fans will start.
There'll be entry fee 10 000 krw for each person.
Details here:
(There's a hwp file that you need to open and read, if you're able to open it :-D  )

Pic from dclily


John Hoon 10th Anniversary Tour 2015 "SONG FOR YOU"

(John Hoon also announced it in his Music Stage yesterday)

Rough translation

John-Hoon 10th Anniversary Tour 2015 -SONG FOR YOU-

2015 will mark the milestone of the 10th year from John-Hoon Japan major debut.

To deliver a variety of music to listeners in the unchanging style of John-Hoon whose music career as a singer has been piled up. This tour that can be said to be the culmination of his 10-year activity, "SONG FOR YOU" is a special tour that he put 10 years worth of gratitude to fan who always cheer for him. Starting with Nagoya, Osaka, Tokyo, four performances altogether, please stay tuned! !

■ LIVE information ■

John-Hoon "10th Anniversary Tour 2015 -SONG FOR YOU-"

4/4 (Sat) Nagoya / Nagoya City Auditorium (Doors open 17:00 / curtain 18:00)

4/5 (Sun, 5th Apr) Osaka / Amashin Archaic Hall (Doors open 17:00 / curtain 18:00)

4/8 (Wed) Tokyo / Shinjuku Cultural Center Grand Hall (Doors open 17:30 / curtain 18:30)

4/9 (Thursday) Tokyo / Shinjuku Cultural Center Grand Hall (Doors open 17:30 / curtain 18:30)

※ Doors open and curtain time might be subject to change.

"Ticket fee"

VIP seat 15,000 yen

Fan club preceding 9,800 yen (tax included)

Others 9,800 yen (tax included)

※ 4 years of age or older admission Allowed

※ please refrain from inquiry to the venue

"Ticket sales"

● HOONEES-VIP seat - preceding

11/17 (Mon) - November 24 (Monday and holidays)

- Reception 11/17 (Mon) 17: 00 ~ November 24 (Monday and holidays) 23:00

Lottery 11/26 (Wed) 13:00 Toraku 11/27 (Thu) 15:00 payment, confirmed 11/28 (gold)

- Each venue foremost 1 row limit

- Each performance original ticket shipping

- Each performance priority admission

- Ticket amount of money one 15,000 yen (including postage)

* How to apply the 11/17 (Mon) 17: 00 HOONEES announced at the bulletin board

● HOONEES preceding

Reception 11/29 (Sat) ~ 12/14 (Mon)

Ticket amount of money 9,800 yen


Photos of John Hoon Music Stage 2014.11.16

I don't really want to post these photos, because... they just look not right ~
What happens to his hair and outfit?

Comparing it with the Seoul event just 1 WEEK ago, how can they look so different?

(Pic from KJH Fan Cafe)


Alright, maybe it's just the angle, I hope the real concert looks better ^^

There are more awkward photos on, as tag, if you're still want it.


John Hoon arrives in Japan 2014.11.15

He arrives on 15th November (yesterday) at Haneda airport,
to prepare for the concert Music Stage which takes place this afternoon! Wish the best for him and the audience ^^

From xiah eri


Kim Jeong Hoon Korean Fanmeeting

Notice from his official Korean homepage:

Rough translation:

"Hello, this is Mersenne Entertainment.
Kim Jeong Hoon fan meeting date is scheduled to open on December 21st.
The venue can accommodate one hundred people, South Korea fans will have priority in applying.
We will distribute the remaining places to other overseas fans.
We will announce details later."


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