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John Hoon 10th Anniversary Tour 2015 "SONG FOR YOU"

(John Hoon also announced it in his Music Stage yesterday)

Rough translation

John-Hoon 10th Anniversary Tour 2015 -SONG FOR YOU-

2015 will mark the milestone of the 10th year from John-Hoon Japan major debut.

To deliver a variety of music to listeners in the unchanging style of John-Hoon whose music career as a singer has been piled up. This tour that can be said to be the culmination of his 10-year activity, "SONG FOR YOU" is a special tour that he put 10 years worth of gratitude to fan who always cheer for him. Starting with Nagoya, Osaka, Tokyo, four performances altogether, please stay tuned! !

■ LIVE information ■

John-Hoon "10th Anniversary Tour 2015 -SONG FOR YOU-"

4/4 (Sat) Nagoya / Nagoya City Auditorium (Doors open 17:00 / curtain 18:00)

4/5 (Sun, 5th Apr) Osaka / Amashin Archaic Hall (Doors open 17:00 / curtain 18:00)

4/8 (Wed) Tokyo / Shinjuku Cultural Center Grand Hall (Doors open 17:30 / curtain 18:30)

4/9 (Thursday) Tokyo / Shinjuku Cultural Center Grand Hall (Doors open 17:30 / curtain 18:30)

※ Doors open and curtain time might be subject to change.

"Ticket fee"

VIP seat 15,000 yen

Fan club preceding 9,800 yen (tax included)

Others 9,800 yen (tax included)

※ 4 years of age or older admission Allowed

※ please refrain from inquiry to the venue

"Ticket sales"

● HOONEES-VIP seat - preceding

11/17 (Mon) - November 24 (Monday and holidays)

- Reception 11/17 (Mon) 17: 00 ~ November 24 (Monday and holidays) 23:00

Lottery 11/26 (Wed) 13:00 Toraku 11/27 (Thu) 15:00 payment, confirmed 11/28 (gold)

- Each venue foremost 1 row limit

- Each performance original ticket shipping

- Each performance priority admission

- Ticket amount of money one 15,000 yen (including postage)

* How to apply the 11/17 (Mon) 17: 00 HOONEES announced at the bulletin board

● HOONEES preceding

Reception 11/29 (Sat) ~ 12/14 (Mon)

Ticket amount of money 9,800 yen

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